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Season 4

5 Jul. 2018
Gold Experience
Giorno Giovanna has a dream, to become a Gang-Star! Inspired by a man he saved as a child, he sets out to join the shady organisation, Passione. Accompanied by his fellow gang members, Bruno, Mista, Narancia and Fugo, he unearths a terrifying secret about the boss of Passione. With the power of Gold Experience and the help of his friends, Giorno strides forth to achieve his dream.
12 Oct. 2018
Bucciarati Is Coming
Giorno is attacked by the mysterious Bruno Bucciarati. Using his Stand, Sticky Fingers, he relentlessly pursues Giorno. As he continues his fight with Bruno, Giorno reflects on his past and his decision to become a Gang-Star.
19 Oct. 2018
Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall
In order to join the Passione organization, Giorno meets with Polpo, one of the capos in the gang who is currently in prison. He gives Giorno a test to prove his worth: keep a lighter burner for 24 hours without going out.
26 Oct. 2018
Joining the Gang
Polpo's Stand, Black Sabbath, begins a relentless attack against Giorno from the shadows. As night begins to fall, Giorno is desperate to defeat his powerful foe. Will he be able to prove his worth and join the gang?
2 Nov. 2018
Find Polpo's Treasure
Bruno introduces Giorno to the other members of his team, who do not take kindly to the newcomer. In order to rise through the ranks, Bruno decides to track down Polpo's hidden fortune. The team heads to Capri to find the lost treasure.
9 Nov. 2018
Moody Blues' Attack
As the team is attacked by an unseen enemy, Abbacchio uses the power of his Stand, Moody Blues, to replay the past and understand the nature of their opponent.
16 Nov. 2018
Sex Pistols Appears, Part 1
Torturing their enemy for information, the team learns that another Stand user is aiming to ambush them on Capri. Mista and Giorno go alone to the island to catch the enemy off guard.
23 Nov. 2018
Sex Pistols Appears, Part 2
Mista's Stand, Six Bullets, fights against Sale and his stand, Arts and Crafts.
30 Nov. 2018
The First Orders from the Boss
Having found Polpo's treasure, Bruno is promoted to the role of capo. The mysterious boss of the organization gives them a mission: protect his daughter Trish and bring him to her safely. However, from the shadows an enemy watches.
7 Dec. 2018
Hitman Team
A hit-man team, that seeks to overthrow the boss of the organization, begins to search for Trish. One of its members, Formaggio, attacks Narancia. Narancia fights back with his Aerosmith but Formaggio manages to hide from his attacks.
14 Dec. 2018
Narancia's Aerosmith
Narancia continues to shrink due to the power of Formaggio's Little Feet. His Stand shrinks as well and his attacks barely affect the relentless Formaggio. Narancia tries to think of a way out as Formaggio tortures him for Trish's location.
21 Dec. 2018
The Second Mission From the Boss
Fugo, Abbachio, and Giorno head to Pompeii to retrieve a key for the boss. However, another member of the hit-man team, Illuso, attacks them with his Stand, Man in the Mirror.
28 Dec. 2018
Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze
Fugo is still trapped in the mirror world due to Man in the Mirror, who continues its attack. Giorno and Abbachio try to think of a way to save their friend as Fugo's Purple Haze rampages in the real world.
11 Jan. 2019
Express Train to Florence
Using the power of the key in conjunction with a turtle, the gang hides on a train bound for Venice. However, two members of the hit-man team board as well, with Prosciutto unleashing his Stand on the hapless passengers.
18 Jan. 2019
The Grateful Dead, Part 1
The Grateful Dead slowly begins to age everybody on the train. With his teammates affected, Mista goes alone to confront the enemy, only to encounter Pesci and his Beach Boy.
25 Jan. 2019
The Grateful Dead, Part 2
To protect his teammates, Bruno manages to knock Prosciutto off the train to negate the aging power of The Grateful Dead, However, Pesci's resolve is hardened seeing his brother fight and he continues to attack Bruno.
1 Feb. 2019
Baby Face
The gang tries to steal a car to travel to Venice in secret. Another hit-man, Melone, uses his Baby Face to impregnate a woman and create a soldier that pursues Giorno and the others.
8 Feb. 2019
Head to Venice!
With Baby Face defeated, the group continues driving to Venice. A chill is in the air however, as Ghiaccio and his cold manipulating White Album unleash a barrage of ice attacks on Giorno and Mista.
