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16 Feb. 2014
Christine Falls
Quirke, a pathologist in 1950s Dublin, is perturbed when his strait-laced adoptive brother Malachy, an obstetrician, appears to be tampering with evidence relating to the recently deceased Christine Falls. Officially she died of an embolism but Malachy admits that she died giving birth to a still-born child and evidence was changed to spare her reputation. Soon afterwards Dolly Moran, a friend of Christine who told Quirke she has information about the baby's father is murdered and a child brought from Ireland to Boston, Massachusetts, is adopted by Claire and Andy ...
23 Feb. 2014
The Silver Swan
Mal is still angry with Quirke for revealing Phoebe's true paternity and blames him for her quitting medical school to work in a hat shop. Here she meets louche Leslie White, manager of the Silver Swan beauty salon who is having an affair with Deirdre, wife of pharmaceutical rep Billy Hunt, a former student of Quirke. Deirdre is addicted to tranquillizers in return for which she agrees to pose for nude photos which White uses to blackmail her. At the same time Quirke deals with the suicide of housewife Geraldine Millican, who like Deirdre posed nude to get her tablets...
2 Mar. 2014
Elegy for April
Phoebe is worried that she has not seen her friend April Latimer for some weeks and persuades Quirke, still coming to terms with Sarah's death, to help find her. April's brother Oscar, a doctor, tells them that April's wild behaviour has caused her estrangement from the family for some years and indeed neither her icy widowed mother Celia or her uncle Bill, a government minister, seem especially concerned. Quirke learns that April had a visit from another doctor Patrick Ojukwu, whom, it was assumed, was one of the many men in her life but blood stains at her flat lead...

 Season 1 

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