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Season 1

4 Sep. 2011
Welcome Pom Pom/Pom Pom Goes to Rainbow Hill/Pom Pom the Hero
Pom Pom is created out of wooden blocks. Pom Pom and May enter the world of Rainbow Hill. Pom Pom helps Yellow Sheep gain confidence and helps save all seven Sheep Brothers from a flood.
11 Sep. 2011
Unusual Weather/Where's Wilma?/When the Wind Blows
A paint spill confuses the Four Season Tree. Pom Pom and May help Kiki search for her friend, Wilma. Shooting Star House teaches Pom Pom, May and Chuck about the wind.
18 Sep. 2011
Let's Eat Right/Things in the Night/The Brave Sheep
Pink Sheep gets a toothache from eating too many sweets from the Candy Garden./On a camp out, Pom Pom must learn to deal with being afraid of the dark./The seven Sheep Brothers are very impressed by Napoleon Sheep and his tales of bravery. But, it's Pom Pom who comes to the rescue when the Wolf arrives.
25 Sep. 2011
The Giggles/The Songbird/A Ticket to the Circus
When Kiki ignores Ms. Green's warning about an unusual box on a shelf, everyone gets a bad case of the 'giggles' and can't stop./Sonata, the song bird, is everyone's favorite for music - until a musical mechanical bird comes along./Pom Pom, May and the kids of Rainbow Hill (except Derek) are thrilled to earn tickets to the circus by helping Ms. Green with chores.
2 Oct. 2011
May's Bad Day/Promises, Promises/A Real Mess
May, the cat is having a very bad day. Pom Pom helps May learn to find things to smile about.Benny, a trumpet playing dog, offers to help Purple Sheep with his 'sheep watching' chores, if he will give Benny wool to make a warm coat.Derek has a hard time finding things in his messy house. When he can't find the Wolf-alarm bell one day, Pom Pom must be the hero.
9 Oct. 2011
The Broken Blossom/The Talent Show/A Pet for Pom Pom
Melissa feels very sad when favorite flower is accidentally broken and can't be repaired. Pom Pom help Melissa with the loss of her flower friend./There's a talent show on Rainbow Hill. Pom Pom feels that everyone has a talent, except him./Pom Pom helps take care of Piccolo, a puppy visiting Ms. Green.
16 Oct. 2011
Words and Music/Heroes Big and Small/Top to Bottom
Sunflower sometimes forgets to listen to others and to share. Pom Pom helps her learn to let others have a turn./Chuck admires Pom Pom and wants to be just like him./Derek and Meghan become convinced that the world is going to turn upside down. Pom Pom and the others panic, until Melissa figures things out.
23 Oct. 2011
Derek the Detective/A Wise Decision/The Egg
Derek impresses Pom Pom and the others with his ability to figure out mysteries, just like a detective./Pom Pom helps the seven Sheep Brothers compromise./Derek finds an egg near the stream and tries to guess what kind of animal will hatch from it.
30 Oct. 2011
The Moon's a Balloon/Pom Pom's New Friend/The Big Mystery
Pom Pom and the kids learn about the moon./Pom Pom and May meet Crash, a little bird who is learning to fly./Because of mysterious muddy footprints all around Rainbow Hill, May convinces Pom Pom and the seven Sheep Brothers that a monster walks among them.
6 Nov. 2011
When I Grow Up/Pom Pom Gets Sick/Spring Time
Melissa and Derek are sure about what they want to be when they grow up. Chuck is not so sure./Everyone is looking forward to a hike and a picnic, but Pom Pom comes down with a cold. His friends take care of him./Pom Pom and the kids learn about spring when the 'Snow Pom Pom' they built starts to shrink.
13 Nov. 2011
My Way or No Way/First and Last/Pom Pom Comes to His Senses
Derek invites the kids to play ball, but then keeps changing the rules of the game. During a game, Purple Sheep learns to take turns. Pom Pom and May have to use all their five senses to find their way back in the fog.
20 Nov. 2011
Pom Pom Carnival/Teddy Bear's Dilemma/Total Waste
Pom Pom, the kids and the seven Sheep Brothers put on a show to cheer up May./Pom Pom and May meet Ted, the Bright Blue Bear. Ted's sunny disposition is challenged when his 'blue' washes away./On a very hot day, Derek accidentally leaves a water hose running. The flowers in the Musical Garden need help, fast.
