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Season 2

17 Jul. 2013
Jeff Bridges
The King meets The Dude! Larry unwinds with the unflappable Jeff Bridges. The "R.I.P.D." star treats Larry to a lesson in the art of meditation & opens up about his love for his "main leading lady," Susan, his wife of over 35 years.
30 Jul. 2013
Lisa Kudrow
The ever-present Lisa Kudrow reveals how being Phoebe on Friends for ten years lightened her up & why she's relishing playing the irredeemable Fiona Wallice on Showtime's Web Therapy. Plus, Lisa on The Comeback's potential comeback!
5 Aug. 2013
Hank Azaria
Al Pacino, Bill Clinton, Agador Spartacus -- no voice is off limits in this interview with Hank Azaria. The actor brings his myriad characters to the table while discussing porn, poker, and the things that scare him most.
6 Aug. 2013
Larry sits down with media mogul Oprah Winfrey to talk about her personal experiences with racism, the future of the Oprah Winfrey Network, and her new role in the civil rights film, Lee Daniels' The Butler.
7 Aug. 2013
Sharon Stone
After decades of glamorous roles, Sharon Stone is back and as you've never seen her in "Lovelace." The award-winning actress speaks candidly about her brain hemorrhage, her shyness, and her perspective on porn. Plus, the iconic suspender-snap!
13 Aug. 2013
Forest Whitaker & Lee Daniels
Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker opens up about his personal brushes with racism, and why he had to audition for 'The Butler.' Plus, the film's director, Lee Daniels, on his most significant work yet.
14 Aug. 2013
Backstreet Boys
Larry sits down with the Backstreet Boys and talks about their new album, tour and celebrating 20 years as a group. Also - what exactly is a boy band - find out along with Larry.
21 Aug. 2013
Hugh Laurie
With his 'House' days behind him, Hugh Laurie is singing the blues. The award-winning artist talks preferring music over acting, revisits the role that made him a star -- and gives Larry a taste of his new album.
22 Aug. 2013
Tony Hale
Funnyman Tony Hale is stoked about his Emmy nomination for "Veep". He revisits his rise to fame, gives us a taste of Buster Bluth from "Arrested Development" and tells Larry what it was really like to kiss Liza.
26 Aug. 2013
After a year marked by divisiveness & rancor, Larry invites a panel to discuss how to feel better in 2017: the benefits of unplugging from the news, the free exercise proven to diminish depression and anxiety, and finding peace in the face of tumult.
27 Aug. 2013
Curtis Stone
Curtis Stone is in Larry's kitchen and cooking up a storm. The Australian chef dishes about his forthcoming LA restaurant, his son, and being a sex symbol before taking to the grill with the Kings. Plus, Curtis gets Larry proper buzzed.
28 Aug. 2013
Bill Hader
This episode has everything! Larry talking to Bill. Bill talking to Larry. Alan Alda and Al Pacino impersonations. Backstage secrets of SNL. A discussion of awkward love scenes. It's everything a Stefon fan could ask for.
10 Sep. 2013
Wendy Williams
The always candid Wendy Williams opens up about her rising career in daytime talk: is she aiming to be the next Oprah? Wendy sounds off on her competition & the struggles she overcame in her own life that led to where she is today.
11 Sep. 2013
Maria Sharapova
She's a Wimbledon Champ turned candy connoisseur! It's Maria Sharapova! The tennis superstar dishes about life on the pro tennis circuit and her humble beginnings. Plus, Larry gets a taste of her Sugarpova candy.
19 Sep. 2013
Celine Dion
Larry chats with pop music icon, Celine Dion, about her return to the spotlight, her new album, and how she is balancing motherhood and fame.
1 Oct. 2013
From Compton drug dealer to hip hop magnate, Game takes Larry through his own personal evolution as a rapper & father. Game reveals what made him change his course & why he's decided to give back with The Robin Hood Project.
10 Oct. 2013
Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson pulls no punches. America's favorite scientist talks climate change, why he doesn't fear death, and whether he thinks Elon Musk's mission to Mars will succeed.
17 Oct. 2013
Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield
Larry gets an earful from Iron Mike Tyson and Evander 'The Real Deal' Holyfield on their infamous 1997 bout, the current state of boxing and their new mission to feed the hungry with Yank Barry - the Founder of Global Village Champions.
24 Oct. 2013
Jenna Jameson