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I'd definitely watch this if it were picked up
backflipboy30 October 2012
I'm old enough to remember the original Munsters television series and all of its clichéd comedy set ups - Herman and Grandpa getting into situations and find a way out every week etc.

This "re-boot" fleshes out the characters and give them life. In todays TV world, the old "set up the gag, hit the punchline" style of comedy has lost its appeal and comedies now have to be clever enough for the audience to find the joke themselves - Malcolm In The Middle really started this trend.

While there were not a lot of laughs in this Pilot, there were enough to warrant giving this show at least one full series to find its feet. Sometimes ratings shouldn't be the driving force that makes studio execs make the right decisions.

One of the best things about this re-boot is the fact that none of the characters is instantly recognizable as a parody of the famous Hollywood movie monsters like the original Munsters series. Yes, we know that Herman is a Frankenstein type of Monster, but he can fit into the real world in this show - of course, turtleneck sweaters would need to be added. Lily, Eddie and Marylin could quite easily pass as "normal". In this version, Grandpa would just be seen as odd rather then looking like Dracula.

This has got to be made into a viable series - dark comedy is something that has been lacking in TV for a long time.
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It's a Hit
killbasa28 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As an old fan of the George Barris Munster cars, and being 7 years old when the original series came out, I ate the pilot of this new series up like nobody's business. No, it's not a direct copy, so grumpy old people need not apply if that's what they expected. Portia de Rossi steals the screen like few could, the perfect Lily. A remade Grandpa is much more evil and sinister, and the mischief he engages in is ruthlessly diabolical. Charity Wakefield is just the cutest Marilyn you could ask for. The stunningly beautiful home is fantastic, and updated special effects breath new life into a timeless classic TV series. I hope the best for this new series, and look forward to more of Grandpa's sinister antics and what becomes of Eddie's new pet dragon. And, of course, the stunning Lily Munster, who will steal your heart and, it appears, eat it also.
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Munsteriffic. Am I the only one who thinks so?
mattydee9828 October 2012
Mockingbird Lane is truly a work of genius. I have never seen anything quite like it ever before. It brilliantly mixes comedic, dark, horrific, and family elements together to form the greatest TV show to ever air on NBC. I'm a huge fan of the original Munsters TV show, but I'm on-board for this reboot/remake/whatever the hell it is. NBC has given us a glimpse of an amazing TV show. I hope that they plan on continuing this idea as a TV show rather than making it a TV Movie. The cast has a great chemistry and their talents can be utilized to form more family and supernatural bonds, that viewers will just eat up. NBC would be completely and totally idiotic if they didn't continue this genius idea.
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Munsters for the 21st Century!
km244227 October 2012
I really Loved it! It was fantastic. There were nods to the original series that were great and it was funny! Jerry O'Connell was a fantastic Herman, being a big softie monster. The actors had awesome family chemistry together and the special effects were stunning. I really loved the 'charming monsters' and All the actors did a great job of embodying their characters. To me the special just played pitch perfect, hitting all the right notes to capture the spirit of the original while still standing well on it's own as a new and unique show. Strong plot, humorous quips and beautiful special effects! Please pick this up NBC!!
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Adorable homage for a mature Munster fan.
glitter_od4 November 2012
I come to re-makes with an open mind. If you are -expecting- a regurgitation of Munsters of olde, you are barking up the wrong Woff Woff. They've tried that, and its failed miserably. Why bother re-making a classic? PLAY WITH IT. Allow it to mautre with the audience.

Just as Battlestar re-approached it's story line, so does 1313 Mockingbord Lane. With clever retro writing and playfully nostalgic nods to the Munster's monster clichés, the humor tip-toes across Mockingbird Lane to the dark side. The romantically creepy visuals created are a unique departure from anything I've seen on network TV.

Due to its approach, this one is not for those who choose to protect their wee ones from the spookie-ookie.

My only 'complaint', such that it is, is that so much content was introduced in the episode that it became a wee bit disjointed. Could'nt they have fleshed it out to be a two hour movie?

I want to know more about Marylin's mom? Will Herman's heart break? How will Eddie cope with his growing pains? Will we see Spot run? The questions created leave me craving...

I hope 1313 triumphs and goes on. It would be a shame to dumb down this deliciously deviant diversion from the hum-drum. We giggled and guffawed from beguiling beginning to elucidating end. I am BLOOD THIRSTY to return!
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Excellent Reincarnation
draegan61311 November 2012
I'm not sure why NBC decided against moving forward with this series as it was a successful pilot as far as I can tell. Many people across the nation enjoyed seeing one of their favorite older shows being brought back to life. It was imaginative and witty, and it kept me wanting more. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell there will be no more which really irritates me. If they had no intention of continuing the show past the first episode they should not have even aired it. But, as I have said before it was a successful release. The actors played their parts quite well. I was surprised by the Herman aspect but then I took into account that they are hitting refresh on the series and that nowadays in media anything created doe NOT look like the older Frankenstein monsters that they had back in cinema history. It was a bit nice to see a little bit of realism in the reincarnation and I think that is what appealed to me the most. I honestly think another network should pick this show up and continue to run it. That or the original network should realize its true potential and continue it.
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1313: a modernization of a classic
penni33327 October 2012
1313 Mockingbird Lane was a blast from the past with a modern twist. I loved it... They did an amazing job of modernizing a classic show with an updated story. The four main characters are cast brilliantly and is perfect. The set and costuming is enchanting and wonderful, and the storyline was truly entertaining and well paced. It left me wanting more.