27 Nov. 2011
The Toy/The Easy Way/A Big, Big, Really Big Job
Meghan disobeys Ms. Green and plays with a toy robot that is not quite complete. The toy escapes and a wild chase begins./It's 'Clean-Up Day' on Rainbow Hill and everyone pitches in. Derek builds a machine to help./Pom Pom, May and the seven Sheep Brothers help Shooting Star House 'spiff up' a little with a new coat of paint.
4 Dec. 2011
Mountain Sheep Meadow Sheep/Bubbles/Pom Pom and May
Blue Sheep and Mountain Sheep decide to swap homes. Mountain Sheep learns to appreciate his old mountain home. Blue Sheep learns that life in the sheep meadow is not so bad./Pom Pom, May and Melissa learn about tadpoles from Shooting Star House./Pom Pom learns that solitude can be a pleasant thing, when May wants to be alone.
11 Dec. 2011
Good Luck Chuck/The Gift/Cloud Sheep
Chuck has no confidence at sports. But, May convinces him her 'lucky leaf' will help him. But, what happens when Chuck loses the leaf?/May makes a special gift for Pom Pom's surprise party./Pink Sheep must get over his fears and help his Sheep Brothers when a big storm comes blowing in.
18 Dec. 2011
Pretty as a Flower/Lost and Found/All for One and One for All
Sunflower thinks that she is dull compared to the spring flowers that are blooming. She decides to spruce up a bit and her friends don't recognize her./During a game of Hide and Seek, Derek hides so well he gets lost./The seven Sheep Brothers work together to gather apples from Apple Tree Hill and to scare off the Wolf.
25 Dec. 2011
Music of the Sheep/The House That Pom Pom Built/Pom Pom Call Home
Purple Sheep learns about rhythm and tone./Pom Pom builds a playhouse for Meghan./Pom Pom flies off to find Wilma, the butterfly, after she is blown away in a storm.
1 Jan. 2012
Pom Pom's Secret Treasure/Winners and Losers/All Together Now
Sunflower talks Pom Pom into secretly going to dig for treasure after she overhears May and Ms. Green./Purple sheep learns how to be a good sport when he loses at a game./Ms. Green's cousin, Mr. Brown is coming to visit. Pom Pom, May and the kids help prepare her house.
8 Jan. 2012
It Isn't Whether You Win or Lose/Sunflower's Big Day Out/Questions and Answers
Red Sheep feels discouraged about competing in the Sheep Hop when he learns Mountain Sheep is also entering./Pom Pom and May help Sunflower to visit her cousin, Lily./Derek thinks he has invented an "Answer Robot" that really works.
15 Jan. 2012
The Best Party/Measuring Up/Nap Time for Meghan
Pom Pom, May and the kids plan a surprise for Meghan./Chuck wants to grow faster and is disappointed when nothing he does seems to work./Meghan doesn't want to take a nap.
22 Jan. 2012
Sheep Bird/Today Is the Day/The Dance
Red Sheep wishes he could fly. When he comes up with a plan to do so, Pom Pom has to save him. Pom Pom learns the names of the days of the week. Everyone except May is excited about the upcoming dance party.
29 Jan. 2012
Let's Put on a Show/Leader of the Band/Trying and Trying
Pom Pom, May and the kids put on a play for the seven Sheep Brothers./Pom Pom and the kids start a band. May offers to be the band leader, but panics because she doesn't know what a band leader does./May gets help from Ms. Green when she decides to make a special meal for Pom Pom.
5 Feb. 2012
A Forgiving Friend/Remembering/One Little Seed
Pom Pom accidentally destroys May's favorite toy. Ms. Green goes on a trip and Pom Pom, May and the kids miss her. Shooting Star House helps them find a way to help them. Derek learns to eat a greater variety of foods.
12 Feb. 2012
A Place to Call Home/Music for Everyone/Let's Make Music
When Crash loses his nest, Pom Pom and May suggest that the little bird come to live with them./Crash wants everyone to sing his new song and only his new song./Chuck's ocarina playing helps calm the group when they get scared on a camping trip.
19 Feb. 2012
Pom Pom Goes to Pieces/The Map/And Then There Were Six
The seven Sheep Brothers and May help Pom Pom look for his missing block./Pom Pom learns about measuring accurately with his friends./During a game, six of the seven Sheep Brothers go missing. Pom Pom and May help Red Sheep solve the mystery.
26 Feb. 2012
One Bird, Two Birds/Sheep Sneezes/The Rainbow
Sonata, the song bird, moves in with Pom Pom and May until the snow melts. She likes it so much that she invites her song bird cousins./Pom Pom and May go on the hunt for the 'bug' that's making the seven Sheep Brothers sick./Pom Pom helps Nimbus, a grumpy little rain cloud, learn to like rainbows.

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