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‘Black Bitch’: ‘Six Feet Under’s Rachel Griffiths On How The Rise Of Populism Informed Her Australian Political Drama – Mipcom

  • Deadline
‘Black Bitch’: ‘Six Feet Under’s Rachel Griffiths On How The Rise Of Populism Informed Her Australian Political Drama – Mipcom
Rachel Griffiths is best known for her long-running roles as masseuse Brenda Chenowith in HBO’s Six Feet Under and Sarah Walker Laurent in ABC’s Brothers & Sisters. But now, the Australian actor, writer and director is swapping Disney-owned ABC to Australian public broadcaster ABC with controversial political drama Black Bitch.

Deadline spoke to Griffiths about the show she co-created and the way that a shift in Australian politics has informed the drama, as well as the rise of populism around the world. She also discusses stepping out from in front of the camera as she lines up a raft of projects set down under.

Black Bitch follows Alex Irving, played by Cleverman star Deborah Mailman, a charismatic and contradictory Indigenous woman who is thrust into the national limelight after a horrific shooting and is quickly chosen by Australia’s embattled Prime Minister Rachel Anderson, played by Griffiths,
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‘Pemulwuy’ biopic will salute an Indigenous hero

(L-r) Jon Bell, Catriona McKenzie and Andrew Dillon (Photo credit: Mark Rogers).

To his direct descendants and the wider Aboriginal community, Pemulwuy, Australia’s first Indigenous resistance fighter, was a martyr, a leader, a patriot and a warrior.

Putting the man and his deeds in a contemporary context, writer Jon Bell says: “If Australia was invaded tomorrow and one man managed to keep those invading forces confined to the city areas for 10 years, he would be enshrined in Australian lore and there would be a national holiday.”

Bell is part of a creative team of leading black and white figures who are preparing a biopic on Pemulwuy, a member of the Bidjigal clan who led the opposition to British forces’ attempts to take over traditional hunting grounds from the early years of the colony until he was shot dead in 1802.

Phillip Noyce, who has wanted to tell this story for
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‘Parasite’ Wins Sydney Film Festival

  • Variety
‘Parasite’ Wins Sydney Film Festival
Parasite,” the South Korean black drama that previously won the Palme d’Or at Cannes, was Sunday named as the winner of the Sydney Film Festival.

After collecting a cash prize of A$60,000, at Sydney’s State Theatre, “Parasite” director said: “This Festival is really amazing, especially the audience…really special and extraordinary. This is the most meaningful prize for me – in this beautiful city and beautiful theatre, and one of the most beautiful audiences in the world.”

The film charts the intersection of two families from different ends of the economic scale and has been hailed for its biting commentary on Korea’s social woes. After three weekends on commercial release it has grossed $60.3 million.

She Who Must Be Loved” (aka “She Who Must Be Obeyed”), directed by Erica Glynn, won Sydney’s documentary award. “All These Creatures” picked up both of the festival’s awards for short films.
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Danielle MacLean proudly carries the flag for Indigenous storytelling

Danielle MacLean.

Considering Danielle MacLean’s original ambition was to be a stills photographer, her 23-year career as a writer, producer and director is quite remarkable.

Currently MacLean is juggling numerous projects including preparing a short film for the anthology feature Cook 2020: Our Right of Reply, writing an episode of the second series of Bunya ProductionsMystery Road and signing on to direct at least one episode of the third season of Ned Lander Media’s Little J and Big Cuz.

In addition, she is developing a raft of projects including drama series Rough Justice with frequent collaborator Steven McGregor, children’s animated series Yellow Water Billabong and kids series The Barrumbi Kids with Ambience Entertainment.

“I have found my voice and I have a strong team of people around me,” she tells If. She credits Screen Australia’s Indigenous department, originally headed by Wal Saunders, followed by Sally Riley and now Penny Smallacombe,
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Damion Hunter epitomises the struggles of the journeyman actor

Damion Hunter in ‘Last Ark.’

For every actor who works consistently and achieves varying degrees of success in the screen industry, there are many more, like Damion Hunter.

Since graduating from Waapa in 1995 and Nida in 1998, the Indigenous actor has appeared in episodes of numerous series including Harrow, Redfern Now, Supernova, Farscape and All Saints as well as the miniseries Devil’s Dust and movies Wyrmwood and Around the Block.

Not enough, however, to sustain a viable career, so he retrained as a high school teacher in 2012 after working as a teacher’s aide in 2009.

He now teaches English and history at a college near his home in the Northern Rivers of Nsw and he has a sideline as a hip hop artist, but he has not abandoned acting.

His latest role is in Michael Joy’s movie Smoke Between Trees, which stars Tiriel Mora as Mathew Higgins, a middle-class
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Writer-director Beck Cole moves between two worlds

Beck Cole with Tessa Rose on the set of ‘Grace Beside Me’ (Photo credit: Magpie Picture/Julian Panetta).

