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It's the movie to be jolly
kosmasp18 January 2017
A festive movie about family, about values, about love and everything else. With a little twist at the end if you want to call it that. Other than that it is pretty much by the numbers (predictable that is). But it's a fun movie to watch and it's lovely to see another story about family interactions.

If you like that kind of stuff that is. But it's light (drama included of course) and it's fun overall. The acting talent at hand is amazing and it's clear they're having a blast. I guess watching it around Christmas time makes the most sense, but you could also watch it anytime else and still have that good feeling
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Fantastic dramady about dysfunctional families and holidays.
rannynm18 November 2015
I saw this with my husband and daughter in law and we all just howled. It reminds me of Nora Ephron film with all the family and personal drama going on. There is a bit of profanity and sexuality so I wouldn't take your younger kids but, for teens it's a go.

It has a great ensemble cast, each with his or her own personal drama going on. Diane Keaton and John Goodman (who has lost a ton of weight and looks great) make a very believable couple whose kids and grandkids are all slightly off kilter. Steve Martin, who narrates the film through the eyes of the family dog, is a delight. And, the love story between Angie and Sergeant is one of the highlights of the film. "I never believed in love at first sight until now."

As Leo Tolstoy said, "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." But, you might just see an element of your own family in this film.
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Deserves a slot in the Christmas canon
NeelyO25 October 2016
Any number of the films we now think of as unassailable holiday classics -- Christmas in Connecticut, White Christmas, even It's a Wonderful Life -- were dismissed as corny and formulaic in their original reviews, so it's no surprise that Meet the Coopers met the same fate. But I suspect time will be kind to this one: it's warm without being gooey, the humor is sharp and observant, the ensemble is top-notch, and the soundtrack is quite lovely.

If, like me, you're a fan of the dysfunctional-family Christmas comedy (The Ref, La Bûche, A Christmas Tale), this one may well sneak up on you and enter your annual holiday rotation. If I ever get to update my holiday film guide "Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas," this one would definitely go in.
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Moving reflections on life, family and love. If you do not shed a tear you are heartless.
dflint-398303 December 2016
I started this movie just because nothing was on (tube full of Xmas). I was first sucked in by the great John Goodman and the sublime Alan Arkin. Once Olivia Wilde's character started to develop I was hooked.

I am gobsmacked to see how wrong the low ratings for this movie are. The unique characters and the depth of emotions, mostly love, are incredible. Maybe people want quick cuts and action and just don't know how to let a movie based on dialogue slowly draw them in and make you care about the characters, all of which are rounded and easily lovable,yet each deeply flawed in ways anyone that has lived a few decades will identify with.

I am a tough guy in my 50s and I shed tears three times. Not only that,but several times I had to pause the film so I could ponder how the wise words about love and life relate to my life and mistakes. From this day on my life will be better because of what i realized was true,as displayed in this movie, about family, love, regrets. And I will forever love Olivia Wilde. Her scenes alone are worth watching this movie.

