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  • The Monsignor confronts the Devil. Arden's experiments reach a shocking conclusion. Dr. Thredson facilitates a surprising reunion for Kit.

  • Monsignor Howard is recovering from his wounds but Sister Mary Eunice continues to torment him. He decides there is only one way out for all of them. Sister Mary Eunice also has plans for Sister Jude, now known as Judy Martin - an extra powerful dose of electro-shock treatment which severely affects her memory in a particularly bizarre way. Dr. Thredson is hired as a staff doctor but Lana manages to stay one step ahead of him. Dr. Arden and Sister Mary Eunice share a destiny.


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  • Arden violently tries to resuscitate Kit on his table by pounding on his chest. Nothing happens. Then suddenly Kit sits up with a start. He was dead for several minutes. Arden tells Kit "they" didn't come, even though they did, and pregnant Grace was with them. He set her up in a dungeon cell with Pepper looking over her.

    Later, Arden looks over Grace, who is looked over by Pepper, who is now able to talk thanks to the aliens. Arden is curious about what's inside Grace and wants to x-ray her. Pepper tells him his x-rays won't penetrate her body. She tells him the aliens mock his techniques and are protecting Grace. He suggests a C section instead, but the scalpel flies out of his hand. Pepper explains how the court was able to blame her when her sister's husband killed their baby, but if he harms Grace, there will be no one else to blame but him.

    Sister Mary Eunice tells Monsignor Howard there's a manhunt on for Lee Emerson, who crucified him.

    Flash back to the Angel of Death telling him, as he hung on the cross, that it wasn't his time yet. He has more work to do. She tells him the devil is in Sister Mary Eunice and he has to cast her out.

    Sister Mary Eunice goes to oversee a "delivery" -- of a juke box.

    In the common room, Jude says Mary Eunice is doing it to taunt her. Jude smokes insouciantly as Sister Mary Eunice introduces the patients to the juke box. She dedicates a song to Jude, "I Put a Spell on You."

    Kit comes in and gives Lana a big hug. She tells him Thredson is loose. The Bad Doctor strolls in and calmly sits down with Lana and Kit, telling Lana she's safe until she delivers. But he's ready to resume his treatment of Kit. Sister Mary Eunice has offered him a full-time position, and she's surprisingly adept at untying slipknots.

    The patients are rousted in the middle of the night. Sister Mary Eunice announces a room search. Lana confronts her over Thredson, so she orders Lana taken to hydrotherapy.

    Sister Mary Eunice checks Judy's room and comes out with a giant cucumber. Judy dares Mary Eunice to punish her. Cut to Arden strapping her down for electroshock therapy as Sister Mary Eunice helps. Judy struggles, but Mary Eunice cranks the machine as high as it will go.

    Mary Eunice unwraps the Monsignor's bandages. He presses his rosary against her forehead and prays to cast the devil out, but she flings him across the room. She pushes him down on the bed and climbs on top of him. She takes off her habit to reveals Jude's slinky red negligee underneath. He tries to resist, but his protestations lose conviction as she goes along. Soon, they're having sex. Arden watches in the doorway.

    Fried Jude comes into the common room and stumbles over to the juke box. She tries to unplug it, but Lana stops her, asking her if she knows her name. Jude plays "The Name Game" on the juke box. Cut to her leading a fantasy dance number in the common room with everyone singing and dancing along as she boogies.

    Sister Mary Eunice finds Arden outside wheeling a bucket full of flesh for an afternoon feeding. Arden is jealous and pouty. Mary Eunice suggests they give Jude a transorbital lobotomy but Arden says no, because it's what Mary Eunice wants. He tosses chunks to the monsters who come out of the woods, including what used to be Spivey. Arden blows Spivey's brains out. "The experiment is over," he says, as he shoots his creatures, one by one. Arden puts the gun to his own head. Mary Eunice doesn't stop him. But instead of pulling the trigger, he collapses in tears. "You have no idea what it means to have lost you," he tells Mary Eunice. "Jesus Christ, you're being pitiful, Arthur," she says. "Then have pity on me," he says, holding on to her. She flings him off and walks away.

    Down in the bakery, Judy struggles with the dough. Monsignor excuses everyone and apologizes to Jude. "There are no words for my regret. The devil lives inside Sister Mary Eunice, you were right. I tried to cast it out, but I failed. It was an epic failure," he says. He tells her his virtue is gone. He's trying to decide whether to renounce his vows and asks for her advice. From her fog, Jude replies: "You kill her."

    Thredson tells Carl the orderly to bring Kit for his session in a straight jacket. Thredson goes to see Arden. When he's not there, he goes looking for sodium pentothal. He hears Grace's screams from the other room. Pepper is delivering her baby.

    Sister Mary Eunice interrupts the Monsignor as he prays. She's ready for more, but he tries to get away from her. She knows he's planning to kill her. She taunts him, wondering how he'll do it, perhaps using his rosary like he did with Shelley. Instead, she says she's going to make all of his dreams come true within the church. "You're mine now, body and soul," she says.

    He tells her he's going to cast the devil out of her. She devil yells at him, backing him up against the railing, telling him she's going to consume the last of Mary Eunice's soul. Suddenly, Mary Eunice breaks through and tells Monsignor she's tired of fighting. He gently tells her to let go, and let go of him. She does and he turns her around then shoves her off the top floor of the atrium. Sister Mary Eunice falls to the floor far below, where she's greeted by the Angel of Death. "Take me," Mary Eunice says. "I'll take both of you," the Angel says.

    Later, Monsignor prays over her body. Arden wants to cremate her, just in case. Monsignor agrees, leaving it to Arden.

    Carl drags Kit, in a straight jacket, to see Thredson. He knows Kit's martyr complex will stop him from telling him where his taped confession is, but he's counting on his savior complex. He opens a door to show Grace, alive, holding a newborn. Grace says it's Kit's son. "What are you going to do?" Kit says. "That's entirely up to you," Thredson says.

    Thredson goes to the bath, where Kit hid the tape. Instead, he finds a book. Lana confronts him. She moved the tape and only she knows where it is now. If Thredson hurts Kit, she'll go to the police. "I'm god---- plucky, remember?"

    In the common room, Judy struggles to remember all the patient's names. Mother Superior joins her. Judy tells her the Monsignor is taking her to Rome. "We're going to be Pope. We're going to be married, he likes my cooking," she says. She tells Mother that Monsignor killed her, he didn't have a choice. Then, as clearly as she can manage, she points out Lana and tells Mother that she doesn't belong there and she should help Lana get out.

    Down in the crematorium, Arden brushes the hair from Sister Mary Eunice's face. He gently lies on top of her and then presses the button to slide them both into the burning flames. They slide in together as he screams.

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