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5 Oct. 2014
A Ball Can Change the World
It's not about how to win medals, but something a million times more ambitious - unleashing the power of sports to change our country.
12 Oct. 2014
Road Accidents or Murders?
India is the road accidents capital of the world where every year an average of 1,40,000 people lose their lives and many more are fatally injured. It is wrong to call them accidents as most of them are murders waiting to happen and are entirely preventable.
19 Oct. 2014
Accepting Alternative Sexualities
It is more than six decades since our country gained independence and yet there is one important minority that still continues to live in constant fear and daily humiliation. It's a minority whose very existence is treated as a crime. To this minority belong all those with alternative sexualities-lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT).
26 Oct. 2014
TB - The Ticking Time Bomb
India is the TB capital of the world. Every year, a staggering 18 lakh people contract the disease, of which 8 lakh are infectious and about 3.7 lakh people die annually. It is a shame that this disease has not been fought on a war footing. Previously known as a poor man's disease, TB affects all classes of society today with its deadlier form-multidrug-resistant TB (MDR TB). This bacteria has become resistant to the first line drugs-especially Rifampicin and Isoniazid-which can otherwise cure the disease in six months. MDR TB is a monster; it takes more than two ...
2 Nov. 2014
Nurturing Mental Health
In the last few years, around 1,35,000 Indians have committed suicide every year. Mental illnesses, especially depression, is one of the leading causes. The segment most affected is the young-those who belong to the 15 to 30 years age group. Modern society's attempt to compress a 100 years of living within 10 years is affecting mental harmony. Hence, it is important to be clued to the signs of depression, when there is no joy in living and even the smallest of tasks seem very difficult.

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