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25 Dec. 2011
Bernhard Benning is a novelist who Schotty finds oddly undisturbed by his Aunt's tragic death. Struggling with writer's block, Benning insists Schotty be unreasonably quiet while cleaning up the death scene.
26 Dec. 2011
While cleaning up a crime scene, the ghost of the murdered psychiatrist appears to Schotty and begins to analyze him.
27 Dec. 2011
Nicht über mein Sofa
It's Schotty's job to clean up a crime scene where a burglar accidentally fell and was killed while trying to rob an elderly lady in her home. As he cleans up the mess, Schotty discovers there may be more to this "cut and dried" case than meets the eye and ends up facing a moral dilemma as he has to decide between a difficult truth and a profitable lie.

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