As a proud woman from Warramungu/Luritja nations filmmaker Beck Cole has worked on numerous Indigenous-themed TV series and documentaries including First Australians, Redfern Now, Grace Beside Me and Black Comedy.

Two years ago she decided to embark on a wider range of projects, a strategy that’s paid off as she has directed two episodes of Fremantle/Foxtel’s Wentworth and is preparing to direct two episodes of Seven Studios’ drama Between Two Worlds.

Later this year she will resume her role as voice director on the third season of Ned Lander Media’s animated series Little J & Big Cuz for Sbs.

Cole and emerging writer/director Samuel Paynter are among eight Indigenous teams from Australia and New Zealand who are making the anthology feature Cook 2020: Our Right of Reply.
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Screen Australia and Nzfc select filmmakers for ‘Cook 2020: Our Right of Reply’

‘Cook 2020: Our Right of Reply’ filmmakers and producers.

Screen Australia and the New Zealand Film Commission (Nzfc) have today announced eight Indigenous teams from Australia and New Zealand who will work on a joint anthology feature, Cook 2020: Our Right of Reply, which will be titled Ngā Pouwhenua in Nz.

Each team will create a short chapter for the feature film, providing an Indigenous perspective on the 250th anniversary of James Cook’s maiden voyage to the Pacific.

Mitchell Stanley (Servant or Slave) from Australia, and Bailey Mackey and Mia Henry-Teirney (Baby Mama’s Club) from New Zealand have been chosen as co-producers. All will attend a residential lab at Shark Island Institute in Kangaroo Valley to develop the film.

Screen Australia head of Indigenous Penny Smallacombe said: “This is a rare opportunity for creative collaboration between Indigenous cultures, from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. I’m inspired
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Shari Sebbens rises to the challenge of ‘The Heights’

(L-r) Shari Sebbens, Calen Tassone, Siria Kickett and Marcus Graham in ‘The Heights’ (Photo: Ben King)

When Shari Sebbens graduated from Nida and Waapa she expected her fair complexion would mean she would be cast mostly as white characters in shows about Indigenous people.

Happily she was wrong. After making her screen debut in Wayne Blair’s 2012 hit The Sapphires she starred in a bunch of series including Redfern Now, The Gods of Wheat Street, 8Mmm Aboriginal Radio and Black Comedy, all true to her cultural identity.

“I think The Sapphires confused the hell out of everybody as they thought, ‘She looks white but she says she’s Aboriginal,’ she tells If. “It’s something our community has known since colonisation: our people come in very different shades. I call it the Fifty Shades of Black.”

The actress will next be seen in the Matchbox Pictures/For Pete’s Sake Productions 30-episode drama serial The Heights,
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Hollywood executives spark to Leah Purcell’s ‘The Drover’s Wife’ movie

Leah Purcell on stage in The Drover’s Wife (Photo credit: Belvoir)

Leah Purcell aims to start shooting the feature film adaptation of her play ‘The Drover’s Wife’ next September after pitching the project to major players in Hollywood.

Purcell and her producing partner Bain Stewart met with a raft of executives including reps of Fox Searchlight, Endeavour Content, Netflix’s film and television divisions and Amazon Prime on a visit to La as part of Screen Australia’s Talent USA initiative marking 25 years of Indigenous screen production.

Stewart and Purcell’s Oombarra Productions, who will produce with Bunya ProductionsDavid Jowsey and Greer Simpkin and Monumental PicturesAlison Owen, are looking to cover a significant gap in the budget of The Drovers Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson from Us-based financiers.

“Screen Australia gave us the perfect entrée for key meetings,” Stewart tells If. “There was a lot
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Indigenous screen delegation bound for Los Angeles

Leah Purcell and Warwick Thornton.

Warwick Thornton, Leah Purcell, Ivan Sen, Steven McGregor, Erica Glynn, Danielle Maclean and Bain Stewart will travel to Los Angeles next month for high-level networking.

The visit by the delegation, which includes David Jowsey, Greer Simpkin and Charlotte Seymour, is an extension of Screen Australia’s Talent USA initiative and coincides with the agency celebrating 25 years of Indigenous screen stories.

The November 5-10 program will focus on setting up business connections for the delegates with Us film and TV industry stakeholders and providing opportunities to learn from established La-based creators and decision-makers.

Participants were selected based on their international success and/or having established interest in the Us.

“It is fantastic to be able to offer this incredible opportunity to luminaries of our industry, which will assist in opening new doors to expand their already successful careers in the Us market,” said Penny Smallacombe, Screen Australia
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Catriona McKenzie’s new company Dark Horse to be a platform for diverse voices

Catriona McKenzie.

