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  • The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart.

  • David has had a crush on Jade since the first time he saw her in the tenth grade. With high school coming to an end, David has never spoken to her until her family pulls up to The Inn, where David works as a valet. She and David fall madly in love, a love that only grows stronger as parents try to tear them apart. David knows Jade's past, but as his secrets are slowly revealed, Jade's trust is tested and leaves them wondering if they are truly meant to be together.

  • Destined to become a cardiologist just like her father, the wealthy and sheltered Jade meets for the first time her rebellious blue-collar classmate, David, on the night of their high school graduation where he works as a valet. As David summons up all his courage to talk to Jade, almost instantly, sparks start to fly, and much to his surprise, for the rest of the summer, the two of them will become inseparable. However, Jade's overprotective and highly disapproving father has other plans for his daughter and he is determined to separate the young lovers at all costs. Will David prove himself worthy of Jade, furthermore, will their love blossom?

  • Jade Butterfield and David Elliot have just graduated from the same Atlanta high school, not having spent any time together in the four years of being in the same class. Jade, from a wealthy family - her father, Hugh Butterfield, a cardiologist, and her mother, Anne Butterfield, a published novelist - has willingly had her nose in the books for the four years in the pursuit of following in Hugh's footsteps. Under Hugh's pressure, Jade doing so was largely in memory of her eldest brother, Chris Butterfield, who was supposed to be that cardiologist, but who died in his senior year of high school from cancer. Jade's surviving older brother, Keith Butterfield - who was the middle child - never succumbed to any of their father's pressure, and as such is the neglected offspring. Jade had been seen by her classmates as an ice princess for not socializing with them. Hugh has managed to get Jade an internship over the summer before she heads to Brown in the fall, all these steps on track for her to get into medical school when the time comes. David comes from a blue collar family, his widowed father, Harry Elliot, who runs his own garage. Although academically bright, David has no intention of going to college, he who quite happily would work in the garage as his livelihood. David, who has pined after Jade from afar for the four years, never had the nerve to talk to her. Although he didn't specifically see Jade in that associated role during high school, David aspires to true love, the kind of love he says he witnessed between his parents up until the time his mother passed away. When Jade and David finally have that connection early in the summer, they quickly begin to fall for each other. They decide to spend whatever time they have over the summer together before Jade leaves, they living in the moment with no real plans for a "them" at Jade's departure. Anne wants Jade to experience her first love with David to the fullest, whether it be the puppy or true variety, and Keith is happy about how happy David makes Jade, unlike the four years of high school when she really wasn't truly happy. But working against a Jade/David happy ending are David's old girlfriend, fellow classmate Jenny who secretly is working on getting David back, and Hugh, who will do whatever it takes to see that David does not ruin his plan for Jade's life, regardless of how hypocritical his talk and actions are.

  • Beautiful-but-shy Atlanta native Jade Butterfield, age 17, has not made any friends throughout her four years of high school. She has missed a social life in favor of studies, wanting to do well in memory of her eldest brother Chris - who died from cancer. David Elliot, another graduating senior, has had a crush on her since they were both freshmen, yet he never had the courage to act on said crush. Jade - along with her elder brother Keith, and their parents Hugh and Anne - stop at an upscale restaurant where David works as a parking valet. When Jade drops her (empty) yearbook, David retrieves it, mentions that they were classmates and agrees to sign it. Inside the restaurant, Jade asks her parents for a graduation party. When Anne and Hugh approve, Jade excitedly invites David. David thrills Jade by taking her on a brief joyride in the car of a snobby guest - partly in retaliation for the guest's demeaning behavior toward David's best friend Mace, another valet. David punches the client when he insults Jade; this gets David and Mace fired, but wins Jade's appreciation..


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  • The opening scene is a high school graduation, class of 2014. Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde), a shy but beautiful young woman, is graduating. She is going to be attending Brown University in the fall. She stands alone after the ceremony, while everyone else laughs with friends and takes pictures together. Jade quietly rejoins her parents while reminiscing about her older brother, Chris, who passed away from cancer. David (Alex Pettyfer), another student graduating, observes her from a distance and notices how lonely she seems. He is intrigued by her, but doesn't speak to her. His best friend, Mace teases him about crushing on her for 4 years but never speaking to her and he brings up David's ex-girlfriend, Jenny.

