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Absurd Comedy with a Brilliant Cast!
jmcgil2213 November 2014
I was already a fan of Matt Berry after seeing him in The IT Crowd, even though he wasn't a major character. But he really gets to shine in Toast of London, where he is both the writer and the star. His character, Steven Toast, is unsuccessful actor on the fringes of the profession. He is always finding himself in absurd situations and surrounded by silly characters, some of whom only last an episode. His agent Jane is a riot because she is always screwing up his bookings and putting him in humiliating situations. His arch-nemesis, Ray "bloody" Purchase, is also lots of fun, and since he's an actor Toast ends up seeing him all the time. But my absolute favorite scenes are when Toast is in the studio doing voice-overs. The 2 studio guys, including Clem Fandango, are outrageously funny. I look forward to these scenes every episode. I should also mention that each episode has a brief musical number, which seems to be the trend in absurd British comedies (Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, The Mighty Boosh, etc). If you like absurd comedy, I suggest giving Toast of London a chance. From the pilot episode, it just gets better and better. And it was renewed for Season 2 which is just as brilliant as the first!
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Lets hope its recommissioned!
mike65-125 November 2013
In an era of comedies that are over-hyped and undercooked Toast of London has, with hardly anyone noticing, delivered the goods. The travails of stage actor and frequent voice over artist Steven Toast are, in the hands of lead actor Matt berry (who also wrote the theme music) and writer Arthur (Father Ted) Mathews a clever mix of parody and pratfall with musical interludes which reveal Toasts world to be populated by colourful grotesques and passing fools. The situations that develop are delightfully eccentric and frankly not easy to describe as so much is down to pure timing, a hand gesture and a thrown look. Suffice to say if you enjoyed the more lunatic, surreal outer reaches of Father Ted you should be ready to try a slice of Toast.
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Unique and totally unpredictable
lukehere9925 November 2013
The humour is so outrageous and insane (similar to an earlier series which Matt Berry was involved with The Mighty Boosh) that you can't help but laugh. Every week you get another 30 minute long helping of Steven Toast's failing acting career which has a minute possibility of working out, but this is the same show that featured a book publisher spontaneously com busting so anything can happen. One of the best and funniest comedy series from the last 5 years, Toast of London is brilliant entertainment. And much better than the hugely overrated BBC series Mrs Browns Boys which seems to be the only comedy show which gets good viewing figures nowadays.
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Greatest comedy ever?
bengilmoreben1 April 2016
This needs a series 4 this year. It really does. I first saw Matt Berry on the house of fools show, and saw him in the BAFTA's for this show.

Now, the absolute brilliance of this show. ALL of the characters fit in perfectly. What I think I like about this show is that the entire cast consists of secondary characters, all made to revolve around the single main character: Steven Toast.

It seems that the true comedy from Toast comes from his reaction to all the manic events around him.

For example, in certain scenes, Steven Toast wouldn't be half as funny if the secondary characters were replaced.

I think it is just the way Steven Toast deals with things with his incredibly out of place and eccentric personality makes it all the better. He treats it almost as if it is just normal. And his unpredictability always takes you by surprise, and always gets you laughing.
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This goody is definitely buttered on both sides.
Sleepin_Dragon16 September 2015
This glorious sitcom follows the life of Steven Toast. An actor and voice over actor that's somewhat of an underachiever, a little unlucky in life, he finds himself in some surreal situations. He has a definite eye for the ladies, and is supported in everyday life by his brother (and housemate) Ed and his agent Jane Plough. He often finds himself at loggerheads with his nemesis an fellow artiste Ray Purchase, caused by indiscretions with Ray's wife.

I have loved this show since the very fist episode, Matt Berry is just wonderful, a truly creative mind, he truly delivers and does not fail to disappoint. I love the character of Toast, he's such a cool guy, I love the hair. He's physically very funny too.

There are some fabulous performances, Clem Fandango and Jane Plough are both class, total caricatures, they are hilarious.

The guest performances are awesome too, Peter Davison is just brilliant. One of my favourites is from Stanley Townsend as Mr Fasili, the man has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

It's a great show, so surreal in many ways, the musical interludes are great, it is class! 10/10
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Yes I can hear you, Clem Fandango
trimmerb123410 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This, believe it or not, has become a familiar catch-phrase, uttered (nearly) each episode by fictional actor and voice-over artist, Steven Toast, to an incidental but regular irritant at the sound studio.

Providence blessed Toast with a fine baritone voice, one fit for a heroic leading man. Unfortunately after this it drew a line in nearly every other department - looks and brains (in particular).

A front runner, in his view at least, to be the next James Bond, Toast calculates that the clincher at his audition will be his white tuxedo - and a starting pistol. Just seconds later it is unclear who has been more chastened by the experience - the deafened and terrified audition panel hiding behind furniture - or Toast himself, already retreating quickly down the corridor, cursing his evident misjudgement.

