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phillipimdb28 March 2015
I've never posted a review before.

I'm sick to death of reading reviews from nobodies full of self-aggrandising rubbish of the look-at-me-I'm-so-knowledgeable kind.

When I read IMDb reviews I want to know the answer to one question: is this film worth watching.

Answer: Yes.

Extra comment for people who need more: It is not blade runner nor star wars nor aliens nor any other visually stunning or game changing movie. It was fun to watch as long as you remember it a film for kids. Yes the story is the same basic good fights evil that, um, oh yes, 90% of all movies released in the last 20 years are about. So what. It was entertaining, it was refreshing to see a SciFi film not set in the NewYork or some other major US city. Why should every Alien invasion land on the white house lawn. I liked it. My kids liked it. We were entertained.
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Maintain low expectations
onetogrowon25 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Robot Overlords…I wasn't expecting cinematic wonder, and the attachment of Ms. Anderson and Mr. Kingsley was enough to raise interest, but even the aforementioned talent could not save Robot Overlords.

Truthfully, the acting is acceptable, the special effects, while low budget, are decent and the production, as a whole, has more polish, than a typical "b" movie. It is the "Scooby Do" qualities that sink the show e.g. kids fighting for their lives with fireworks, bad guys are evil, rotten and bad, children save the day etc. etc.

Robot Overlords is much like an adolescent; vacillating between acting as an adult and acting as a child. The result is an awkward film. Other movies have bridged this space, with clever adult subtext and/or humor over their juvenile story. Robot Overlords misses this opportunity, and consequently, fails.

If you and your children are science fiction fans, it could make a movie night but, wait for the dollar rental.
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Better than most films with 10x the budget.
huwbutts12 August 2015
This movie is not amazing. But then again, when was the last time you saw one that was?

Fantastic Four opened just before the the writing of this. With that film being a complete disaster, it saddens me that it gets just about a lower score than Robot Overlords, because the latter is far superior.

What to expect: Good but not incredible CGI (again, far more believable than FF'S The Thing...or anything else in it for that matter...) Good acting: Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson are great, and the kids are surprisingly good too. Good pacing: I didn't get bored at any point. That's quite rare nowadays. A cliché story, kept fresh by the fact that it's British. Personally, I enjoyed this more than The World's End; darn it - I actually felt a little bit invested.

Nothing more to say than that I guess. This is low-budget done right, and I enjoyed it. What more do you want? A cookie?
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A worthwhile Brit Sci-fi pitched at the teen market
s32761693 April 2015
I'm surprised by some of the caustic reviews of Robot Overlords. I can but assume the reviewers missed the memo that explains this film is clearly pitched at a teen audience.

That said, Robot Overlords has enough on offer to prove enjoyable for anyone. Its adopts a softened approach to sci-fi, with the hard core death and destruction found in films like Alien, left on the shelf. What you get instead is a cleverly directed film, that is more reminiscent of Doctor Who or perhaps the Sarah Jane adventures.

The hero is a young teen boy and his friends who, inexplicably, take on an invading army of robots who conquered the armies of earth in short order. The story is not supposed to be taken seriously and instead, represents a fun ride for those willing to accept the limitations imposed, which reflect the ages of the likely target audience.

The acting is good with a strong cast and pretty decent special effects. My advice ignore the negative nellies and give Robot Overlords a go, you won't be disappointed. Seven out of ten from me.
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claudio_carvalho25 October 2015
After eleven days of war, robots from outer space domain the earthlings. People receive implants and are confined inside their houses while collaborators distribute supplies for the families. The teenager Sean Flynn (Callan McAuliffe) misses his father Danny (Steven Mackintosh), who is a pilot, and his mother Kate (Gillian Anderson) is constantly harassed by the collaborator Robin Smythe (Ben Kingsley). One day, Sean, his teenage friends Nathan (James Tarpey) and his sister Alexandra (Ella Hunt) and the orphan boy Connor (Milo Parker) accidentally discover how to turn off the implants for thirteen hours, using a battery with damaged contacts. The leave their house during the curfew to seek out Danny and soon Sean discovers that he has the ability of controlling the robots. Meanwhile Smythe is hunting them down. Will the youngsters succeed in their intent?

