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  • The press becomes increasingly hostile as Daniel's release approaches; Emily discovers a photograph that leads to her to one of her father's allies before his death.

  • Finally acquitted, Daniel not only prepares to marry Emily, but also becomes Grayson Global's new boss when father Conrad, whom he naively and publicly believes innocent, has to step aside during an SEC investigation instigated by vindictive Victoria. Charlote breaks up with Declan, whose tuition is however paid on by Nolan, and is expelled after Declan reports her drug abuse. A picture Charlotte found hidden by Viktoria of David in jail sets Emily on the trail of her father's last journal. Nolan fails to hide it and is made to admit his own last secret, having been raised by aunt Carole Miller after his family was wrecked by the Graysons for trying to save David.


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  • Open with Emily talking, in voice-over, about absolution as she stands alone over her father's grave. She leaves a single rose on the metal plaque marking his resting place before she leaves.

    We then see some news reports about Daniel's trial, which is being called a "Trial of the Decade" candidate. A crowd of protesters accusing Daniel of being part of the 1 percent voice their disbelief about the 11th hour confession and suicide that could exonerate the Graysons' heir.

    Jack warns Declan about the Graysons knowing he lied on the stand.

    Conrad and Victoria bicker about Dominick.

    Emily goes to check on Charlie in her room. Charlie has been doing research about her father, David Clarke, and has a number of articles and photos spread out on her bed. She's found a picture of David in the prison yard, taken on the day he died. Emily and Charlie both think he looks scared, and we can see he's writing something in a journal that does not look like the anything inside the "infinity" box, a.k.a the Revenge Chest.

    Emily calls Nolan with news that there must be a missing journal. She catches him pulling it out of a safe. He says he was honoring David's wishes by not giving it to her.

    Emily reads the journal. He's talking about people plotting his execution as he gets closer to the truth. He writes something about a "CM" who is bringing him information he needs moments before being stabbed by a guard. Emily looks up CM in the Grayson company database and finds an employee named Carole Lynn Miller who died ten years earlier.

    Noland assures Jack that Declan should be fine.

    Charlie is still getting prescription drugs from Adam. Declan stops by wanting to talk to her but she blows him off.

    Emily is looking into Miller's death when Jack drops by. He asks her about the Graysons and whether it's smart to marry into the family. Daniel calls with news: the charges have been dropped.

    Victoria meets with an SEC agent and asks for full immunity in exchange for information about a domestic terrorist. He's going to check on what he can offer.

    Emily meets Daniel and they leave prison together. Back at home he's greeted by his parents. Daniel is still getting killed in the press, which shows that public opinion very much against him. The plan is to make a huge PR push. Ashley tells Victoria she's been offered a position by Brooks, but Victoria asks her to hang around to serve as media liaison until Daniel's interviews are figured out. As Ashley walks away Victoria wears her telltale menacing smile.

    Emily breaks into the hospital and looks at Miller's records. She calls the doctor of record, who says he had a Carole Thomas with a similar background, but says she is very much alive.

    Emily goes to see Miller, flashing a Homeland Security badge. Miller was a secretary with Conrad's company. She pulls a shotgun on Emily and we find out this is Nolan's aunt. He tells Miller who Emily really is.

    Miller investigated the Grayson's company, ultimately finding out David Clark was innocent. An investigator saved her life by helping fake her death. She recalls a white-haired man whose name she doesn't know, who met with Conrad a number times near the plane crash. Emily doesn't seems upset with Nolan for concealing his family, saying she would have done the same.

    Jack confronts Daniel along, and reveals he was the one who dragged Tyler's body up the beach and tells him about the hoodie. He thinks Daniel owes it to Emily to ignore what his parents may be up to.

    Declan tells the school about Charlie's drugs, which they find in her locker. She threatens to have her father pull his tuition.

    Brooks tells Ashley that her job offer has been pulled. Based on Victoria's suggestion he looked into her background and found out she leaked the picture of Daniel. Brooks explains that he already has problems trusting his clients, and he can't surround himself with employees he can't trust.

    Conrad gets word that the SEC has raided his company.

    Emily wonders if this interview is an opportunity for Daniel to come clean and separate himself from his family.

    Conrad tells Daniel what is happening with their family and Grayson Global while, thanks to a bug in his office, Emily listens in from a remote location. Conrad tells him about Victoria paying somebody to beat him up in prison. He then asks if he's ready to take on his role as the family heir. When Daniel agrees, he tells his son to shut his office doors. Conrad then opens up about everything, starting with David Clarke.

    Victoria's found out about Charlie's suspension and the drugs. She wants to help her daughter. Victoria sees the picture of David Clarke that Charlie stole from her.

    Before the interview Emily again advises Daniel to come clean. Victoria drops by and takes a couple of shots at Emily. Daniel asks Victoria about the circumstances that led to him being released from prison and placed under house arrest. Before she can answer his interview begins.

    Daniel tells the interviewer he understands why people were so upset with him. She brings up the SEC investigation of the Grayson company. As Emily looks on from off camera, Daniel says that his father is the victim of a witch hunt, and he stands by him as a father and business partner.

    After the interview Conrad offers Ashley a job at Grayson Global, sealing the deal with the gift of a luxury car.

    Declan's tuition has been pulled. Nolan steps in to pay his tuition instead.

    Victoria takes Charlie to David Clarke's resting place. Victoria tells her daughter that David Clarke was a good man, and because of him she loves Charlie even more. Then they spot the still relatively fresh rose on David Clarke's grave, indicating somebody has been there recently.

    Emily tells Nolan about Conrad confessing everything to Daniel before the interview. She says she's still going to marry him, then she's going to track the people who killed her father and kill them.

    In one of the Treadwell videos Emily spots the white-haired man. She recognizes him as the man who killed her father.

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