How to describe Toast? Perhaps his long suffering agent, following the Bond debacle, put it best: "You F***ing Idiot!". But is he downhearted? Not for long, his natural grumpiness, randiness and over-optimism is irrepressible, for which audiences should be truly grateful.
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Bloody Ray Purchase!!!
stanrogersmith31 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I stumbled across this title after searching Matt Berry on IMDb. I'm pleased I gave it a chance. This show is hilarious. Bizarre, surreal, outright strange and goofy. But it delivers. Matt Berry as Toast is excellent with his deep voice and nails this type of over-the-top persona. He portrays Toast with a good mix of delusion, ambition, obliviousness, and competitiveness. The supporting cast is excellent and funny as hell also. Clem Fandango and Ray Purchase are freakin' hysterical and just their character names makes me laugh out loud. Ray-f#cking-Purchase!!! I love that they keep this nemesis going throughout. And when I watched for the first time, the musical that breaks out really threw me for a loop. I wasn't expecting that,not then nor in every episode. If you have the itch for some comedy different than the run of the mill, safe trip that's the norm, sit down and have a couple of slices of Toast! Well worth it.
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Must watch more than 3 episodes...
samuelmaycis2 April 2019
I love the show; I'm a fan of UK humour anyway as im Australian but at first I wasn't totally sure I liked it, i was happy enough, BUT after 3+ episodes the show just explodes into life. The characters are established. Berry is killing it and it's funny as hell. The only poor reviews are from people who watched 1 or 2 episodes. Dead set check out the gay porn voice over scene near end of series 1 it's absolutely hysterical.
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One actor and the world Warning: Spoilers
Toast of London is by far the best sit-com that UK TV has produced in the last 10 years and that includes The Office. The show follows the misadventures of Steven Toast, he has to deal with an inept agent, an unhinged Army officer Brother,an awful pair of hipsters who work at recording studio that Toast does voice over work at, a flat mate who has somewhat questionable habits and a rival actor whose wife he is having an affair with. With appearances as themselves by the likes of John Nettles (forced to turn to poaching when he has fallen on hard times), Peter Davison (present at the same mason ceremony) and Michael Ball (killed while trying to collect a gambling debt from Toast). Quite rightly Matt Berry won a BAFTA for the show (that he also co-writes for) in that Steven Toast is the latest in the long line of classic British comedy characters.
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This bizarre comedy will suck you in without you realizing it
mubariz-shariff20 September 2017
One of the most hilarious comedies of recent past. Each episode is about 23 minutes long, and probably 15 minutes of that duration you'll ask yourself why you are watching this show, but somewhere in there there will be one routine, one joke or one moment where you will suddenly burst out laughing at jokes that you might have so far told yourself that you would never laugh at.

It's over the top, it's crazy but it has a lot of heart. A gem in Britain's comedy collection.

"Hello Stephen, this is Clem Fandango. Can you hear me?" :-D
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Brilliant sitcom
DavidYZ29 April 2017
This is a Channel 4 sitcom in which Matt Berry plays an unsuccessful actor in London.

It's brilliantly written and acted. All of the characters are hilarious.

There's a pilot episode and three series of six episodes each. Every one of the nineteen episodes is excellent.
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I'm addicted
chearn-0973910 January 2018
Oh man, there are times when this show has some cringe worthy moments and some pretty un-PC and outdated jokes. But, frick, it's funny. I love Matt Berry. He's brilliant. Absolutely addictive show. Love it!
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Genius comedy
mightywanderers6 December 2015
This is so funny, makes you laugh out loud on so many occasions! Really recommend it to anyone. There are cameos from a lot of great actors and Mr berry is great. I love comedy that is a bit strange but this has so many facets to it, any taste should be accommodated. My favourite episode........ I cannot choose there are that many! Watch it and laugh along. It is a bit mad but there are jokes for anyone. I was in the back room whilst my wife was watching some reality rubbish on television in the other room. I was laughing that loud she came in to see what I was watching! It is heinous and so funny from start to finish. Watch this if you have a sense of humour at all. Matt berry should do more than just voice overs!!!!!
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No beans required
sunnyb-1069510 November 2018
Mat Berry's acting is genius. The future of comedy is right here
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A sharp view behind the actor's life-curtain
pontram26 August 2016
I found this show by accident two years ago, and I fell immediately in love with it. Of course it is sometimes crazy, unpredictable, and over the top, of course it is well scripted and well played. Together with "Drifters" it's my favorite comedy show.

But here is why I really was caught: My mother (rest in peace, mum) was an actress, and so I got some insight as a boy growing up, from six to fourteen approximately, into the local actor's "family".