"Robot Overlords" is a watchable sci-fi that is sort of Terminator and Transformers franchises entwined in a silly story for teens. The film entertains but despite the names of Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson, it is only reasonable. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Sob o Domínio dos Robôs" ("Under the Domain of the Robots")
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A Must see for all the family?? Really??
abermans25 March 2015
How can someone spend so much time, money and effort (Significant amounts by the look of things), get names such as Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley to join his project and end up with this sad excuse for a sci-fi blockbuster wannabe?

The storyline is stupid beyond anyone (above 3 year old) belief. The dialogues are moving between bad to embarrassingly cheesy. The acting is wooden at best. The CGI is dated. There is very little good to write about it. Dr. Who style? Maybe. How does that suppose to work on the Cinema screen??

Once the storyline was approved, this movie was doomed. If the 1% of the budget would have been spent on the writing, it could have made a huge difference.

This should have gone to video. Don't waste your money!
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watchable low budget teen movie
starman-wa30 October 2015
For some reason this movie reminded me of a Famous Five story - possible because when I started watching it I didn't know it was aimed at a pre-teen to teen audience, however that soon became clear...

Group of kids on an adventure to save humanity from robots that have overrun the Earth and made everyone prisoners in their own homes.

Low budget, but surprisingly good effects and acting, story line that flows well, but not much to it and most of the situations the are not realistic.

I don't really think this one is for the Sci-Fi fans - there's just not enough Sci and too much Fi!

Would appeal to ages 10 to 16 or so, not much of a target audience which is why this film is getting low scores.

I give it 6 because it is good for a low budget movie and deserves more credit than it is getting.
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Great indie sci-fi movie for fans of witty dialogue and over the top adventure (Dr Who basically)
johnbkaramazov1 April 2015
There have been many great injustices in the span of human history - the holocaust, the Irish potato famine, the Spanish conquistador's devastation of the Americas, the Highland Clearances, the Armenian genocide... but none rank so highly as the one and two star reviews of this excellent film.

I just don't see what isn't to like. The script is sharp and witty, the story is pretty simple but gripping and the pace trips along nicely keeping you entertained. Young Milo Parker puts in an absolutely stellar supporting performance as cheeky sidekick Connor, Ben Kingsley camps it up as a bad guy everyone loves to hate. IT'S GOT KILLER ROBOTS, the vfx are creditable for such a relatively small film and look solid.

Probably the least believable thing in the entire film is Gillian Anderson's English accent, and it's got robots flying around English suburbia for goodness sake. Maybe the humour is too British for some people, I don't know? What I do know is that this was a great, mindless hour and a half of my time, I smiled along and cheered at the key moments. There's so much to appreciate about this film, it's a shame some people don't seem to be able to appreciate its successes, instead focussing on what it isn't rather than enjoying it for what it is.

Their loss.

Just give the film a go and make up your own mind. It's really fun and has some great moments. Trust me.
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An easy 90 minutes
barnet-4352728 March 2015
Enjoyed this with the family, totally cheesy and predictable but with a great mainly UK cast of young and old that hits the spot. Quite happy with the world domination theme set somewhere in the future with mind control and Techno robots but also the great use of Tec, mixed in with Northern Ireland & Isle of Man . This film is never going to be The Transformers movies but touches like the use of a Spitfire suggests this one may hold symbolic value for our newly confident film industry. An easy 90 minutes for all the family with Roy Hudd, Gillian Anderson and Sir Ben Kingsley, safe and sound for the holidays and ready for a quick DVD release.
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For fans of old school sci-fi
amesmonde25 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
After eleven days the Robots from space took over Earth, three years later a group of youngsters figure out a way to fight back.

There's a handful of dedicated British actors including Tamer Hassan as Wayne and a cameo from Geraldine James. Sir Ben Kingsley appears as a traitor to the human race with a northern accent and Gillian Anderson stars along side the young lead actors who figure out how to defuse their restraining blots that keep them under home arrest.

Writers Jon Wright and Mark Stay borrow elements from classic film and TV science fiction shows, Matrix and Terminator-like flying machines, giant century robots, Borg space cubes and Stars Wars droid restraints to name a few. Even dogfighting spitfires like in ID4 and Robcop's ED-209 countdowns.