    Jade, her parents, Hugh and Anne, and her older brother Keith stop at an upscale restaurant to eat lunch after the graduation. Her father pulls the car up for valet service. While exiting the car, Jade bumps into David and Mace, who work as the valets at the restaurant. She shyly says 'hello' and walks inside behind her parents, but comes outside again to ask David to sign her yearbook. Inside the restaurant, Jade's father asks her what she would like as a graduation present. Jade asks for a party. She's never had the chance to socialize with her peers before. (Its clear that Jade has lived a very sheltered, caged life after the death of her brother.) Although her mother thinks its a wonderful idea, her father thinks its a bit odd, but agrees nonetheless. Jade goes out to invite David to her party. A snobby client drives up in his fancy car and treats David and Mace rudely, so they grab Jade and go joy riding in his car. As Jade's family leaves the restaurant they observe David getting into a physical altercation with the snobby client who insulted Jade. After punching the client David gets fired on the spot.

    Jade wears a beautiful red dress for her graduation party. Her home is full of her father, Hugh's wealthy, middle-aged friends. None of her classmates have shown up. David arrives. Jade is happy to see him, but she feels bad that none of her classmates have come. David explains that there is another graduation party taking place the same evening and that everyone is probably there. He takes out his phone, calls the police and makes a fake noise complaint about the other party, effectively shutting it down. Soon, lots of classmates begin to arrive at Jade's house. Everyone drinks, dances and has fun. Jade and David sneak into a closet to kiss just as Jade's father gathers everyone together to make a speech. He talks about how proud he is of Jade and attempts to make a toast, however Jade is nowhere to be found. She sheepishly comes out of the closet, closely followed by David. Her father is annoyed, but continues with the toast. He thanks everyone for coming and ends his speech by asking them all to leave. David leaves after apologizing to Jade's father. He knows he's made a bad first impression but makes it clear that he cares for Jade very much.

    Jade races to her balcony and throws a paper plane down to David. It says, Wait until all the lights are off. David waits in the pouring rain until the lights are off. He sneaks back into the house and walks into a room where Jade is waiting for him. There's a large cozy fire in the fireplace and she's wearing a beautiful, white negligee. They begin to kiss passionately, undress and spend the night together. It's clear that Jade and David are completely smitten with each other.

    The next day, Jade spends time with her father at the hospital. He is a doctor and is grooming her to go into medical school. He asks her to stay and observe a surgery, but she tells him that she can't. He is disappointed and taken aback by her not following his wishes, since she usually does. She meets David near a lake and kisses him intensely. They discuss a summer medical internship she has, which means they only have about 10 days left to spend together. David tells her that he doesn't care how much time they have, he wants to enjoy it to the fullest. A very sweet montage shows them riding bicycles, running through fields and enjoying each other's company with reckless abandon. David drops Jade home after their last evening together. She tells him to ask her to stay, instead of leaving for the internship. He does, and she agrees. She goes inside and begins to unpack. When her father asks her why, she tells him she changed her mind about the internship. Her father knows its because of David. He is furious. The next morning, Jade awakes to find her entire family packing. Her father has decided to take everyone to the lake house. Jade is upset and doesn't want to go, but her father doesn't give her a choice. Shortly after they arrive at the lake house, the doorbell rings. It's David. Jade's father is not pleased, but since Keith's girlfriend is there, how can he not let Jade's boyfriend stay too? Later, Jade's father apologizes for being rude and unwelcoming to David. As they are eating breakfast a female colleague, of Hugh's shows up. Anne seems surprised that Dawn has shown up and excuses herself.

    That night, Jade, David, Keith and Keith's girlfriend are outside playing with fireworks. David goes into the garage to get some more. He sees Jade's father in the garage kissing Dawn. He is disturbed and leaves quickly, making sure Jade doesn't go into the garage. The next morning, Jade's father takes David out in a boat and after David confronts him, Hugh denies the indiscretion and threatens David to remain quiet if he knows what's good for him.

