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Channing Tatum is too good looking to be in Ghostbusters

Anghus Houvouras thinks Channing Tatum is too good looking to be in Ghostbusters

I know you’re thinking the same thing. You knew it was wrong he minute you heard that Sony is planning a combined Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe and bringing in Channing Tatum for the lead role. Channing Tatum; the most beautiful man in the world. Chisled from granite with the steely eyed gaze that could launch a thousand spontaneous orgasms. This beautiful deity who walks among mortal men. This is who they chose to be the new face of the Ghostbusters franchise.


By now, you know how I feel about the franchise fracking that’s going on in Hollywood right now. Ghostbusters has become the latest bet Sony is willing to place a few hundred million dollars on, and they’re banking on Channing Tatum for the win. I like Tatum. I think he’s adequate in
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2013 Coney Island Film Festival: Official Lineup

It’s lucky 13 for the fun and fabulous Coney Island Film Festival! That’s right, 2013 will see the 13th annual edition of this New York City staple that combines the fine art of filmmaking with the rambunctious art of sideshow performing on Sept. 20-22.

The fest opens on the 20th with the documentary More Than the Rainbow, a profile of Matt Weber, an NYC cab driver who moonlights as an art photographer. The film is directed by Dan Wechsler.

Other docs screening at the fest include the uplifting tale of A Clown’s Recovery, directed by Matthew Broomfield; the sports drama of One Wall: Kings of Coney Island, directed by Joe Glickman; the profile of a Coney Island legend in The Commander in Chief, directed by Jim McDonnell; the struggle of Bending Steel, directed by Dave Carroll; and World Circus, directed by Angela Snow.

But, there are also fiction films in the mix,
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