Callan McAuliffe is notable as Sean Flynn who with the help of his friends go looking for his Dad Danny played by Steven Mackintosh. The scope sometimes feels BBC kitsch but Wright offers some nice explosions and special effects. There's a beat pounding score with a Brit location and retro feel reminiscent of a mix of Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965), Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966), The World's End (2013), Lifeforce and 1984.

Hardened scifi fans may want to skip Wrights' bread and butter addition as its derived from many other science fictions. While not as thought provoking as the recent The Machine, as fun as Attack the Block or as good as World's End, it is nicely put together and worth viewing for fans of old school British scifi who may get a restraining jolt buzz from this production.
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Odd and not entirely satisfying
Leofwine_draca7 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
ROBOT OVERLORDS is an odd little B-movie from the UK that feels a bit like an Asylum version of a TRANSFORMERS movie. It's shot in a low budget, on the street way, but it has a number of CGI effects of giant robot oppressors that turn out to be surprisingly good given the limitations. The plot is little more involved than having a bunch of characters running from place to place and striving to avoid the titular menace, and too much of the running time is unfortunately spent with annoying youth characters swapping unfunny jokes. That said, there are also a surprising number of famous faces in support, including a hamming-it-up Ben Kingsley, an out-of-place and uncomfortable Gillian Anderson, as well as Roy Hudd, Tamer Hassan, Geraldine James, and Callan McAuliffe, who these days appears in THE WALKING DEAD.
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toldeanq14 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is such a dumb intelligent and powerful bunch of robots made a transmitter than can get deactivated just by electricity. And second just hear the dumb thing about it...we can not stop Sean interacting with the network because we should stop all the robots. So what??

Dumb Dumb, waste of time, it doesn't even explain why the robots came, an explanation which should made Sean's mom running to the bad guy.

Awful movie. And I'm only taking about the main idea of the movie.

The actors did a poor job at acting. The expressions and fake, it did not real at all realistic.And how about the girl?? Her role was only to kiss the guy in the end? The only character that in my opinion was a good and realistic one was the kid. He really was cool. He was something.

Main idea : Waste of time
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Embracing its Campiness
billygoat107126 March 2015
The title, Robot Overlords, alone already indicates that this is the campiest movie to exist in this generation, too dated that it would be an amusement for today's common moviegoers. It sounds like one of those generic fake films that are typically featured in romcoms or teens movies where it has a scenario in a movie theater, because apparently the production couldn't afford product placing an actual film, or basically just portraying or satirizing what the mass choose to pay for their price admissions. Robot Overlords does sum up with that standard, it's formulaic about its own plot: an evil force, unlikely heroes, a protagonist who has something special inside him which becomes the only hope to save the day. It's a total cliché, but this is one of those where people could shrug them off and see the charm of this little fodder. As a B-movie (for the "Family" genre in particular), it may have one of those corny qualities, but there is an appropriate amount of fun. There's nothing novel about it in the end, but this is a film that intentionally gives you the pleasure to turn off your brain.

Aside of its title, the movie seems totally committed to be this cheesy, but that doesn't let the negativity get in the way. The storyline is totally simple, it never tries to say something deeper or political or something else. Dystopian future movies tend to bring up something thought-provoking, but this film just sticks to the classic saving-the- world premise. And for once, it feels refreshing, specifically for not stopping by providing an overlong sentimental drama or a romantic subplot. The characters are only on a quest where they are often encountering robots, other ridiculous ideas and little twists that don't betray what it has setup. Otherwise, there is nothing actually special about it, but there's a real momentum that makes it easy to watch. When the robots start clashing, it gets too loud, the effects look good enough for a B-movie, bringing a sense of scale for these typically designed machines. but the shining moments are basically when the heroes are finding new discoveries in this world, it's basically just embracing what this should be an adventurous ride.

