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30 Sep. 2013
Episode #2.1
Deciding that they want different things - she wants to go to university, he wants to be a matador - Viva dumps Rocky but first they have sex in a cupboard, where they discover the corpse of obese teacher Mr Andrews. To help the pupils cope with this death the head brings in a grief counsellor, the gorgeous Nick. Soon Holli and Amber are fighting over him, causing Saz to tell him what she thinks of him. As a result he deems them all psychos. Viva not only has to tell Amber her awful singing has got her thrown out of the choir but is called upon to give an impromptu ...
7 Oct. 2013
Episode #2.2
Although she has dumped Brandon for having sex with her sister, Amber takes her friends to his party where Holli is caught kissing Rocky and she is ostracized by the others. She decides to join the super-fake bitches but soon becomes aware that she is out of her depth. Saz and Amber both fall for the cute Leon, notwithstanding that he is obsessed with slasher movies and vie for his attention, only to discover that he really fancies Viva. Having given away her old toys - including toy horse Timberlake - to make room for Anna and Rob's new arrival, Viva is pleased when ...
14 Oct. 2013
Episode #2.3
Even though Anna has put her on toilet duty to catch drug takers Viva still catches the attention of the handsome, altruistic head boy Tyler Blaine, who wants her not only to audition for the school talent show but to date her. The jealous super-fake bitches try to blackmail her into not seeing Tyler by firstly unsuccessfully kidnapping Amber's dog and then stealing Saz's diary, posting the pages around the school, revealing Saz's critical opinions of her three friends. The quartet seems likely to fall out as a result but the girls recognize the loyalty they owe to ...
21 Oct. 2013
Episode #2.4
Saz is excited to be getting anonymous love letters from a mystery admirer, less so when she finds they come from lesbian Morgan. Amber regrets splitting with Brandon though they reconcile when he helps her with her school project and Viva finds Tyler very controlling. Coerced into helping Anna run the school magazine to help improve her college entry chances Holli makes up letters for the Agony Aunt column but annoys her friends by using their situations under assumed names. At a party Viva finally dumps Tyler and Saz discovers that the true object of Morgan's desire...
28 Oct. 2013
Episode #2.5
With Anna on maternity leave the girls' football team needs a new coach and Saz is elected, though she takes things very seriously, annoying the other girls. Brandon's mother has gone on a cruise so Amber moves in to look after him and his elderly relative Junior, whom Amber mistakenly believes that she has killed whilst Viva shows no interest in Rocky until she discovers that he is seeing somebody else - whereupon she suggests reconciliation. Facing a superior opposition the girls football side does very badly until Holli steps in and, using her dirty tricks policy, ...
4 Nov. 2013
Episode #2.6
Viva tries to cheer up the permanently morbid Josh, known as Death Boy after a car accident in which his grandparents were killed though he does get the girls to a party given by Gemma, Rocky's new girlfriend - where he tries to hit on Amber and gets hit with a plank which brings back to him the memory of how the accident occurred. Saz is over-joyed to see Joe, her boyfriend who emigrated to Australia, less so when he tells her it was to escape her possessiveness. Back home Anna's waters break and with Rob out at work Josh drives her to hospital where Viva becomes her...

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