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Chalky White: Know who I am tonight?

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: What's that supposed to mean?

Chalky White: Had some trouble last time.

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: What do you want, Chalky?

Chalky White: Got cash behind me. I'm gonna cut you proper. Connections in the circuit: New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City. I bring the acts in. I guarantee it.

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: I don't know what you're talking about.

Chalky White: A club. On the Boardwalk where Babette's used to was.

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: A Negro club?

Chalky White: Black on stage, white in the house. They doin' it in Harlem. Packin' 'em in till the small hours.

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: This isn't Harlem.

Chalky White: Ain't Japan neither. But there's a big hope out there, money to be made. I know it in my bones, Nucky. And I's set to do it right. Ain't gonna be no juke joint with barrelhouse comin' out. This here gonna be elegant. Tuxedos and "chandelabras"...

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: Chandeliers.

Chalky White: I ain't got to spell 'em, just pay for 'em. Nobody want to see that wreck out there and nobody wanna be reminded what happened. This an opportunity, a chance for this town...

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: There's a dividing line. There's a line and you know that.

Chalky White: That line can move.

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: Chalky, I have other things on my mind right now.

Chalky White: All you gotta do it say yes. I take care of the rest.

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: [firmly] I just told you how it is. Why is that hard to understand?

[long pause; Chalky stands up and buttons his jacket, visibly upset]

Chalky White: You ain't the only one be thinkin'.

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Agent Stan Sawicki: A man, a plan, a canal, panama.

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: What are you yammering about?

Agent Stan Sawicki: It's a palindrome.

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: A what?

Agent Stan Sawicki: A word or phrase spelled exactly the same backwards or forwards. Like "mom".

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: Or imbecile.

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Margaret Thompson: What's St. Louis like?

Owen Slater: I haven't a clue. But Emmet's a mate from years back. He'll set us on our feet. And if it doesn't suit us, we'll...

Margaret Thompson: [smiles weakly] We'll live among the Indians.

Owen Slater: Aye. Or give it a go, at least.

Margaret Thompson: And Katy?

Owen Slater: I'll leave one morning, tell her something that sounds convincing, and she'll never see me again.

Margaret Thompson: Are you lying to me now?

Owen Slater: Why are you asking that?

Margaret Thompson: Because I need to know.

Owen Slater: You don't trust me?

Margaret Thompson: Tell me you're different from *him*.

Owen Slater: Those would just be words.

Margaret Thompson: Then what do I have to go on?

[Owen leans in for a kiss; Margaret puts a hand up to stop him]

Margaret Thompson: I'm pregnant. It's yours. You can do as you choose. Plans or no, I won't hold you to them. But say what you want, as long as it's the truth.

Owen Slater: The truth?


Owen Slater: Well, I'd like it to be a boy.

[Door opens, and Mickey Doyle walks in]

Mickey Doyle: Nucky's looking for you.

Owen Slater: [stands up, looks back at Margaret for the last time] Mrs. Thompson.

Margaret Thompson: Mr. Slater.

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Gyp Rosetti: Every bottle accounted for tonight. That's 1200 cases, 24 bottles per. That's 28,800 bottles. See? That's math. That's useful. That's what my father used on account he laid bricks. Built churches, bridges. Came home at night, he smelled like sweat, not fish. Broke his back, dead at 50. Layin' around in a fuckin' boat, he would have seen 100. But not him. Not fuckin' him. Not like your father. Right, Franco?

[cut to Franco, buried up to his neck in the sand, the tide slowly coming in]

Franco: Please, Mr. Rosetti. I'm a f... I'm a fucking idiot. I'm sorry. Please. Tonino! For the love of Christ!

Tonino Sandrelli: Gyp, Gyp, he's my mother's brother's kid. He didn't mean no disrespect, he's just a fucking know-it-all. Break his legs, anything. Not this. Please, I'm begging you. Gyp... he's my blood.

[Gyp walks over to Tonino and puts an arm around his shoulders]

Gyp Rosetti: Fuckin' family, right?

Tonino Sandrelli: Yeah, you know how it is.

Gyp Rosetti: Hey! You're a lucky fella, Franco.

[turns to his henchman, who is holding a shovel]

Gyp Rosetti: Give me that.

[henchman tosses Gyp the shovel; Gyp walks back over to Franco]

Gyp Rosetti: [to Tonino] Because I respect you.

[Gyp turns to Franco and violently bashes his skull in with the shovel, killing him]

Gyp Rosetti: Whew!

[drops the shovel and goes back to Tonino]

Gyp Rosetti: You owe me.

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Arnold Rothstein: [to Luciano] We're on the verge of a war, Charle. You heard it yourself. Nucky Thompson's about to move on Joe Masseria, and until such time as one of them is dead, it would be unwise to venture into any new years.

Meyer Lansky: What if the deal won't wait.

Arnold Rothstein: A deal will always wait, and a fool will always rush in.

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