If you can watch this movie closely and not shed a tear, you are dead inside and should immediately seek psychiatric help. Solid 7.5/10
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Choppy and formulaic
rizzocr-3309310 November 2015
This RomCom lacks both humor or romance. One may say it's a dark comedy, but mostly it's just sad. Bits of progressive manifesto are sprinkled throughout the movie with an uneven hand that screams same old formula with a new 21st century face. The main issue with the film is that there are too many story lines, most of which are never worked to denouement. We are left wondering, in many cases, why parts are even added. Then, there are parts which makes you question, why was that even necessary? Tiresome retread characters are abound - see the borderline case of dementia with constant sage lines. Please, I have grandparents with dementia, either don't make light of the issue or don't try to line it with clear one liner tear-jerker intended lines. Thanks but no thanks, I can't recommend this movie.
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Loved Love the Coopers! :)
hlcprops13 November 2015
Me and my friend decided to watch this movie early last night in the theater. I would say that I was pleasantly surprised by the great ensemble cast in this movie. Each main character had his/her own little story; stories that will either touch your heart, make you smile or laugh. Even though I feel like Diane Keaton plays the same character in most of her films :P I think she did really good in this one. The other two that really stood out for me in the movie were Marisa Tomei and Olivia Wilde but each character had their moments in the movie so I doesn't seem like someone got left out in the overall story. It's not a perfect Christmas movie but this is definitely worth watching in the theater this Holiday season. I've seen a lot of Christmas movies and this is not the cheesy type that sometimes you see on channels like Lifetime. It's something that I could watch again so also I'd get a copy of the DVD when it comes out and add it on my list of great Christmas movies. I highly recommend the movie.
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You'll either love it or hate it
reneemsm15 November 2015
I think this is one of those movies that you either love or hate. I loved it, my husband hated it. It definitely is a bit of a downer which is why I gave it a 7/10. It's not gonna be a movie that puts you in a holly jolly mood (at least not until the last 15 minutes). So I understand why many people disliked it. But with that said, I found the brutal honesty very charming. It felt real and still managed to have quite a few laughs in the midst of the drama. Very reminiscent of The Family Stone. I think if they hadn't marketed it as a comedy, so that people knew what to expect going in, it would have a better score right now. Something else that I noticed and loved was the way it was filmed. It was very beautifully shot, and there were lots of gorgeous close ups that, to me, made the scenes even better. And I really enjoyed how a few shots were filmed from the perspective of the children as they were running through crowds or stores etc. Very unique and added a little extra something (though maybe I only noticed because I'm a photographer). Probably not something kids will enjoy (there were more than a few in our theater and they didn't seem very interested).
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The Fruitcake of Holiday Movies
flamingblok1114 November 2015
Love the Coopers? I didn't. Neither will you.

The first holiday film of the year arrives with a monumental thud, despite an impressively decorated, and star-studded cast. The dramedy revolves around the matriarch of the Cooper clan (Diane Keaton), who tires to bring her misshapen family together for a final Christmas dinner, before her and her husband of forty years (John Goodman) divorce. Like Love Actually, we jump from storyline to storyline, as we chart the progress of each family member's trek homeward.

Unfortunately, comparing Love the Coopers to any film with the words "love," or "actually" in the title would be an insult to those movies (Love the Coopers being the exception that establishes the rule). Actual jokes with a real set-up and punchline are few and far between, and rarely land anyway. Coopers largely relies on out of place vulgarity in place of comedy, or utilizes site gags that it recycles until there is a permanent dent in the ground where the dead horse used to be.

As far as the movie's attempt at subversive drama, most of the characters are too poorly developed, or unrealistically written to be genuinely compelling. The script occasionally comes close to insight into some of these characters, but sheepishly walks away from the doorbell, instead of knocking down that door. The direction ranges from uninspired to downright disruptive of the film's flow, and the insistence on narrating every plot point and character trait before we actually get to see it, makes watching the film a formality.

There are, maybe, one or two laughs to be had, and perhaps two subplots are somewhat compelling. Bucky (Alan Arkin) and Ruby (Amanda Seyfried) share a couple of scenes in a diner that are at least watchable, and Arkin turns in fairly solid performance. The most fleshed out story belongs to the romance between Eleanor (Olivia Wilde) and Joe (Jake Lacy). There's a real chemistry between the two of them, and there seems to be genuine depth to their characters.There might be a good movie based on their few scenes, if Eleanor weren't such an insufferable jerk.

The real problem with Coopers is that it doesn't seem to have any fun, or good intention. I wouldn't mind the movie if it were just formulaic, and I can tolerate a bad movie. The reason that the film gave me a headache is because it seems to exist solely to grab the money out of your wallet. The film industry is undoubtedly a business, but at least disguise yourself; have some respect for your audience. By the film's end, you know it was sponsored by Southwest Airlines and McDonalds, and you know it went out of it's way to shamelessly appeal to every demographic (Anthony Mackie plays the generic black/gay guy). It's borderline offensive.

Please, for the sake of your health, and for the future of the cinema, stay away from Love the Coopers.
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I wanted to enjoy this movie, but it was terrible
blakerogers201513 November 2015
I want to start off by saying that I am fairly easy to please when it comes to movies. The last movie I saw was Burnt, which received generally negative reviews, but I loved it. There are several other movies recently that have received poor reviews that I enjoyed, so it is easy for me to enjoy movies. But wow, this movie was terrible. I truly do not believe how such an ensemble of wonderful actors and actresses could agree to star in this.

