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Entertaining show with one major flaw though
Horst_In_Translation17 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"The 2012 Billboard Music Awards" describes pretty well already what to expect in this award show from five years ago, namely artists being recognized from the perspective of their commercial success mostly. First of all, I would like to say that it was a fairly entertaining over 2 hours really with some strong performances like the Whitney Houston tribute that was even more heartbreaking though knowing what happened to her daughter. And even the songs that did not do very much for me or that I never heard before were okay as a whole I guess. Even as a big Modern Family fan, I still have no clue why Bowen and Burrell would host a music award show event, but they did fine I guess, at least with the not prerecorded stuff. Miley Cyrus proves once again what a huge star she is, maybe the biggest that night, and she does not even need to perform for that. Being there introducing another act is enough already. What an amazingly beautiful and talented girl, the two photos here on IMDb say it all. Katy Perry looked a bit awkward during her performance hanging in the air, but she is always a welcome addition too. The very first song of the night by LMFAO was maybe the biggest fun moment right at the very start of these 130 minutes. The mention of Gibb's death was a really appropriate inclusion and perhaps the saddest moment of the night other than everything about Whitney. The most disappointing thing was once again how they neglected crucial categories and included performances instead. If you read the full list of winners, you see how Adele was cruising really, but the actual show almost shuts her out completely. Can you imagine an Oscar ceremony when they just randomly leave out the supporting actor categories or the Best Director category? I know I can't. But that is basically what happened here and it comes really close to being a negative deal breaker. But I will be generous and still give the entire thing 3 stars out of 5 as there are really many worse ways to spend 2 hours than by watching this one here. I do believe for future editions it needs to get back to focusing much more on the awards aspect again over the performance aspect. Go see it.
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