Although, the cost of the production was said to be quite high, in my opinion, it was worth every penny of the investment and I hope they plan to produce many more episodes, as I can't wait to see full seasons.
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Loved it!
pateras30 October 2012
This was awesome! Marilyn and Grandpa were both very captivating. I like the re-imagined Herman a lot, and Lily was a great character, too. She's simultaneously vulnerable and powerful, and as soon as I saw that truck pull up I knew exactly what was in those crates. Just about every entrance of hers gave me chills. The kid that played Eddie was also very impressive.

For the record, I've only seen a couple of episodes of the original (it was way before my time), but I'm definitely a fan of this new version! It's as clever as it is dark, and I can't wait for more!

I really hope this gets picked up. I'm planning on getting a bunch of my friends as hooked on it as I am.
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absoLUTEly brilliant
isaackiernan27 October 2012
As a long time fan of "The Munsters" I was both excited, and apprehensive when I heard about this reboot. A New Munsters? I groaned, remembering such fare as the 80's made for TV flick "The Munsters' Revenge" but then I heard It's not a comedy, it's a drama. and I thought....huh....there's potential there. So I watched it, and it was extremely well done. Everything from the writing to the special effects was top notch. I was extremely happy to see Portia DiRossi, who starred in my favorite show of all time, "Arrested Development". O'Connell shined as the kind-hearted Herman, and Izzard's Grandpa is imposing, threatening, frightening, and just a tad hilarious. I love this new take on "The Munsters" and I hope it takes off, I would love to watch this weekly. Future remake makers, take notes from this pilot. It's excellent.
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Certainly not what it could have been.
Tresix10 November 2012
Brian Fuller, the man behind the dark fantasy TV series "Pushing Daisies", decided to do an equally dark update of "The Munsters". For those not familiar with "The Munsters", it was a sitcom from Universal Pictures that parodied their classic movie monsters like Count Dracula and the Frankenstein Monster by taking these terrifying creatures and placing them in suburban America as the typical family. Fuller attempts to present the Munsters as their dark original counterparts with "Mockingbird Lane".

However, that negates the point of the original series: It was how these ghastly individuals got along with the average American in a very humorous vein. Instead, "Mockingbird Lane" seems to be trying to be a straight horror show with little glimpses of comedy. The problem with this is the horror overshadows the humor. For starters, the original Munsters all looked like monsters except for "poor" Marilyn. In this version, everyone looks close to normal, yet they still pick on Marilyn because of her "looks". Marilyn here (played by Charity Wakefield) is still a beautiful girl who is thought of as unattractive by the rest of the family. The thing about this is that Herman in this version (Jerry O'Connell) is rather handsome even though he does have spare body parts (he's having trouble with his replacement heart). Also, Grandpa (Eddie Izzard) and Lily (Portia de Rossi), though they are vampires, don't have the pallor that they had in the original series. Even young Eddie (Mason Cook) looks like a normal little boy until he transforms into a werewolf under the full moon. Every one plays their role too seriously except Izzard. He has great lines and is the only one who seems to be having any fun at all.

On the plus side, the special effects are great. Especially in the introduction of Grandpa and Lily. However, if the series is picked up, things need to lighten up greatly. Make the show fun to watch and it might pick up where the original series left off.
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surprisingly pleased
adorkable-boo29 October 2012
I never really watched the original show, it just wasn't my type of humor. I liked this reboot though. No, it's not like the original and it's not trying to be, which I think is a good thing. Seeing Jerry O'Connell as Herman has me feeling a little iffy though. He's not my favorite actor, but I think his kinda dopey-happy vibe is fitting for Herman and serves as a good balance with the devious Grandpa. Speaking of which...Eddie Izzard is marvelous, and the main reason why I'm loving the show so much. Without him, I don't think I would have enjoyed it, and probably wouldn't watch it. He's simply divine! Err....I suppose diabolical would be a better word, wouldn't it?
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Dumb, not funny, and insulting. Glad it got canceled.
Logan-2227 December 2012
Completely pathetic, terrible re-imagining of The Munsters that can't decide whether it's a comedy, drama, or horror. Badly miscast in every role except Marilyn, badly written, and not funny, there's nothing to recommend it. It's an insult to the genius of the original and to its fans.