A few nit picky things- This movie was beyond cliché. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy cliché movies. I actually like some movies that have generic parts. But the formula for this movie made me sick. It was so cheesy and so cliché that I really, truly at one point began to think this was a parody or satire created film that makes fun of generic and cliché movies, but it wasn't! There was no parody aspect to it. It was just terrible.

Now let's talk about the characters. I want to start with Olivia Wilde's character Eleanor. Basically, when she enters the narrator says she has been hurt by love and closes herself off to love. Which means we all know where this is going. Which, again, I like cliché, but this was over the top. What happens is she meets an army man played very well by Jake Lacy. Their "love story" was so unbelievable because she, as the narrator says, was so hurt by love, yet when she meets Joe (played by Jake Lacy) she for some reason pursues him and instantly trust him. It was like as soon as the narrator said "She could never love again," she instantly falls in love. And what's more, she was a terrible character. She was completely disrespectful to Joe and for some reason he was into her. She would insult his political views and character and act high and mighty when she was the one sleeping with a married man and the one hating her family. Next was Amanda Seyfried and Alan Arkin's story. It was totally weird. It felt like she was into a man 60 years older than her and it was weird. He gets angry instantly at her as she says she is moving because of "great waitress opportunity." I just didn't get it. She was totally thrown in there for no reason. Oh, wait. There was a reason. Literally the only reason she was in this move was to be the eye candy for ed Helm's character Hank. That is it. And of course Hank is divorced because no family in stupid movie like this can stay together apparently. The only saving grace in this movie... the reason I gave it a 2 instead of a 1, was John Goodman and Diane Keaton's character Sam and Charlotte. They were on the verge of divorce after 40 years of marriage and i felt their relationship real. They were the only two people in the movie I hoped things would work out. And things do work out for the two, it was a completely stupid, cheesy, and cliché way it worked out, but I am glad it worked out nevertheless. I literally could not care for any character in this movie. It was hard to look past the terrible plot to even see such great actors dive into such terrible plots and scripts And my last, most annoying thing to say about this movie, is it is completely narrated through the dog. Yup, you heard me right. It was narrated by the dog of the family. Such a lazy and terrible way to make the plot continue. I wanted to like this movie. I really did. I love many of the actors and actresses in it. But They could not save this movie from such a terrible plot and passing and such terrible dialogue. Save your money.
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This movie is wonderful!
citizen77417 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Beautiful Christmas Fairytale. Film is a dynamic, charged emotions. Good directing, rubber, photos ... wonderful dialogs and monologues. Indeed it can be viewed within the family, with all the generations, without fear that your confounded some of the scenes and spoken word. Beautiful love stories of past, present and future time, woven from thin threads of our differences, and sometimes late recognized as full rights love. After all, only when we lose something we consider how much we matter. Although realistically spoken narration, probably because of Christmas images and events, completes this wonderful achievement, which would not ranked in the comedy but in the classic Christmas holiday films. For each recommendation and be sure to watch the!
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laurae-8672012 November 2015
I have NEVER been so mad for spending money on a movie. 'Love the Coopers' was by far THE worst movie I've ever seen. I was so confused while watching this movie because the storyline was absolutely HORRIBLE! After watching the whole movie, I'm still confused as to what it was about. I think one of the reasons I'm so upset is because so many actors that I adore were hired for this movie, therefore I expected it to be awesome, when in reality, it sucked. Throughout the whole movie, I think I laughed about 7 times, and all 7 of those times were shown in the trailer. The rest of the movie was boring, childish, confusing, and stupid! This was truly one of the worst written movies, and I feel bad for the actors who were in it. I'm telling you, do NOT waste your money on this movie. You will regret it!
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Funny, Realistic, and A Long-Winded "Christmas" Tale
rgkarim21 November 2015
Better late than never I always say! Hi I'm Robbie K and this review is on a comedy designed to be a holiday treat for the bunch. The name of the movie is Love the Coopers, which from the trailers looked to be packed with stars who were ready to make you bust a gut with lots of laughs. Of course…we do know that multiple big names in one movie often leads to disaster in terms of quality and plot (Valentine's Day and New Years Eve anyone?). Anyway, let's get started on the review.