And just like any generic action film, the hero is the good-looking white guy. There is also a girl (who thankfully isn't mainly designed for love interest, since it totally shoehorned the romantic subplot) and the comic relief best friend. And there is a little kid, and this kid is always curious, because why not? The only interesting character side here is the villain who is attracted with the hero's mother, which brings an intriguing little extra conflict. The acting is B-movie at best; Callan McAuliffe has everything you would ask for a bland protagonist. While Ben Kingsley is delightful as the performance slowly hams it up the more the villain unmasks his true colors.

Robot Overlords might be too lame for this era of an even more convincing and edgier blockbusters. Movies like this would easily be groaned at and we can already see why. And for some reason, the film seems aware of its own trashiness and instead makes a simple fun out of it. Unlike many dumb B-movies out there that doesn't accept its absurdity by glossing it over with gravity that makes no sense until it stops being watchable, this film at least has the joy over its preposterous nature; the hero kids do impossible things, the villain sneers his plans, and they're against giant robots. But again, there's nothing brilliant about it, it never gave us anything meaningful in the end, but it sure is amazing seeing a movie like Robot Overlords that is confident enough to be released in today's blockbuster cinema.
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Don't watch this movie.A total piece of crap
shariful-bony14 August 2015
This is a real piece of crap. Many holes in the plot and the cinematography is as bad as hell.

If your time has a value don't watch this movie. Get names such as Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley isn't enough when there isn't a story

The storyline is stupid beyond anyone (above 4 year old) belief. The dialogs are moving between bad to embarrassingly cheesy.

The acting is so so. The CGI is outdated. There is very little good to write about it.

Totally Disappointed

don't Watch it.
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Holy Poop is this Bad
nathangauthier14 August 2015
Unbelievably bad. Insultingly so. Not camp, or funny, or art house, or anything of the sort, just bad. Bad effects. Horrible plot. Atrocious acting. Etc. Sir Ben, what were you thinking? I saw him on a talk show the other night and wish the host would have asked him about this turd. Embarrassing to everybody involved, including me the viewer. The crux of the movie is that super advanced robots have taken over the world and install chips in the heads of the few remaining humans to keep tabs on them. If people go outside without permission, the robots kill them. That is until some young children figure out that all you have to do to override the chips is to zap them with some low voltage electricity and then you're free to wander around all you want. Really, no government scientist, PhD in electronics, crazy survivalist, etc. had every tried tinkering with the robot control chips before? And then to think that some 6 year old could thwart the super advanced alien race that has already taken over this world and others? And on that note, robots and aliens are different things. Why is this movie about really simple robot aliens w/o any mention of actual aliens? Weak!
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Only Watched This Because of Gillian Anderson
3xHCCH31 March 2015
The whole back story of this British sci-fi family film was summarized in a few frames flashed at the very beginning. "Three years ago... the Robots invaded Earth." "The war lasted just eleven days." Then a strange robotic being with an adult female face, a little boy's body and a disembodied voice declares that they mean Earth no harm. After their study of humanity, they will leave and never come back. They only have one strict rule for the earthlings to follow during their occupation: "Stay indoors!"

The story follows a group of teenagers led by Sean Flynn (Callan McAuliffe) who defy the robots, venturing out of the safety to his home to search for his lost father. Hot in pursuit is the ruthless Robin Smythe (a hammy Ben Kingsley), a human who had allied himself with the aliens. But Smythe is distracted by his attraction to Sean's mother Kate, (and I do not blame him as Kate was played by Gillian Anderson).

When we first saw the trailer for this film, I had no plans to watch it because it looked like a low-budget B-action flick with robots and unknown young actors. Indeed it was juvenile and very old-fashioned sci- fi, like something we could have seen on TV years back. The story could have been interesting, but the execution was not good, even cheesy. The corny title alone is a red flag that this is strictly for young teens, yet even they might find the technological aspects of this film too retro to be cool.

I only watched this film when I found out that Gillian Anderson would be in it. And yes, despite twenty years that passed since she gained me as a fan as Scully in "The X-Files," Ms. Anderson never looked better. She looked so good that it was not believable that she was the mother of McAuliffe. It was just too bad that her role here was too weak and insubstantial to merit her beauty and talent.

