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San Francisco Chronicle
Perhaps it's the soothing, storybook quality of Steve Martin's narration, or the predictable third act turn, but Love the Coopers does come together in the end.
Most. Depressing. Christmas. Movie. Ever.
A movie that should be punctuated like a Christmas card sign-off but instead, losing a comma, becomes an off-putting directive. How Robert De Niro didn’t make it to this set is a mystery for the ages.
It’s a frustrating thing to unsnarl. Straddling the thorny fence of dramedy, Love the Coopers is a sometimes too serious, often not funny entry in this year’s tra-la-la movie sweepstakes.
It’s all so hackneyed, so overfamiliar and formulaic.
A Christmas comedy of numbing tedium and tackiness.
Decked out in the usual tinsel-and-mistletoe trappings, the film lurches awkwardly between gloominess and giddiness, never hitting the boisterously bittersweet groove it seeks.
The celebrity soup that is Love the Coopers is, indeed, a mess, the kind in which the screenplay by Steven made more chaotic by Jessie Nelson's tonally smeary direction.
Director Jessie Nelson shoots it all like a Hallmark card that comes to life, which sounds like a cliche, which it is, which is the point.
Washington Post
Love the Coopers is one of the most jumbled, tonally misguided holiday movies in recent memory. It is an insult to tidings of comfort as well as joy, and a complete waste of the time and talents of its ensemble cast.

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