For a comedy, Love the Coopers has a bit more wit involved in terms of making you laugh. By wit I don't mean the dry comedy that you have to be in the loop to understand, but more so in how well it is integrated into the story. The dialogue happens naturally, flowing into the normal routine instead of shoving a comedic ploy into our faces. In addition the variety of the jokes helped keep the movie fresh and fun, ranging from sexual innuendos and first time kisses to insults and the art of lying. Even better was how all of these jokes fit into place and worked with the individual's story to further maximize the timing. And yet I think all of it would have failed had it not been for the actor's delivery. Whether it was John Goodman's sarcasm, Olivia Wilde's angst and attitude, or June Squibb playing the clueless aunt it all was maximized by how well they sold the lines. Or in some cases it might have just been a facial expression that got me laughing, primarily from Rags the dog who continues to take the drama and roll with it in some way.

So strong comedy must mean good story right? Wrong! Love the Coopers' plot was very lacking in entertainment for this reviewer. As I feared, the tale was very fragmented with multiple mini-plot lines slowly converging until they all meet in the end. This tactic has worked in the past, but like most modern comedies, they lack balance. Some of these plot lines are strong, taking constant screen time and establishing the backbone. Others however would have their 15 minutes of fame and then not be seen for some time, often hastily concluded with the reunion of plot lines. Fortunately it's all wrapped in a nice Christmas package, however untraditional it is. This isn't the run of the mill, feel good movie that you see on Hallmark though, but instead one that uses the Holiday as a means for character evaluation. Love the Coopers is actually a downer, especially at the beginning where all the problems come to light. Thus with the poor plot and depressing tone, I felt this movie dragged at a lot of the parts, making the 107 minutes feel more like 180 minutes. I'll admit I nearly nodded off a few times as well, so that might be something to take to mind. No surprise…everything comes full circle in the end and you'll get some grand lessons if you keep your mind open, but it certainly isn't the most moving piece I've seen.

As I mentioned earlier, the actors really are the strongest part of this movie. John Goodman was my particular favorite as the big man continues to impress me with his wide spectrum of characters. He's funny, serious, and keeps the stories tethered together and plays exactly like the stereotypical head of the household. Diane Keaton unfortunately was not in my favor this time not so much for her acting, but that her character was so annoying. She's a good counter to Goodman's calmness and a great source of drama, but it was a little too much for me. Olivia Wilde steps back in the light with a decent role that combines sexuality with mischief and uses her gorgeous looks to complete the character. Ed Helms is a little more down to Earth in this film, trading in overacted arrogance and stupidity for a more believable character. It was nice getting to see a more serious side of things, and helps add a bit of awkwardness to an otherwise cut and dry family. Alan Arkin is great as always, though underutilized in my opinion and would have been great to have a few more quips and lessons to add to the mix. Heck even the kids impressed me with how fitting their characters were taking components of a Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, and a Hallmark kid and wrapping it into one. And Steve Martin as the narrator added a nice tree topper, fitting right in line with the various narrators of classic Christmas stories.

Love the Coopers is an okay film, but certainly isn't your run of the mill Christmas tale. Sure the comedy was a nice variation, and the acting certainly made the characters alive and relevant. Unfortunately this movie was just too monotonous, long-winded and depressing to make this movie fully entertaining. I'm sure you can guess from my review that this movie really isn't worth the trip to the theater, not only due to lack of entertainment but also a lack of special effects. Therefore this reviewer recommends skipping this movie at the time and finding an alternative to this movie.

My scores for this film are:

Comedy: 6.5 Movie Overall: 6.0
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I Don't Even LIKE The Coopers
matthewssilverhammer21 November 2015
At one point, a character in Love the Coopers says to another, "I think you're funny 'cuz you're sad." This sentiment seems to be the guiding force of this "December: Osage County" disaster. Unfortunately, like the movie itself, that quote never plays out as true, and the overbearing sadness never plays out as funny. In one of the most abrasive Christmas films ever made, the message ("Your family is irredeemable and Christmas is a fraud, but what can you do?") makes this movie a snide, depressing burden. This unnaturally overwhelming pessimism is so draining, 20 minutes in I was looking for a way out, something I never do (I sat all the way through Pixels, for crying out loud). Alas, I stayed, only to be slaughtered with dialogue and character interactions that were nowhere near being true to anything in reality. I spent the majority of the runtime asking myself questions like: What are the ages of these ill-cast actors? Why is Steve Martin (or anyone, really) narrating this thing, when everything seems pretty clear without it? Why are the cop and his arrestee, who just met, having a heart-to-heart? Why does everyone in the family seem to enjoy watching each other make out? Just…why?! If there was something positive to say about The Coopers, I would say it. However, this is a special kind of awful; a comedy that elicits laughs, but less of the "with" kind and more of the "at" kind. In the end, I was shocked I didn't just reach into the screen, grab an icicle, and violently poke my eyes out. So do I Love the Coopers? Nope…I don't even like 'em.
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Fair warning: this is definitely _not_ a made-for-Hallmark Christmas movie.
Carycomic15 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
In fact, it's more like a cross between THE FAMILY STONE (Diane Keaton's previous Xmas flick) and PARENTHOOD. Provided such a hybrid was produced/directed/written by Woody Allen!

What do I mean by such a cryptic, and seemingly asinine, statement?

Well, if you go in expecting a laugh riot from start to finish, you're going to be disappointed. The jokes I actually laughed at, as intended, are few and far between. And the serious moments can get so melodramatic, you might literally cringe and feel tempted to walk out on this flick (as I almost did). But, if you can mentally glue yourself to your seat through the latter, I guarantee you it will all be worthwhile.

Why? Because, there are actually quite a few brilliant plot twists in here!

For example, a lot of you might initially feel that Amanda Seyfried and Alan Arkin's characters are headed for a May/December romance similar to Liv Ullman and Edward Albert in 1973's 40 CARATS.


And, some might think that Marissa Tomei's character, a light-fingered "life coach" (which is apparently like a psychiatrist...minus the couch and drugs), will ultimately turn Officer Williams, the policeman who arrested her, into an African-American Ann Heche.


Some might even predict that the phantom narrator, as voiced by Steve Martin, will turn out to be merely _posing_ as one of the dozens of department store Santa Clauses seen headed to work at various times throughout this film.


That particular plot twist is probably the funniest one of all. And, the Xmas sing-along "blooper" reel, during the ending credits, is masterfully poignant.

So, to paraphrase what Angie tells Sergeant Joe as soon as they arrive to meet her parents (as played, almost too convincingly, by Ms. Keaton and John Goodman): "Man up, and sit all the way through this flick! It'll be worth it."
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Like The Family Stone but Better!
catfarmer135814 December 2018
This movie is super cute. It's a lot like the family stone (which also stars Diane Keaton). A great ensemble cast makes it even better. While this might not be a Christmas classic, it's one I can watch year after year.
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Save yourself, I wish I could have....ugh
revamp1115 November 2015
Others have already reviewed the film with far more detail and insight, so let me just say that I went out to the movies with my spouse and it was her turn to pick. 30 minutes into the movie, she was apologizing to me and asking if I wanted to leave. I did (want to leave), but it was her pick and so I stuck it out. The film wasn't complete trash, but it wasn't very good. Not very good at all. The plot was scattered, with many scenes that seemingly had little to nothing to do to push the plot or story line along. This movie would be best suited to retirees looking for a predictable and "family friendly" holiday film and teenagers looking for a film to neck through. Despite this review, if you still want to see it, I urge you to wait until DVD.
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I Feel Sorry For :
rsprengel23 November 2015
The people who acted in this film, the people who wrote this drivel who may have had real life experience in helping form their view of family life during the Christmas Season, anyone who's relatives actually resemble any part of the film's portrayal of family life and finally anyone who thought this was good, funny or worth recommending to anyone else.

I wouldn't even bother renting this at Redbox for $1.50, if you are inclined to want to see this, as a sort of train wreck type of curiosity, be prepared to be delighted in the downfall of human existence. It doesn't delight me, but you are entitled to your own opinion.