I would have rated this film lower, but only because of Gillian Anderson, I will be a little bit more generous and give it a 4/10.
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A fun and enjoyable Brit science fiction movie
sam2146226 March 2015
While there was little in the way of original about the movie it was put together in an entertaining way that kept my attention throughout. Ben Kingsley did a nice job of soft playing his role as it was a character that could have went over the top creepy cliché' in a heartbeat. It was great to see Gillian Anderson and she was convening in the role of the Penelopian wife and mother. She is a timeless beauty and a personal swoon of mine. In all honesty the movie was a six but anything with the wonderful Ms Anderson in it gets an automatic +1 from me. The remainder of the cast did their jobs well and a careful eye will pick out a number of familiar faces scattered amongst very varied scenes. The special effects work was also nicely done. Again, very solid movie who's only flaw is a lack of originality but that may be by intent as the entire film seems to almost be a homage to British filmed science fiction. Why it would not have surprised me at all to have scene the good Doctor Quatermass show up at some point to explain what was happening.
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Snorinator 3
jason2012-142-68732518 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my Goodness was this movie dull. It looks like it had some amount of money thrown at it, but I assure you, every penny was wasted. It's like the kind of movie you would get if you asked a 9 year old boy to come up with a movie idea, and just did exactly everything they wrote.

So, let's put aside the superficial things and focus on the *AHEM* story to begin with.

The intro tells us there has been a war with robots (who just appeared from no-where) and we lost. We don't get to see any of that war, just hear a bunch of screaming and so on, but that's just as well because most of the movie takes place in a town that looks like it hasn't been touched at all. I guess it was a war where we didn't fight all that hard, or launch any nukes. You would think there would be a few burned out cars, craters, and smashed up buildings, but nope, it's like nothing happened at all.

OK, so assuming that unlikely premise, now we find out that every person who is left has had some sort of LED shower faucet illuminater placed just on the side of their heads. The occupation follows the main "rule" of the robots which is that nobody can go out of the house. Its a kind of curfew and we are shown from the markings on the wall that it must have been many months since the robots arrived and imposed it. Even though no-one can go outside, somehow people haven't all starved to death yet or died from the radiation of the melting down nuclear plants, or from lack of water, or disease, all of which would quickly kill a population interred in their own homes all day long. So back to the faucet LED. This thing allows the robots to track where all the humans are at any time, because the giant flaming robot cubes and interstellar robot war fleet is not able to do that on its own. We are shown some "baddies" who have thrown their lot in with the robots, who have the ability to wander around as they please and also turn off robots when they want to. Again, since the robots have already overtaken the whole world, there isn't really a need for those people, but they are necessary for the "story" so whatever.

The "story" focuses on a family of boys trying to find their father. They are able to leave their house after they find out they can de- activate the LED faucets with electricity, (because no-one in the sciences, army or government thought of that yet.)

You would think this would lead them on an exciting adventure through the war-torn streets, encountering the desperate plight of a subjugated people, hiding at every corner from robot planes and the giant walking robots, and trying to basically survive.

No, that doesn't happen, instead, they just wander from implausible plot point to even more implausible plot point, such as an English pub where a boxing match is going on and everyone is drinking and having fun (apparently the don't leave your home curfew doesn't affect beer).It's as if following a happy meal pirate treasure map than trying to survive in occupied territory. Trying to find their lost father in the world's most boring fetch quest. Of course none of these weak children get killed or hurt along the way as they encounter the numerous hyper-advanced robotic forces that defeated everything on Earth in 11 days. Not so much as a plaster was needed because the heroes have impenetrable main character armour.

This isn't really a spoiler to reveal what happens in the end, because I am in fact saving you the 120 minutes or so of your life you would lose from watching this miserable piece of trash.

So, i'm just going to reveal it.

One of the boys has unexplained magic that lets him control robots nearby. He uses this to command the robots to do their "shut down" animation sequence and turn into cubes and boxes. Eventually he is able to destroy the bigger ones, such as the flying fortresses and the cubes, because things like the flying fortress conveniently has a shower LED access point directly on the front prong so he can stand on it and look cool as they play the heroic music in the background. So, through his unexplainable magic he is able to defeat the robots in about 5 minutes that took over the whole of the planet without resistance during 11 days versus all the worlds armies. And yay, everyone's happy because he re-united with his father in the end, who helped out in a world war 1 era plane that was inexplicably impervious to futuristic robot plasma cannons. The robots found it interesting that the boy could capture and control other robot systems, but didn't consider it a high enough priority to send every single robot to exterminate him. I think they put out a memo or something, but by then it was too late.