15 Feb. 2019
White Album
Giorno drives into the canals of Venice in the hope of shaking off Ghiaccio. However, his White Album only operates better in ice, especially when he unleashes the power of his Gently Weeps.
22 Feb. 2019
The Final Mission From The Boss
The boss gives the gang one final mission: deliver Trish to the top of a bell tower. Bruno takes Trish to the tower, reflecting on his past arriving to this point, but that's when the boss reveals his horrific true nature.
1 Mar. 2019
The Mystery of King Crimson
Bruno continues his desperate struggle against the boss, but cannot comprehend the nature of his Stand, King Crimson. When the dust settles, a decision is made that will change the lives of the gang forever.
15 Mar. 2019
The "G" in Guts
Stopping for lunch at a cafe, the gang tries to determine what to do now that they are enemies of the Passione organization. Members of the elite squad then attack, unleashing the power of their Stands: Clash and Talking Head.
22 Mar. 2019
Clash and Talking Heads
Squalo's Clash and Tiziano's Talking Head continue their combination attack to kill Giorno and finish off the gang. Forced to only tell lies, Narancia has to try to get his friends to go after the real enemy and save Giorno's life.
29 Mar. 2019
Notorious B.I.G
The gang manage to acquire a plane and aim to fly to Sardinia, after dispatching an enemy. However, once they are in the air, they find themselves under attack by a powerful and terrifying foe.
5 Apr. 2019
Spice Girl
On the verge of death, Trish discovers and unlocks a Stand power.
12 Apr. 2019
A Little Story From The Past ~My Name is Doppio~
On the island of Sardinia, a boy named Doppio is searching for Trish and the others on orders from Passione's boss. But Doppio has a dark secret, one that becomes apparent when he encounters Risotto of La Squadra.
19 Apr. 2019
King Crimson vs. Metallica
Doppio, the alter ego of Passione's boss, continues to fight against Risotto and his iron controlling Metallica. Doppio struggles against the powerful assassin, but is armed with King Crimson's Epitaph, which allows him to see the future.
26 Apr. 2019
Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling
In the aftermath of the battle between Risotto and Doppio, Abbacchio uses Moody Blues to try and uncover the boss's identity. But the boss is adamant about keeping his identity a secret and executes his next gambit against the group.
10 May 2019
Get to the Roman Colosseum!
Unsure of what to do next, the gang receive a strange message on their computer revealing the origins of the Stand arrow and the true name of Passione's boss. The gang aim to travel to Rome as two assassins wait in the shadows.
17 May 2019
Green Day and Oasis, Part 1
The gang are under attack by the last two members of the Elite Squad. Cioccolata uses his Green Day to spread a toxic mold over the island while Secco uses Oasis to swim through rock for stealth attacks, leaving the gang in a pinch.
24 May 2019
Green Day and Oasis, Part 2
While Bruno stays on the ground to fight against Secco's Oasis, Giorno and Mista head upwards towards Cioccolata to stop the power of his Green Day. But Cioccolata has another dangerous trick up his sleeve, pushing the two into a corner.
31 May 2019
Green Day and Oasis, Part 3
Bruno and Secco are both racing towards the man at the Colloseum whilst trying to kill each other.
7 Jun. 2019
His Name is Diavolo
Bruno unknowingly leads Doppio to the Colosseum while the rest of the gang is searching for their leader.
14 Jun. 2019
The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 1
Everyone wakes up from a deep sleep to discover their souls have been swapped.
21 Jun. 2019
The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 2
The gang desperately tries to reach the Stand arrow whilst looking for Diavolo.
28 Jun. 2019
Diavolo Surfaces
Everyone continues to desperately chase after the Requiem in order to obtain the Stand arrow. Diavolo's soul is then forced to show itself, but he will not quit until he obtains the arrow for himself.
5 Jul. 2019
King of Kings
The Stand arrow's rightful owner is finally revealed.
28 Jul. 2019
Gold Experience Requiem
Giorno achieves his dream and destiny of becoming a Gang-star.
28 Jul. 2019
Sleeping Slaves
In the past, Bruno and his team investigated the mysterious death of a girl and how it ties into the power known as Rolling Stones. And in the present, the final fate of Giorno and the gang is revealed as Golden Wind comes to a close.

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