The dog was good, it's why I voted two stars instead of one.
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Don't waste your time !!
rickmarhill14 November 2015
Wife and I went to see this film, expecting a comedy and a good one due to the cast, what a disappointment !! Nothing in this film was funny, but it did go by fast as I kept waiting for the funny stuff to start. I actually found it depressing. It was so bad that we canceled our plans to go out to dinner after wards because we lost our appetites watching it. There are so many scenes and subplots that never seem to tie together.It was interesting in the airport scenes watching Joe's backpack appear then disappear only to re appear. I wonder if Diane Keaton and John Goodman regret making it ?? The best performance was Steve Martin as the dog's voice !! Don't waste your time or money.
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"Love the Coopers" gives Movie Fans almost no reason to!
dave-mcclain14 November 2015
"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said that in a speech in 1940 as he praised the brave Royal Air Force pilots who fought off the German Luftwaffe and prevented a planned invasion. When I look at the cast of "Love the Coopers" (PG-13, 1:47), I see three Oscar winners, two Golden Globe winners and recipients of a variety of other awards. The film's screenwriter, Steven Rogers, wrote reasonably well-received movies like "Hope Floats", "Stepmom", "Kate and Leopold" and "P.S. I Love You" and director Jessie Nelson helmed "Stepmom", "The Story of Us" and "I Am Sam"). When I think of all the talent involved with "Love the Coopers" and compare it to the film's potential and overall quality, I'm inspired to alter Churchill's quote to fit this movie: "Never in the goal of human entertainment has so much talent given so many so little." The film is an ensemble comedy-drama which follows several members of the Cooper family on Christmas Eve as they prepare to have dinner at mom and dad's house. Mom and dad are Charlotte and Sam Cooper (Diane Keaton and John Goodman), a couple whose 40+ year marriage is ending, but who have decided to put on a brave face so they can have one last "perfect" family Christmas. One of their children is Eleanor (Olivia Wilde), who still bears the emotional scars from the ending of her one great romance, but attempts to cover them up with sarcasm and self-pity. Sam and Charlotte's other child is Hank (Ed Helms), a man who has been unemployed for some time and has hidden that fact from his kids, horny teenager Charlie (Timothée Chalamet), caring and precocious Bo (Maxwell Simpkins), foul-mouthed Madison (Blake Baumgartner) and Charlie's estranged wife, Angie (Alex Borstein). Also planning on coming to the dinner are Charlotte's insecure younger sister, Emma (Marisa Tomei), Charlotte and Emma's lonely father, Bucky (Alan Arkin), and Sam's forgetful Aunt Fishy (June Squibb).

Throughout the day leading up to Christmas Eve dinner, we see most of these characters sharing intimate details of their personal and family problems with total or near-total strangers. Sam and Charlotte argue over the correct lyrics while performing Christmas carols for a group of nursing home residents. In an airport bar, Eleanor strikes up a conversation with an Army Soldier named Joe (Jake Lacy) to whom she relates her deep-seated insecurities. Emma is caught trying to shoplift a Christmas gift for Charlotte and during the police car ride that followed, Emma tells the arresting officer, Percy Williams (Anthony Mackie) all about her tumultuous history with her sister, while getting him to open up about his very private personal secrets. Meanwhile, Bucky is doing what he does every day, eating at a diner he hates so he can chat with his favorite waitress, a lost soul named Ruby (Amanda Seyfried). And then there's Charlie who goes from being unable to talk with his teenage crush, Molly (Lauren Hesselberg), who's working in a local mall, to enthusiastically making out with her in about 5.3 seconds.

The characters in "Love the Coopers" are written, presented and portrayed as unlikeable and unrealistic. Besides the inexplicable scenes of most of the Coopers spilling their guts to people they hardly know or just met, their various predicaments are just plain ridiculous. It seems that the main reason Sam and Charlotte and splitting up is an argument over an oft-postponed dream trip to Africa. The very odd way that Emma tries to shoplift (or that a middle-aged woman does that to begin with) is made even odder by the many ridiculous lies that she tells security and then Officer Williams, with all of it played like its supposed to be cute. Eleanor and Joe are polar opposites as people and rudely disrespect each other's differences, but she invites him to spend Christmas Eve with her family. (And don't even get me started on Joe drinking while in uniform, wearing his collar up throughout the movie and the rank on his chest changing positions between shots in the same scene!) Bucky has a grandfatherly, but still very odd attachment to Ruby, even getting angry when he discovers that she has withheld important details about her life from him. And when Lauren starts enthusiastically but badly French-kissing Charlie in public places, what is apparently supposed to be funny is really just disgusting and off-putting.

