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  • Kylie works with Admiral Shepard trying to bring down the president using evidence of what really happened in Pakistan. This affords Marcus the opportunity to surrender the Colorado, if all goes according to plan. Ernie Hudson guest stars as Speaker of the House Conrad Buell. He meets with a small group of Washington heavyweights to discuss an unthinkable development, while Kylie's video information helps persuade him to participate in a highly risky and treasonous maneuver.


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  • "Last Resort" - "The Pointy End of the Spear"- Jan. 17, 2013

    Things are coming to a head for the men and women on the Colorado, the island and back at home in D.C.

    Back in Washington Kylie and her hot aide boyfriend talk coup d'etat post-coitus. Both are nervous about it but know they're doing the right thing.

    On the island preparations are afoot for an annual island holiday celebrating the sun and moon, while Chaplin talks to the Chinese ambassador. He admits Serrat came to him about the island's rich soil, and tells Chaplin he's willing to double deal him since Marcus is the one with "nuclear teeth.

    Sophie tries to make Kendal eat and talk about Christine. He fires back about Serrat. She says it's not what he thinks and she knows what she's doing.

    Tani returns and tells James that she was in-island with her family. She's decided to go back to Australia with her brother since the shizz is about to go down. He decides he will go with her. She is happy about this.

    Admiral Shepard gets in touch with Marcus on a secure line and tells him about the coup and to prepare to make a statement to surrender and come home. Marcus thinks it's a trap. Shepard says he just has to watch the news. Cortez warns Chaplin that Kendal might not be able to be trusted.

    Back in D.C. it turns out the person who was supposed to give the flash drive to the speaker of the house as evidence of the reason for the coup is missing. Kylie volunteers to take it herself.

    James and Kendal drink a toast, very early in the morning, to Christine. They suddenly hear an explosion. The latest Chinese supply ship has been sabotaged. Turns out it was the COB, Prosser and the mutinous members of the crew who did it, to disrupt Chaplin's rule. The Chinese ambassador is unnerved.

    The COB goes to Serrat to get some weapons so he can stage his own coup against Chaplin.

    Chaplin meets with Brannan who is double agent-ing, telling him what the COB is planning.

    Kendal meets with the COB and asks for more time to convince the captain to turn things around. Kendal then meets with Shepard and they discuss mutiny. Shepard is the one unnerved now but you can tell that she knows that Kendal has a point.

    Kylie makes it inside the Capitol building and meets with the Speaker of the House to give him the flash drive. Just before he's about to go out and address Congress he gets a text message that seems to alarm him. He says nothing is wrong, however.

    Serrat continues to try and romance Sophie, now with song and pretty dresses. Kendal gives him the stink eye.

    Kendal runs into Chaplin and they take a ride into the jungle. Chaplin tells Kendal about the coup and their imminent surrender, and Kendal just thinks it's another trap and thinks they shouldn't be pinning their hopes on a pipe dream. Chaplin says he knows what they're all up to and he just wants a few hours before Sam condemns him too.

    Putting guns together the COB is shaky. He goes to shoot up. Kendal comes to him and asks for more time. The COB says he has two hours and if Kendal goes back on his word it's going to get messy, fast.

    Kendal goes to James and gives him a list of names and tells him if anything bad happens to him and Chaplin these are the people who shouldn't be allowed to take over the Colorado, including the COB. James agrees. He then goes to Tani and does the thing where he acts like a total dickhead, including telling her that he slept with Grace, so she will leave him. And she does.

    Chaplin works on his speech. Grace enters and they talk about Kendal, who Grace says she thinks is fine, perhaps a little too quickly. She reaffirms her loyalty to Chaplin. James find Grace and tells her to be careful of both Kendal and Chaplin and that he is with her if she becomes the leader.

    Sam goes to Sophie and asks her to alert him to anything weird on the sonar/radar before she talks to the captain. They talk secrets and lies and she tells him his pain won't last forever and that there is a future and maybe she'll be part of it. He breathes heavily and leaves.

    The speaker of the House goes out on the floor. We see Kylie watch furtive whispering between a secret service agent and someone else on the floor.

    Serrat gives a speech about the sun, moon, and stars to the villagers and kicks off the party. There is a fire, decorations, music, and dancing. The two factions: the Cob's and Kendal's and Cortez's and the Captain's amass on opposite sides of the Buzzard's Nest where Sam and Chaplin meet to watch the news of the coup.

    Except instead of a coup what happens is: the speaker walks out onto the floor of the Congress, admits he was part of a conspiracy to overthrow the president and he shoots himself on live TV. Kylie, like everyone else, rushes out of the Capitol building and hustled into a limo. Inside is her dad. He says she knew what she was up to, and is proud of her even. Because if it had worked she would've been on the inside which would be good for the company. He's only sad she was on the losing side. He tells her he wants to run the company. He then gets out of the limo and strides towards Air Force One.

    Admiral Shepard calls Grace and tells her he loves her without tipping his hand about what has happened.

    This is, of course, bad news for Chaplin. When Sam claims the Colorado and Shepard are on his side and starts to invoke the code for taking over for an unfit captain, Chaplin radios her and tells her to shoot off flares: one if she is with Sam, two if she is with the captain. She shoots off two.

    We cut to the Colorado: Grace fired under duress. Petty officer Landes, the rapist, is back and has her at gunpoint.

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