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Treehouse of Horror XXIII
athomed19 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror is a Halloween institution. It's a chance for the show to do a lot of neat things it wouldn't ordinarily do. The episodes are non-canon; which means anything goes. I remember when the Treehouse of Horror episodes would always end up airing in early November. I never liked that. Fox has gotten it right the last couple years and aired them in October before Halloween.

The Greatest Story Ever Holed: I thought this segment was the best of the night. If it can be believed, Marge and Lisa actually made the biggest difference in this episode. They ended up with the best jokes.

Unnormal Activity: I found this to be the weakest segment of the night. The ending makes absolutely no sense and goes a little far for a Simpsons' episode. Seriously, Homer in bed with two demons?

Bart & Homer's Excellent Adventure: I just have to say on the surface, Homer would be over 50 years old if he met Marge in high school in 1974. I'm not sure why the show decided to create that plot hole. It was completely unnecessary. I felt the highlight of this segment was the different Homers from throughout history. Renaissance Homer and Elvis Homer were very funny.

All in all, I didn't find Treehouse of Horror XXIII to be particularly good. I'd rather see an old Treehouse of Horror than watch this one.
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Best Treehouse Of Horror's In A While,
lesleyharris3027 March 2013
Treehouse Of Horror 23 is a great Simpsons episode with a three hilarious segments and funny parodies.Its definitely one of the best Treehouse Of Horrors in a while,I've seen all of them,and I like them all,but this one is the best there has been in a good few years,because ones like last years are largely considered the worst.My main problem with last years episode is that the segments all felt pushed together and seem like the writers wanted to write much more for each of them,but didn't have enough time,but they balanced them out well in this one.My favourite part was the Paranormal Activity parody,then the Back To The Future parody,but I did enjoy the black hole segment as well.

Professor Frink accidentally causes a black hole to open up in Springfield,Homer puts cameras all around the house when the family notices strange things occurring at night and Bart goes back in time and stops Homer and Marge from ever being together,and she marries Artie Ziff (returning guest star Jon Lovitz).
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I don't know if the Simpsons will make another great Halloween Episode?
Theraxorterminate11 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Before you read my review there might contain some plot holes, spoilers and informations on the episode and its segments. It also contains my thoughts and recommendations.

I wasn't expecting that this episode could possibly become better than the last years Halloween episode, but I was surprised especially the introduction. But is this Halloween episode worth the time? Well lets see when you read my thoughts on the 3 segments:

Introduction: Actually a great start, especially when we live in 2012 and the doomsday dilemma but even though we don't need to worry that darn much. If you've seen the movie "2012" by Roland Emmerich it never happened any horrible events such as: The 2012 Olympic Games Cancellation and it never got canceled at all in the real world. Anyway its probably the best segment on this episode. Its pretty scary in disastrous way. Halloween Level: 75% Especially if you are frightened of the Doomsday thing. Overall: 8/10

The Greatest Story Ever Holed: Not bad but maybe not good either, because this episode could've been better if it had more open jokes and less dull jokes. But what I like of this episode is that I don't know if the Simpsons has done an episode about the black hole when it comes to Earth. Overall: 7/10 Halloween Level: 56.567432€£½%

Un-Normal Activity: It seems like the Simpsons will always make a parody of different scary movies of today. I wish this episode could've been better, there were some awkward jokes that wasn't so funny at all but especially at the ending which I thought was pretty bad. Halloween Level: 40% Overall 4/10

Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure: The title does not even fit on this segment in my opinion. I wouldn't call this a Halloween episode at all it fails to become a Halloween episode because there's no, blood, gore, not even monsters! This episode isn't creepy at all either, it could've worked as a segment to an ordinary Simpsons episode about what if that would of happened you know like Futurama. This episode ruined the whole episode in my opinion. Overall 2/10 Halloween Level: A baby could watch this!

I don't know if the Simpons Treehouse Of Horror episodes gets better and better, I'm starting to believe they're not. I suggest you watch another Simpsons Halloween episode instead of this. Even though I would recommend The Introduction and the first segment but skip the last 2 segments.
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The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIII
dalydj-918-2551757 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Another Halloween episode that starts with ending of the world predicted by the Aztecs in 2012 (this year). Then we gets The Greatest Story Ever Holded: The story of a black hole that is created by something that Lisa some how made by her ideas. The hole sucks people into it but also makes anything that comes in contact bigger. Everyonme starts to throw things in it which then makes the black hole bigger which causes everything in the world to go through except for Maggie. UnNormal Activity: Homer starts to film his own home movie beginning with Night One. During the night spooky things start to happen including gold clubs hitting people in the head and fires starting. We learn that it was Marge who made the deal with the devil when she was a child. Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure: Bart wants a comic cheap so he try's to find a time machine to get it for 45c. So he uses the scientist time machine to go back to 1874. Bart messes with the future by getting his dad not to be with his father, he has a new dad and is rich. When he goes to the future his dad from the past comes back with him. Funny episode but it's like a normal Halloween episode.

EPIOSDE GRADE: B (MVP: Julie Kavner)
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