The script and the movie in general are formulaic, but the filmmakers even got the formulas wrong. Much of the structure of this movie seems stolen from "A Christmas Story", complete with frequent narration, quirky characters and a scene of a little kid taking on a big bully. There are also moments that will remind many a Movie Fan of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and any number of other movies in which family members dread going to their family's holiday get-together but end up experiencing some personal and familial growth before the movie ends. Unfortunately, those elements that worked so well in some of those other movies simply don't work here – for the reasons that I've already discussed and because of a noticeable absence of genuine joy in almost every scene throughout the movie. Even the cast's frequent overacting doesn't help. As bad as the build-up was, I kept hoping that these stories would come together during the family's Christmas Eve gathering and produce resolution of conflicts and warm family moments. While the film makes attempts at some of that, the results feel as awkward as everything that led up to those scenes and aren't enjoyable to watch. "Love the Coopers"? Not even close. "D-"
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evelinka-0396912 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

That was the first movie that put me to sleep. For the first time in my life I wanted to leave the cinema. I went to see a Christmas comedy and saw Christmas tragedy. Such a stupid plot!!! Why all these people should be so sad and depressed?! I get the main idea of all miserable members of this family getting united at the end. BUT i can't understand why is necessary to be such slow and dramatic storyline. The main characters with their 35 years old marrage are going to devorse because they didn't go to Africa. They had so much fights all the time because of that and when the woman said "Ok, let's go to Africa", he said "No, let's stay" Really?!?! The sister Emma... she was at the back seat of the police car for 70 minutes and was having such pathetic conversation with the officer; the movie is 105 minutes! The daughter... why she and the soldier guy were walking around the airport for 50 minuts of the movie, talking so much nonsense? She is so much hurt and couldn't love again, but she has a ralationship with married man and she fall in love with the solider boy in 5 minutes... There is a son that couldn't buy a presents for his kids because he has no money but he is hiding that fact, there are two terrible teenagers making out in every corner, there is this waitress that tried to kill herself because he mother is an alcoholic... This movie killed my Christmas spirit :( The trailer is far away from the real story. People, please don't watch it, it will depress you... P.S. The only nice thing in this movie is the cute dog
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Marisa Tomei as Diane Keaton's sister??? (Plus a review)
YellowManReanimated22 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I actually didn't mind this movie. I watched it with my girlfriend as neither as of us were motivated enough to jump on the Star Wars bandwagon but fancied watching a movie anyway. We didn't go in with high expectations and so weren't disappointed but...

I cannot accept this aspect of the movie. It's completely ridiculous! Marisa Tomei must be, what, at least 20 years younger than Diane Keaton, on top of that she looks about 30 years younger than her. Tomei is amazing looking and would've been a much more believable choice as Olivia Wilde's older sister in my view. Casting like this just takes you out of the story and makes it that much more difficult to invest in the dynamics of the characters. Why not just cast an older actress?

Other issues: Not enough exposition in relation to the dead sister. Too much reading between the lines on that one. Clearly it's going to be a major part of what's haunting the family but it feels brushed under the carpet. I'm starting to feel really sorry for Alan Arkin now too. His role in these indie films seems to be to have some sort of heart- attack or stroke. It's almost as if seeing his name in the titles gives you one the major plot points of the film. Couldn't the creators have been a little more imaginative? I also thought there was an issue with him being Diane Keaton's dad, what is he supposed to be, like 90? Keaton looks great, make no mistake, but she also looks her age, as does John Goodman by the way. It's unlikely that either of their parents would be too far away from a nursing home, unless they were freaks of nature (Goodman's aunt at least is more believable in this respect).

I did like the acting in the film though and the dynamics between the characters. Tomei's journey in the cop car was impossibly long, was she being deported to a different state? But I enjoyed her interaction with the policeman. Keaton and Goodman are a joy to watch, at any age, as is Alan Arkin, and Wilde and her army man sure did have chemistry. I felt having the doctor be her lover towards the end was a little contrived, however, did we really did that extra twist in the "will they won't they" saga?