So, to wrap up the other things:

the music... it's OK I guess.

the special effects... well, I personally know animators who have done better, but its not the worst either. It's not the thing that lets down this movie. They are slightly better than the tripods from the BBC, but only slightly.

The cast.. apparently the woman from x files was in this movie, go figure.

All in all... i would only recommend this if there was no other movie on the planet left to watch, and that includes the ones where Eddie Murphy pretends to be fat people.
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Can't grasp it that someone actually thought about making this movie.
ednk24 August 2018
You can't imagine how bad the acting is. They are trying to be funny in a very bad way. When you have class actors, known for their dramatic movies, don't try to put them in funny, ironic movies. I'm halfway through the movie and the inconsistencies are so bad. Like when Ben Kingsley gets knocked out and still manages to pull out some wires with his hands, while being unconscious. Do the film makers think we are that stupid? Another bad example is when one actor makes a robot scratch his imaginary testicles. And the youngest of them all, the little boy, seems to be the smartest of them all. Bad script writing all over the place.

If you are in for some brainless entertainment, then go for it. The movie would be best viewed for audience between 12 - 16 years old.

I really can't understand why top actors lower themselves to such level. What a waste of money. Not recommended at all.
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Robots in charge
Prismark1024 March 2016
Robot Overloads is a film with an uneven tone aimed at teenagers and harking back to sci fi films of the 1960s. Comparisons have been made to Doctor Who, but that is lazy. The film lacks the warmth and heart of Doctor Who. A more apt comparison was a cheesy 1980s serial, Tripods.

The setting is a planet occupied by Robot invaders who wish to study humans. Humans are confined to their homes, a strict curfew is imposed and monitored by implants in their necks.

A group of kids set out to join the Resistance. One of them has the ability to interface and control the robots. Chasing them is a robot collaborator Mr Smythe (Ben Kingsley) who has the hots for one of the kids mom (Gillian Anderson.)

The film was shot in the Isle of Man and Northern Island. There are some great mountain scenes, the special effects are very good and Kingsley and Anderson lend the film some class.