Catriona McKenzie launched her production company Dark Horse last month in part because she feels she’s now in a position to give practitioners from diverse backgrounds a leg up in their careers.

McKenzie has worked extensively as director, including feature film Satellite Boy, which she also wrote and produced, and on series such as Tidelands, Harrow, The Warriors, Dance Academy, The Circuit, Redfern Now and The Gods of Wheat Street, as well ABC iview’s Kiki and Kitty and Wrong Kind Of Black.

She is also the first Indigenous Australian woman to direct series television in the Us, having recently worked on Shadowhunters for Freeform, and is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

While McKenzie already has several projects on her slate, Dark Horse won’t just be a vehicle for her own work. Rather, she tells If she feels she’s now at stage
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Catriona McKenzie to shoot Nakkiah Lui’s iview comedy series ‘Kiki & Kitty'

Nakkiah Lui..

Shooting has kicked off in Sydney on Porchlight Films' comedy series.Kiki & Kitty.

The absurdist series is the brainchild of writer-actor Nakkiah Lui (Black Comedy), who is working with producers Liz Watts and Sylvia Warmer. .

Produced for ABC iview, the 6 x 10 minute series will be directed by Catriona McKenzie (Shadow Hunters, Satellite Boy, Redfern Now).

The series follows .the trials and tribulations of Kiki, the good black girl in a bad white world, who stumbles across her vagina in the personification of Kitty and realises there is a lot more to life than she thought..

Elaine Crombie (Black Comedy, Redfern Now) stars as Kitty, and comes to the series.from Lui.s recent Malthouse Theatre Company show Blaque Showgirls. Kiki & Kitty also stars Christine Anu, Tessa Rose, Lisa Flanagan, Ryan Johnson and Rob Carlton..

Kiki & Kitty has been commissioned by ABC Indigenous and financed through Screen Australia.s Multiplatform Fund.
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Screen Australia backs new projects from Jocelyn Moorhouse, Leah Purcell

Leah Purcell at Sydney's Belvoir Theatre. (Photo credit: Anthony Johnson).

Projects from the likes of Jocelyn Moorhouse, Leah Purcell, Vicki Madden, Rachel Perkins, Luke Davies, Sophie Hyde, Nicholas Verso, Abe Forsythe, Craig Silvey and Corrie Chen have received development funding from Screen Australia.

.This round of development funding reflects the vibrancy of the story landscape in Australia with thrillers and romance, crime and comedies, sports dramas and musicals,. said Screen Australia's Senior Development Manager Nerida Moore..

.We have projects from both seasoned storytellers and an exciting group of up-and-coming talents. And we are also seeing a greater mix of platforms from traditional features and high-end television to the ever-growing online drama and narrative Vr spaces..

Among the projects funded, which include 24 features, five online series and two "high-end" television projects, are:

Tasmanian-set gothic crime show The Gloaming, created and written by The Kettering Incident's Vicki Madden, who will produce
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Children’s series ‘Grace Beside Me’ marks a first for Nitv

Grace Beside Me..

Nitv has commissioned its first ever scripted live-action series, Grace Beside Me.

Adapted from the novel by Sue McPherson, the 13 x 26 series — pitched as .the story of an extraordinary girl trying to lead an ordinary life" — is produced by Magpie Pictures, with investment from Screen Australia.s Indigenous Department, Screen Queensland, the ABC, as well as assistance from Screen Nsw.

Aimed at 8-12 year olds, Grace Beside Me follows Fuzzy Mac, a 13-year-old who discovers she can see ghosts and spirits. However, all she wants to do is fit in, as it.s .hard enough navigating the highs and lows of becoming a teenager while living with your eccentric Nan and Pop, without also having to deal with needy ghosts, mischievous totems and cantankerous Ancestors..

Mac is said to have .one foot in the Indigenous realm of culture, Country — and spirits — and the other firmly planted in
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Catriona McKenzie appointed to Nsw Film and TV Industry Advisory Committee

Catriona McKenzie (Photo: James Croucher)..

Nsw Minister for the Arts Troy Grant has appointed Indigenous writer-director Catriona McKenzie to the Nsw Film and Television Industry Advisory Committee for a three-year term.

The committee acts as an independent body. Its role is to advise the Minister on the operation of the film and television industry and provide advice to the department through Screen Nsw.

McKenzie will replace Sue Murray, who has served on the committee since July 2014 and was formerly a member of the board of the Nsw Film and Television Office (2011 — 2014).

McKenzie.s credits include the feature Satellite Boy, which she both wrote and directed. She has also directed episodes of Dance Academy, My Place and Satisfaction, and was the set-up director on The Circuit, Ran: Remote Area Nurse, Camp, Redfern Now and The Gods of Wheat Street.