So a movie which had a nice, albeit far from original message, which was well acted, yet with casting issues, which was also a little contrived and ultimately took the road of sentiment over pursuing any profound insight into human beings. Perhaps worth watching for some of the very organic and natural-feeling interactions which do occur within the film, but not to be entered with high expectations.
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Of course we love the coopers
araalnasser5 January 2016
This was the best Christmas movie I've ever seen. A movie with a great cast. It had it all comedy, drama, Christmas spirit and an "openminded" set. I could relate to the characters in the movie which pulled me further into the story. The way the characters were introduced was neither time wasted nor boring, but had great detail that could easily be analyzed. Further more the audience get to know the characters overtime. The movie covers family support in light of the Christmas spirit, a cliché? Yes! but the execution of the movie was done in a remarkable way such that it was entertaining and fills you with laughter, love and more. The songs used during the movie were impeccable. They harnessed the Christmas spirit and directed it to the audience. I highly recommend this movie, It's a must watch during the holidays. It was a realistic movie and shows that "all families are imperfectly perfect" Thank you,
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Horrible depressing waste of time.
foureasts22 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Read the Washington Post review from Jen Chaney. Here's my thought.

This is a pathetic movie that seems to spend the first third introducing the characters in an unconnected hap hazard way. The next third in arguments and turmoil and the last third trying to put perfume on this piece of crap. Bad bad bad! Duane Keaton was a total bore! John Goodman did the best for a payday, and Olivia Wilde's character had the only meaningful interest. This is one of only a few movies that I would walk out on. My wife loves Christmas movies and I sat politely as this thing chugged ever so slowly and painfully along. While the previews show fun and happiness as well as humorous situations the movie had none. If you can manage to stay for the whole thing the wrap at the end sort of brings it all together. But I only had the feeling of what did I just do?
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It will help you through the holidays to know there is another dysfunctional family out there.
jdesando13 November 2015
"The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live." George Carlin

My favorite Christmas movie is Bad Santa, so you know where I'm coming from when I write that Love the Coopers is partly lovable. An upper-class family reunion at Christmas time is Mt. Lebanon, Pa., is fraught with anti-Christmas episodes, barely excluding anyone in the Cooper family from trials that threaten to sabotage completely the elders' attempts to have everything end as in It's a Wonderful Life.

As I reflect on the film family, where even the elders, Charlotte (Diane Keaton) and Sam (John Goodman), have problems—they are divorcing after 40 years, I think of the many challenges of my family, down to grandkids, that threaten to decimate the holiday cheer. However those speed bumps seem to strengthen rather than weaken the family.

The film wisely lets the rough notes be played by the young as well as the old. For example, twenty-something Eleanor (Olivia Wilde) cannot seem to hang on to a man despite her charm and unusually good looks—she's the strongest plot component and deserves more face time. Teen Charlie (Timothee Chalamet) angles for his first kiss while being bullied and humiliated on the path to victory.

Most poignant non-family reveler, Ruby (Amanda Seyfried), has a deep, Platonic connection to patriarch Bucky (Alan Arkin), an odd combination with 50 years between them and a satisfying one at that. It is possible to infer that just about everyone is looking for love, but usually in the wrong places. Although the film does not make that search easy, it has so many funny moments, more than the dark doings should allow, lightening and heightening the aspirations of the characters.

As for the rest of us left with holiday reunions, take comfort: Even the dysfunctional Coopers find enough love to make it through to the next Christmas.
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No award winner but a pleasant way to pass the time
Figgy66-915-59847011 December 2015
11 December 2015 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - Christmas With The Coopers. If you google this film you come up with Love The Coopers, obviously on the American side of the pond it goes under this name. From the title you can immediately gauge what this film is about. A family, made up of many dysfunctional parts which comes together at Christmas, each hiding their own secrets and fighting their own demons. At the centre of this family we find John Goodman and Diane Keaton, two well established stars who keep this story flowing along as the main protagonists of this fairly mundane plot. However, although it was not a laugh a minute, it was a completely watchable film. Token man in uniform played by Jake Lacy who had one of those faces I feel I've seen before but can't actually place......quite nice to look at though. Narrated by Steve Martin the film comes to a touching and plausible end. A nice easy watch on the run up to Christmas.
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