The story was thin, even cheesy. The tone rather uneven for a film aimed at teenagers. Something never clicked and there were times the film was just drab and dull.
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Pretty disappointing
Wizard-811 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When I discovered a copy of this British movie at my local library, I was intrigued because the British film industry seldom makes movies like this. But upon watching it, I found out why the UK film industry seldom makes movies like this. I will give this to the movie - for what had to have been a limited budget, some of the special effects aren't that bad. Some are actually pretty good. The other parts of the movie do have the feel of a limited budgeted British television drama, though that didn't bother me too much. The main problem with the movie is with its script. I could look past the fact that the story seems to have been greatly inspired by the John Christopher "Tripods" books. But this telling of the same basic theme sorely lacks a lot of explanation. We don't really know how this society works, like how people get food or what they are expected to do imprisoned in their homes. It's also never really explained how one of the youths suddenly gets a connection with the robot invaders. If the movie could have gone into detail about things like those, I think it could have been really interesting. Another problem, though, is that the drama is kind of dull. A few more action sequences could have helped, as well as adding some real convincing emotion and character development during the quieter moments. While the movie is a Hollywood blockbuster wannabe, it falls quite short in its aim, and it isn't surprising that apparently no American distributor felt it was worth releasing to American theaters.
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a great film from the UK
d-reed810 April 2015
can/t understand why this film has a low score its got everything a good film needs a good storyline (most importantly the characters are believe able you can understand the plot )it goes along at a steady pace its not too slow, its aimed at the longer generation but grown ups will enjoy it too, its got some funny moments that make you chuckle and the special effects don't overshadow the scenes. After watching the film i can only say that IF the film had been made in Hollywood it would have a cast of A list stars and more special effects and CGI than Any Star wars film which may have made pots of money for some one but it may not have been so enjoyable
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Hated every picosecond
morganstephens51221 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the biggest piles of awfulness I had ever seen. And that is really saying a lot considering how many terrible movies I have had to suffer through in the last couple years. The only one percent redeeming factor in this was Ben Kingsley, who got killed off in the end (for no good reason I will add). The plot makes less sense than something a two year old would write and you can hardly watch more than a second before you want to shot whoever made this. Not only did I hate every picosecond of this, but every picosecond got worse than the last one through to the point where I wanted to vomit all over my floor. The effects would have been amazing say in cave men days but are laughable today. And the romance (yes there is some) is so bad that there is no lead in to any of it and makes the romance in Birdemic looked fleshed out. I expected a dumb fun time but instead I came out wanting to watch Movie 43 again. Yeah, that bad. Avoid this with YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Robot Overlords is overloaded with awesome!
beastwarsfan3 April 2015
I can't help it but cheer for this movie! And here's why: It's like Dr. Who meets the Goonies! It's a brave all-age indie sci-fi adventure! It's the type of film that is centered around kids and teen characters, and still is not dumbed down as a kids-only film - something that you almost never get these days, with all the major studios "playing it safe". We had such films, but mostly in the 80s - stuff like "The Last Starfighter", "The Gremlins", "E.T.", "*batteries not included", "Flight of the Navigator" and "Short Circuit"... I mean, it is not today's kids movie, it does not seek to be mild or comedic or innocent, and it does not aim consciously at a specific target audience - it is just out there for whoever feels like watching it and it does not categorize or underestimate its audience. You cannot actually tell if it's made for teens, kids, young adults, family film, sci-fi fans... And I salute this boldness! In the recent decade there have been so few such films, in fact at the moment I can only think of J.J. Abrams' "Super 8", Joe Dante's "The Hole" and Garth Jennings' "Son of Rambow". It feels like a film made with heart! It has enthusiasm written all over it! I do not want to spoil or give out the story, go watch the trailer if you'd like. Anyway, such films are best enjoyed when you let them surprise you, no expectations needed! I will tell you about the atmosphere! If you have watched any British or Australian sci-fi TV series for younger audience, things like "Aquilla", "Escape from Jupiter", "Return to Jupiter", The acting is good, I really enjoyed all the characters, and by the way, is Gillian Anderson actually getting younger and hotter with time?! Geez, she looks so much better here than in The X-files! As far as the SFX and the CGI go - the digital effects may not be top notch, but do you actually need them to be? "Robot Overlords" has it all right where it counts! It's it's clearly done on a budget, it does not look like a 200-million-dollar picture, but I am so tired of shallow "all style and no substance" hyped up blockbusters that I even enjoy this indie feel of the film. Don't get me wrong - there's plenty of special effects (it's not all in the trailer, like with so many B-movies these days), and the effects are pretty decent and perfectly satisfactory. It's much better than anything you'd see on the SyFy channel for sure.

The camera-work and the editing, may not attract attention to themselves, but they are elements which often work best when unnoticed, which is exactly the case here. It's all on a level, none of that shaky cam and fast cuts which spread like a tumor in today's action scenes. The film's colour palette is eye-pleasing. The film is by no means gloomy and at the same time delivers a feeling of tension and peril with a pinch distopian atmosphere.

For me, "Robot Overlords" has all the elements of a modern sci-fi cult classic! I certainly hope it gets the attention and the recognition it deserves.

p.s. - It's not a flawless movie, but I give it 10 out of 10 to boost it's IMDb rating cause it's worth so much more than the current 4.something!
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Highly subjective review. Be Warned. This is my opinion of what I've just seen.
angiris28 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Robots have invaded earth 3 years ago. The war lasted 11 days. They have 1 rule. Don't leave your home. "film begins"

Is that it? What the hell kind of intro is that?!

That was what I said when I saw this and knew I had to write a review after this expressing my own opinion on the matter. I've seen a lot of bad stuff. I like to think I rate fair. All in all I rate after what I personally think a film is and that is exactly what Im doing here.