    Anne writes a recommendation letter to a colleague at University of Georgia, her alma mater, for David. She sees something special in him and thinks he will do great things. She is especially thankful for the life he has brought back to her daughter. Hugh reads the letter and promises to mail it for her.

    On the way to a party Keith confesses to David, Jade and girlfriend, Sabine, how inadequate he's always felt and how he's never been able to please his father. At the party Jade and David run into Mace, Jenny and other friends who convince them to sneak into a local zoo, despite David's hesitation. A friend of Mace's - Charlie - lets them into the zoo where they have tons of fun playing hide and seek, looking at different animals and riding the carousel. Jenny sees David and Jade kiss and jealously calls the police to report the break in. The police arrive and David sends Jade off with his friend, and he draws the police to chase after him instead. David gets caught and taken to jail. The others, including Jade get away. Jade is distraught and asks her father to bail David out. He shows Jade and the mom a criminal background check he had done on David. It lists an instance of "domestic violence" that David had with a man his mom was cheating on his dad with, in which David went to Juvenile Hall for. Jade says she doesn't care and Hugh finally agrees to get David out of jail, if Jade promises to go for the internship. Hugh bails David out of jail, but insults him by talking trash about David's family and the domestic violence incident, provoking David to punch him. He goes home to his family and tells them that David is violent, manipulative and cannot be trusted.

    Jade goes looking for David and finds him with Jenny in a café. Jealous and mistaken Jade leaves the cafe and he after chases her. They go back and forth with arguing until he walks away. She accuses him of not fighting for their relationship. She gets into her car and begins driving away. David runs after her, but she is slammed into by another car.

    Everyone converges together at the hospital: Jade's parents and brother and David and his father, Harry. Jade's father takes David's father aside and gives him a restraining order for David to stay 50 feet away from Jade. Harry argues that they're only kids and they just had an argument, but Hugh refuses to hear him and threatens to sue Harry for everything he has if David goes against the restraining order. When Jade gets out of the hospital she goes to see David, but his father refuses to let her see him, since it would be illegal and get him into trouble.

    Jade leaves for Brown while David stays in town. They each try to move on with their lives. Months go by. David runs into Jade's mother in a bookstore and asks to have coffee with her. She always admired David and his love for Jade. He asks if Jade is coming home for Christmas and if he can see her. Jade's mother tells him which day she is arriving. David goes to the airport and meets her as she walks out of a terminal. They kiss and admit they love each other. He tells her he has two tickets and will take them anywhere in the world. He asks her if she'll meet him that night and run away with him. She looks into his eyes and agrees.

    Hugh and Anne get in a fight while waiting for Jade at the airport. She confronts him that David never got into UGA and that she knows he never mailed her recommendation letter. She believes he's ruined David's future, and asks Hugh to look at the man he's becoming.

    That night, Jade's father picks a fight with Keith for being in Chris's room and playing his records. Jade's father wants to keep it like a museum. Keith and his girlfriend leave in anger. Jade's mother follows, to be with her son. Jade packs her things to leave with David. Unknown to anyone, a candle has fallen over in Chris's room and ignited a huge fire. Right as Jade and David are leaving, she sees that the house is on fire and screams for her father's safety. He is inside hastily collecting Chris's things, trying to save them. David rushes inside to save Jade's father. He is knocked down and loses consciousness. Jade's father sees him, puts down Chris's belongings and picks up David. They both make it out of the burning house.

    The next scene shows Jade and her mother standing at Chris's grave. It is another few months later, and it is revealed that Jade's parents are separated. Her mother encourages her to be close with her father again. Jade lets her father drop her at the airport. David meets her there and they fly to California, where they witness Keith and his girlfriend, Sabine get married.

    The movie ends with the four of them hanging out on the beach. Jade and David lay next to each other as her voice over explains how a certain kind of love, the intense, once-in-a-lifetime, can't-live-without-you love, is worth fighting for.

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