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Boss Clinch
dalydj-918-25517513 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Emma's grandfather may be dying because of her. When her mother gets back from visiting her they have it out with the two getting into a fist fight ending with Meredith falling on the ground. The office of Kane is then searched by the feds who maybe had some incriminating evidence. The final place for everyone to look is the office of Kane. So he brings in his two closest people in to help him make the town better. In the elevator Mona talks to her old co-workers who try to warn her about the mistake she made joining Kane. Emma is also looked in her bedroom by her mother. Meredith then meets with a man who may be able to help the town of Chicago due to her own idea her husband supports. Ian outside of the mayor's office is good when asked by an interviewer as he knows the right things to say. Zajac is on the new campaign trail separate from Kane and he seems to be cruel as he leaves people he knows in the dust. If Kane goes own he will take anybody with him including a close worker of his. Meredith is now using her skills to get people to talk to maybe to save the city of Chicago. This news reporter is getting closer and closer as he now gets a new witness in the case of Kane. Kitty learns that he slept with someone his office then getting fired after. This new women who says she slept with Zajac might not be believed but who really knows. Darius is has having issues with Trey and he has till the end of the week to get the money. Kitty does not want to run with the story she is forced to as it might be best for the campaign. Kane makes a letter to send to someone not in the office. Sam tells Kitty that he knows about the brain disease. Sam really is a mean guy and seems to be using everyone as a way to expose Kane. Daruis pulls a gun on a man he try's to use as help but ends up shooting him which was a bad move on his part. Walsh wakes up but beside her is a dead Tina. Everyone starts to ask the questions why Walsh had the girl in her bed. Ian comes to rescue Emma and all she can do is make love to him while she tells him about the brain disease. Kane decides to go ahead with the Casino because he now has the support. Kane thanks Mona mostly which does not make her the most happy. When Mona talks to Kane about what they did she gets fired by him. When Kitty gets to her home she is taken away by some mysterious men. Nice episode and with only one episode left I wonder how they will end the season.

EPISODE GRADE: C+ (MVP: Kathleen Robertson)
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