Small Town Security Poster

(2012– )

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Season 3

6 May 2014
Someone's Got the Meatball
Dennis creates a new training tape for JJK. Joan decides to capitalize on the Speecy Spicy Meatball. Irwin shows off his storage room..
13 May 2014
The Dragon Takes Flight
After having his breasts removed, Dennis is ready to begin dating and enlists the help of his friend Sherry Dee Allen, who paints a mural on his wall to give his living quarters a woman's touch. Sherri and Dennis also go on a practice date, where she steers him away from topics like roughage and a "loose" relationship, and he reiterates he's still in love with Joan. Separately, Brian and Christa help Dennis set up an online dating profile so he can meet women, but before an online date, he rushes to make Joan lunch, get her a Popsicle and start her foot bath. He and ...
20 May 2014
Lambchop's Last Bite
JJK gets a muddy gig while Irwin devotes his time to a group of rough young ladies. Chief deals with the loss of her greatest love.
27 May 2014
Heady Times Part 1
JJK loses a big client and Irwin works to ensure guard loyalty. Joan struggles with her health and her local cable access show.
3 Jun. 2014
Heady Times Part 2
Joan gets a shocking diagnosis that comes with some tough side effects. Brian and Dennis land a geeky gig while Christa does some dirty work.
10 Jun. 2014
Watch Dogs
Dennis hosts iconic McGruff the Crime Dog. Joan begins radiation with no desire to relax. When JJK cuts Christa's hours, she takes on some odd jobs.
17 Jun. 2014
The Belly of the Beast
Dennis leads guards on a training mission overnight in a cave. Brian coaches Joan through rapid detox from bad diet habits as her recovery continues.
24 Jun. 2014
Hail to the Chief
Irwin de-stresses while Joan convalesces in L.A. Dennis reveals his biggest shocker yet about Joan. The gang celebrates JJK's 30th Anniversary.

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