So, many characters, behaviors, and events in this show are not uncommon for me. I recognize all this vanity, envy, life-long hate, sexual promiscuity, hubris, fear.....whatever you want, that makes an actor's or actress's life special and interesting, but also stressful because of the exaltation of most aspects of the normal life - even poverty or the struggle for income. For example, the life of an actor is torn apart from the beginning between the need to become famous and the need to have privacy...sailing these waters is always a difficult thing, because if you get much of one, you loose the other.

I remember me constantly being astonished about those strange people I met then, and I think that was the reason why I took another path - those people can also be very strenuous.

Toast let us have a view at the struggles of an actor who has his little moments of fame, but never gets really successful. He fails at most things in his life, but nevertheless survives ridiculously proud.

And believe me, although I grew up with Austrian actors, where everything is much smaller, it's the same here and there, and as strange that may sound, Toast is not far from reality as it is to be lived as a member of the biz.

If you don't have a background like me, you can of course enjoy this little show, which constantly (and successfully) tries to surprise you, mostly with black humor, or disarming humor, always well-meant, never (or rarely, to be precise) disgusting.

It's a little gem, and the only thing I have to criticize is, that it's only six episodes a season.
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Probably the best British comedy in the last 5 years.
cornz_1-114 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A genuinely eclectic mix of characters all mixed up in a vat of surreal comedy. From Matt berrys brilliant pronounciations and similies to Ray Purchase's attempts to undermine him at every opportunity. Those two are almost playing a real live Tom and Jerry. Every episode is a winner, funny from start to finish. Some utterly bizarre story lines and like an egg and chilli chutney sandwich it shouldn't work but by god it does. Different, bizarre and very very funny. Clem Fandango is a hidden star of the show considering his only main line is "Hello Steven, this is Clem fandango, can you hear me Steven" Some of the voice overs they have Steven doing are truly comedic genius. Check out the gay porn scence for a laugh. The only thing i would say is this is likely to be a marmite comedy, you'll love it or hate it, but as we all know, marmite lovers are just better than the haters.
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Amazing show
tvstar0831 August 2018
Truly great. Matt is great. UK should bring this show back
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Surprisingly Twisted
dylanhenty22 September 2017
This is a great one for fans of Matt Berry, if you liked him in 'the IT Crowd' or 'Snuff Box' then you will like this. It's surprisingly dark and twisted for what it is in a very, very funny way, and what with the surprising cameos and Matt Berry singing in most episodes, its pretty much a full package. Although not quite as roguish as 'Snuff Box', this series is still a good watch.
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Dry humor and stirred
shide_851 January 2016
A dry comedy show based in England that takes place in the setting of b-rated theatre and movie stages due to it's lead being a semi-known actor. It also revolves around his close friend, his agent and his love life. This is another one of those shows that could just as well have featured Matt LeBlanc and been in a Hollywood setting, the only difference being that this has some hitting (read; funny) dry humor (that at times is one of a kind and inventative). However, that is mixed out with a music number now and then (those are slipped in somewhat well) as well as not so original or not hitting comedic bits, overall it's alright as it actually leads to a few real laughs and a lot of chuckles.

Regarding the dry humor it is alright, it's not at par with coupling or "the worst..." "...of my life" neither is it close to the true older giants but it's funnier than most projects coming out of Hollywood - so it has that going for it. The dialogue is also wittingly written.

End Rant: Humor today needs a revamp. For me it seems like most have gone loud and taken an unintelligent turn (with few exceptions). Though, at least in the nation I'm in, the new names aren't taken care of in any way near a good way (there are new comedic names that arise but none to keep them in business and advance them - as far as i know).
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Berry Buttery Smooth
tom-29792 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I've binged the first series of Toast and I'd forgotten just how out there Matt Berry comedy can be. He appears in the IT Crowd, but the part was written for him - when Berry is let loose with a script, all hell breaks loose. Snuff Box being the last Berry 'comedy' I caught. I mean, I hesitate to use the word comedy, because while it is funny, its main focus seems to be on a strange parallel dimension where anything is possible.

It deserves recognition because this isn't run of the mill. A lot of time and effort has gone into this series.There are SO many little touches to Toast of London that make it really special. The names or the characters, so well chosen they are comedy in and of themselves. The streak of white hair, the camera work, the catchphrases, the visual background jokes.. I couldn't name everything and it would require repeat viewings to catch them all. Toast is jam packed!

I wanted to write a review on one particular episode to use as a sort of overall snapshot of the series as a whole - one which takes the Berry brand of humour to the extreme. If you can handle this particular episode, you can handle anything. The awkwardness is on another level.