McKenzie completed a director.s attachment on Alien: Covenant with Ridley Scott
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'Cleverman' takes on five Indigenous interns for second season


Mia Boe at work in 'Cleverman''s art department.

Five emerging Indigenous screen practitioners have gained paid internships on the second season of ABC/SundanceTV's Cleverman, currently shooting in Sydney.

Screen Australia.s Indigenous department, Screen Nsw and Goalpost Pictures and Pukeko Pictures (the producers of Cleverman) have supported the five placements.

The interns are:

Daniel Collins, originally from the Tiwi Islands and now based in Nsw, who is working alongside Cleverman's producers; Mia Boe, from Nsw (Newtown), who is working in the Art Department under acclaimed Indigenous Production Designer Jacob Nash (Bangarra Dance Theatre); Ebony Jessup from Nsw (Yamba), who is working within the make up team headed by Kath Brown (I, Frankenstein, The Hobbit); Joel Brown, from South Australia (Huntfield Heights), is working as a 1st Ad attachment to John Martin (Redfern Now, Rake);. Petris Torres, from Western Australia (Broome), will be working out of Peter Jackson
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Netflix to co-produce second season of Glitch with the ABC, Matchbox


The second season of.Glitch will be co-produced by the ABC, Matchbox and Netflix.—.making it the closest thing to a Netflix Original produced locally..

The first season of the zombie drama streams on Netflix Oz and debuted on Netflix U.S. last week (October 15).

According to Chris Oliver-Taylor, MD of Matchbox Pictures and the show's Ep, "Glitch was something that Netflix were interested in very early as a result of the quality of series one."

"Matchbox always tries to produce programs that work for an international audience. The international deal was reasonably simple to construct; the more complicated piece of the puzzle was working with Netflix, NBCUniversal and the ABC to work out the local Australian arrangements, working through windowing and how to manage on-demand."

Oliver-Taylor is excited about what the deal might mean for the local sector.

"We think that by bringing on Netflix to be a
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Shooting underway on The Warriors, the ABC’s new Indigenous comedy drama

The Warriors.

Filming has started in Melbourne on The Warriors, an eight-part Indigenous comedy drama for the ABC.

Lisa McCune, John Howard and Vince Colosimo will star alongside a cast of emerging Indigenous actors.

The Warriors, which explores the world of Aussie Rules, is the brainchild of Tony Briggs (The Sapphires) and Robert Connolly (Paper Planes, Barracuda).

The series has been exclusively written and directed by Indigenous Australians, including Jon Bell (Cleverman), Briggs and newcomer Tracey Rigney..

Directors include Adrian Russell Wills (Wentworth), Beck Cole (Black Comedy), Steven McGregor (Croker Island Exodus, Redfern Now), Catriona McKenzie (The Circuit, Redfern Now and The Gods of Wheat Street)..

Producers are Connolly, John Harvey and Liz Kearney, and Justin Monjo is story producer.

The Warriors follows two new Afl recruits - plucked from obscurity into fame and fortune - and two established players, who have been thrown together into a share house in Melbourne.
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First Contact to return to Sbs in November

First Contact. Sbs.s First Contact will return for a new season this November, hosted again by Ray Martin.

Reconciliation Australia has found that six out of 10 Australians have had little or no contact with the nation.s first people.

The first season of First Contact generated headlines and debate in 2014 when Martin took six Australians into Aboriginal Australia for the first time.

This year, Martin takes a group of six well-known Australians with diverse, deeply entrenched preconceptions and opinions about the nation.s Indigenous people on the same journey.

They include Natalie Imbruglia, former One Nation politician David Oldfield, Ian .Dicko. Dickson, Tom Ballard, Former Miss Universe Australia Renae Ayris and Nicki Wendt.

The show has been produced by Blackfella Films (Deep Water, Redfern Now, Mabo) in association with Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Sbs.


.First Contact season one gave Australians the chance to gain greater understanding and insight
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Sbs to air Deep Water doco on October 16

Deep Water.—.The Real Story..

Alongside its drama series of the same name, Sbs will air feature documentary Deep Water — The Real Story in mid-October.

The film, directed by Amanda Blue (Prescott: The Class System and Me, Young Black Farmers, After The Wave) examines a spate of gay-hate crimes that occurred around Sydney.s coastline in the 80s and 90s. Gang assaults were carried out on cliffs around the city, and mysterious deaths officially recorded as .suicide., .disappearance. and .misadventure..

The documentary examines individual stories through first person interviews and detailed re-enactments in an attempt to piece together the facts of these unsolved cases.

Sbs has angled Deep Water as its first .cross-genre, cross-platform event., with the drama series and documentary also complemented by an online interactive hub that looks at each of the 30 unresolved deaths. –... Read about If.s visit to the set of Deep Water.(the show). Deep
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