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Season 3

25 Feb. 2014
I'm Excited Too!
Janet gets in touch from New York. She tells Laura that she has found somebody else and is contemplating a divorce, even sending an estate agent to have the house valued. Laura tries to reconcile her parents but in vain as Janet informs her that she is staying in New York but will provide Laura with a flat. Jamie and his parents are evicted and move into a mobile home which tilts a lot. Jamie then announces that he is quitting school to find work and move into the flat with Laura whilst Beth makes it clear to Mike that she has no desire to keep in touch after their ...
4 Mar. 2014
Tinker, Tailor, Lobster
Unsuccessful at the Job Centre Jamie is employed by painter and decorator Dave. Jamie is not really very good but the fact that Dave strips him down to a tiny pair of very tight cut-offs and makes him bend over a lot brings in the money from the delighted housewives and he is soon ringing Laura to suggest they put down a deposit for a flat. This is music to her ears as she is fed up with sharing with Alan who, with his extremely young girlfriend, keeps her and the baby awake with their loud music and love-making. Meanwhile Keith is singularly unsuccessful in trying to...
11 Mar. 2014
A Proper Little Family
Laura and Jamie are shown a number of flats by estate agent Isabel but disagree over what they want. Isabel is attracted to Jamie and sides with him so Laura chooses a flat behind Jamie's back. Mike meets a new girlfriend Lorraine, whose father Terry employs him in his rather mysterious sports shop. In fact the items for sale are contraband cigarettes and Beth tells the police, thus ending the romance. Keith gets the job of assistant manager on the site but when he and Sandra are invited to tea by snobbish Hester and pretend to be tourists to impress her Sandra blocks...
18 Mar. 2014
Ignore the Monkey
Jamie is not pleased that Laura has moved into the flat. Laura is not pleased that he is dating Isabel and confronts her. However Isabel points out that Laura seemingly has no further interest in Jamie and should move on. Laura goes to see Jamie but they fail to connect. Meanwhile Danielle sleeps with her tutor to get good grades and then dumps him whilst Beth, despite resisting Mike's company, needs his help to get rid of an unwanted lesbian admirer.
25 Mar. 2014
Enchanted Picnic
Jamie is finding Isabel clingy and juvenile, throwing a tantrum when he criticizes her fairy tale themed 'enchanted picnic'. She persuades Jamie to bring Mike on a double date with the attractive Nicola but Mike is more preoccupied with Beth who, having fallen for hunky fund raiser Ben, is collecting money for a refuge purely to impress him. At a slave auction Beth is appalled to find that the fund raising is based on sex appeal but Mike saves her from humiliation. Laura is finding Janet an even more annoying flat-mate than Alan and both Laura and her father are very ...
25 Mar. 2014
Kiss for the Camera
Laura prepares for Emily's first birthday but can do without her mother being depressed that Alan is planning to marry Sally. However when Alan visits Sally her teen-aged son Luke explains that he is but one of many men she has dated to help with Luke and Alan makes a swift exit. Sandra's sister Evelyn arrives at the caravan park to offer money if Keith will resign his job and look for a house. The Princes are initially tempted until Keith finds out the lucrative practice of disposing of the corpses of elderly residents who have died of hypothermia. At the birthday ...

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