The episode in question is called: "Addictive Personality"

Basic plot - A black African woman has plastic surgery done by Steven Toast's arch nemesis, Ray Purchase, and made to look like Bruce Forsyth just to annoy Toast. And in his own words 'I'm not even that pissed off'. Pointless. Yet, it weaves its way into the plot of the episode in the strangest way.

Toast's flatmate starts a love affair with the Bruce look-alike. Some extremely disgusting imagery is placed in your head about them having sex.

It's so weird, so obscure and so uncomfortable I almost had to look away - this episode will haunt me for months.

Do I like it -

Short answer.. Yes.

Do I think there is a fine line between madness, genius and pushing the limits of weird..

Oh, hell yes.
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Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango
andymclennan30 March 2018
Everything about this show is brilliant, one of the best comedies in years.

I particularly love the studio segments where Toast records voiceovers for a bunch of idiots. Having worked in a Soho studio for decades, I can confidently state that those scenes aren't much of an exaggeration.

There's a great csst, but the star is obviously Matt Berry, who produces another eccentric character to join the list of odd people he's portrayed.

I'm not sure if there'll be another series- it's been a couple of years now... but I really hope so.
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Great show and it Grows on You!
kimharvest5328 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Warning: Spoiler Alert "Toast of London" pleases on many levels. It's shocking, witty, warm, banal, quirky, emotional, mesmerizingly entertaining. It contains familiar pieces of Father Ted (crazy daily foils of common life), the Mighty Boosh (the outside-the-box humor and music) and the IT Crowd (beloved crystalized personifications) - all which pull at my heart strings. Mixing short brilliant 'trials of the day' along with an 'ode to woes' are tossed in with hopeful grabs at fame, dodging foils and shortcomings, striving among the myriad of quirky characterizations of colleagues, taskmasters, friends, foes and strained hopeful bedfellows. The more I rewatch each season, my admiration grows. I find it relaxing, fun, titillating, surprising; my fondness grows for each fully developed character; from his quirky yet grounding room-mate Ed; his mentoring petulant agent Jane, whose idiosyncrasies fascinate; his misogynistic, militarily single-minded (and single-handed) brother Blair, who disapproves his brothers vocation choice; the boys at the sound studio, highlighting Clem Fandango, guilty of secretly deflowering Toasts bride; the Purchases, his main adversary, the animated arse Ray and his oversexed shared wife and confidante; all topped by Brian Blessed playing their dying father! It can't get better than this! It is easy to become attached to the song sequences with their haunting melodies and dreamlike visuals; each relating to his deeper emotions, hidden fears, desires and hopes. Who can't relate to these foils of life: shooting the moon, and missing; falling in love, mistakenly; blabbing carelessly, forming head-on controversy; performance stung by stage-fright; obsession with uniformed heroes; unpopularity; selling out, repeatedly; shooting the moon, and making it! #bestshowsever/Mighty Boosh/FatherTed/ITCrowd/ToastofLondon. (BlackAdder too)
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Really enjoyed this, it does in fact grow on you slowly.
mcollins-7866725 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
British humour very evocative of the 1960's and 70's.

Foolishness and throwaway lines that you sometimes don't even realize until later.

"Your brother ... is that the soldier?" "Yes. He came back from the Falklands with an amputated hand." "Really? That's rather odd. I would have thought he'd have left it there."

Silly humour, makes you chuckle and leaves you diverted.

And love Stephen Toast. All the casting is well thought out.

Very worth a watch. Wish there was more of it.
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An Absolute Riot
adrianjdroid15 June 2019
Now to be fair, this is not all that original and the humour is mostly quite childish but damn if it isn't an absolute bloody riot! For me, they've found the balance of inspired madness that kept me coming back keen for the next episode. The other element here is that this is one of those shows where you feel like the actors are absolutely loving playing their roles. In short, bloody loved it!!
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Very entertaining
jdoncbus-2100530 April 2019
GenX American, who got into the Mighty Boosh really late (past year). I ran across Matt Berry and found his character from season 1 hilarious. I stumbled across "The IT Crowd" and Berry once again delivered. My wife and I are having a great time watching older or current British comedies and "Toast" is one of the funniest.

"Toast of London" is a light hearted comedy with Berry playing an over the hill thespian, theater type whose always getting himself into a jam. Most things revolve around paying the bills, landing ny sort of acting/voice-over gig, sleazing around, or dealing with his family. Mix in a pathetic roommate who kills it, an agent, his stage nemesis (Ray "fin" Purchase), Purchase's wife, & Clem Fandango, and you have yourself a solid show. The actors are outstanding and the writing is cleaver enough to keep you engaged.

The one thing I hate about many British shows, they end too early. I know, it may be better to end strong but many of them leave me wanting more from the characters. Let the trail of Boosh characters lead me to more entertaining shows.
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