Yes...I am rating this a 1 out of 10. I try to be fair with the films I watch. I know bad from good. I know mediocre from over. But this... THIS! This is a half-baked story,

Story & dialog = Boring and non-sensical due to the fact we have NO idea whats going on. We don't get any information about that after all. All we know is what the starting text told us. War, robots, home. Those 3 words sum up this film. ohh yea...and of course ANNOYING child acting.

Casting = I don't understand...what Ben Kinglsey...or Gillian Anderson. Wonderful Gillian Anderson who I loved from the X-Files which is getting a reboot soon. the name of all that is SANE made you participate in this "thing"... whatever it is.

Camera = I had to mention this because sometimes through out this film the way it was shoot is actually making me queasy. The camera was shaking when it wasn't necessary and we're talking close-ups here. Never ending shaking cam from the very start. Yes...I get the film has to appear chaotic and disturbing BUT IT DOESN'T. A camera cannot fix that when the entire film screams: FAMILY FLICK. Which is funny considering its apparently not part of that genre.

Music = Ahh yes. The music here is pretty much as you'd expect the only keeping you awake through the sheer boredom of it all. Funny fact is also that at times the music outdoes the drama or action of the film itself. As if they knew they had to pump us up in order to keep us engaged because they knew this was doomed to fail WHICH IS MOST CERTAINLY is in MY own opinion.

THESE ACTORS....HAD NOTHING BETTER TO DO THE DAY THEY STARRED IN THIS. Whether its the money, the boredom, doing someone a favor (a BIG ONE) all in all. All except those god awful teen actors (STOP MAKING THESE FILMS Hollywood. Especially you JJ Abrams!STOP IT) had nothing...nothing... better to spend...correction "waste" their time on.

My first impressions of this was horrible. The poster with the child on it was disturbing me. I figured "another family sci fi piece of garbage" but I went with it. Film begins: Child screaming at his father with the most annoying voice I have ever heard. Not even fantastic Jim Carrey in Dumb Dumber with his "worst sound in the world" was this annoying. Holy mother of god.

And from there the film just flies from left to right following this corridor type of preset chronological progress due to the fact that REGARDLESS where these teens are...apparently they all know something about stuff that we don't. Let me elaborate on that, my dear reader. If you expect to get insight into whats going on throughout this film... don't. Forget about it! because it ain't happening here! You will be exposed to non-sensical, boring, linear half-baked, lackluster and UTTERLY ANNOYING story, acting, character progression and especially...ESPECIALLY that god awful child robot with his extremely freaking annoying voice and facial expression. Oh my god. It made my face cringe when I saw him. It made it cringe when he talked. It makes me cringe now just by mentioning it.

This film, this story, is the worst idea any writer and director has EVER had. EVER. I swear to god Titanic 2 is better than this and that film contains all that makes films bad. But bottom line is that you can LAUGH at titanic 2. You can enjoy pretty women. You can enjoy from time to time "okay-ish" acting.

This here... contains sloppiness. Lack of interest. The dialog that especially Ben Kingsley has is laughably bad. He's the dude working for the robots walking around PREVENTING THEM from getting killed. Thats it. Everybody else gets nuked when they go outside their homes. But when the kids do it. Good ol' Kingsley shows up and just before the countdown (with a crazily annoying robot voice counting down by the way) and says STOP! Can't do that! I got the code to shut you off! Take that robo! The kids gotta live or else we don't have a film.

Okay he doesn't actually say that BUT HE SHOULD because thats all his role is. Literally. That is all he does.

Im tired of ranting here guys. But like the title said. This is MY opinion on what I've just wasted my time seeing.

I think this is among the top 5 of the worst films I've ever seen here. And I base that on the fact that I don't ever want to watch this ever again. Unlike horrible garbage I've seen over the years this film has actually had people caring for it. People trying. Producers throwing money into special effects. The result is a god-awful excuse for a film. A film that made my face cringe. My skin crawl. Acting that annoyed me. Cast that shocked me. Awkwardly over the top music at times and finally THE WORST IDEA AND STORY FOR A FILM EVER MADE. This is boardroom story and dialog, guys. Stuff you cooked up in 5 minutes. Lackluster and half-baked.

This is my opinion after seeing this film.
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