Loved Bryan Fuller's previous series, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, and even Wonder Falls (once it finally got going), but this Munsters reboot was a painful misstep in his otherwise brilliant career. Fuller is better off creating his own quirky stuff from scratch than trying to slap his ideas onto someone else's work.
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Not funny, miscast. No one seemed to have actually watched original show.
jdranetz29 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The original Munsters were a family that looked like monsters, but acted very normal. Fred Gwynne's Herman was childlike, dim witted, and had poor impulse control. Gwynne had actually raised his voice to a higher octave, mimicking a kooky Aunt he had. He normally had a deep voice. He was not unlike Fred Flintstone or Homer Simpson. Yvonne De Carlo, an actress that had played glamorous roles, in fact, played Lily as a very normal, grounded housewife, who spent much of the time getting Herman and Grandpa out of the trouble they got themselves into with their foolishness. Her shaking her head in frustration and scolding Herman could have been from anyone's own family experience. Eddie acted like a normal kid, but had problems because he looked different. Al Lewis was hilarious as a fast talking, scheming "New York Ashkenazi" (In the same way as Jerry Stiller, or Mel Brooks) Vampire/mad scientist. I have known members of my father's family very similar to him, all most to a "T". It was just SO FUNNY.

I realize this show has been relaunched a number of times, with no success. With Edward Hermann, and John Shuck, trying to fill Gwynne's shoes. Any effort to emulate Gwynne just didn't go over.

I can see why the producers of this show wanted to take a different direction. Grandpa is evil, not kooky this time. Lily is too glamorous and magical ever to touch an oven mitt. Eddie looks normal, but transform into a very dangerous creature on full moons. Herman, this time, seems the only normal one, even Marilyn is a bit strange, and trapped in 1960.

It is as though these writers had heard about the Munsters, couldn't get hold of a copy of an episode, and watched the "Addams Family" instead. That was a marginally more normal appearing family that were a bit on the sociopathic side. It was John Astin's "Gomez Addams" that seemed the normal one getting the rest out of trouble. WRITERS, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME SHOWS. It's like watching "I Dream of Jeanie" to study "Bewitched".

I am embarrassed for Eddie Izzard in this. I have come to find him a very talented comedic and serious actor. It was a crime that FX canceled his show "The Riches" after two seasons. I am sure he must have had problems with the material they handed to him. Jerry O'Connell, it just seemed like he didn't care. His character was no different than the other times we've seen him, save "Stand By Me", it was as though his character from "Sliders" slid into another alternate universe were he was Herman Munster.
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richdune1233 November 2012
This show was excellent.

For a special, it should have been at least 2 hours long.

Some of the shows on currently truly suck, so why cancel the great ideas???

Pick up this show, it will sell big time!!

I enjoyed the fresh conception, the reality versus the green monster effect.

Lily as a real woman that dresses to impress and changes her clothes often.

a Marylin with more input adds character. As for Eddie, the actor was so-so, could use further training and the constant boyscout wearing is nerdy and seems more like a mamas boy, total target at school.
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One of the best pilots I have ever seen
texasboyy2 May 2018
I watched this pilot when they finally showed it on NBC and absolutely loved it. It's not campy like the original, but it's still full of heart and emotion and wonderful dark humor. The cast is terrific, including Jerry O'Connell as Herman. He and Portia de Rossi as a more sultry Lilly have so much chemistry, you can believe they've been in love for hundreds of years. Marilyn is still the "normal" one, but even she has a dark streak running through her. And Eddie Izzard as Grandpa steals the show. It really irritatates me that this wasn't picked up for a series. If you ever get the chance, watch it. It's a lot of fun.
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browneyedbaby6026 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The set & costumes were better than the writing. Was this supposed to be funny? Blood, guts, sets and costumes will only get you so far. This show should be buried alive. My kids were watching this with me and I found it to be way too gory for prime time t.v. This was advertised as a Munsters revamp, but Munsters was cute, funny, and spooky without going over the line. I feel like the writers could have done so much with this show, yet chose to go for shock appeal rather than any real entertainment value. Visually the show was great. It did not hold my interest for more than about 10-15 minutes. The scene where "granpa" is sucking the blood out of a dead corpse....really? Is that supposed to be funny? Gross. The characters were flat. The child actor was the best one. Wish I could get back that hour of my life.
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Blood and guts, a weak substitute for the original's charm.
newtype_129 October 2012
Man, I hope this was just a one-shot. I'd hate for this to be the impression the current generation has of the Munsters. No children should be watching this anyway, there are some R-rated special effects. My mother was grossed out by Grandpa sucking blood out of the scout leader's chest through a tube. The rat transformation was cool but inappropriate in this context, a prime time special based on a beloved classic family program. Also, at least three of the Munsters appear in the nude.

I really like Jerry O'Connell, but he is no Herman. He's just a normal guy with stitches and a polo shirt walking around with his hands in his pockets during the entire production. I saw red every time he was on screen. I wouldn't expect him to channel Fred Gwynne given the direction the rest of the show went in but he is not the right man for this role- his character has none of the warmth or giddy childishness you'd expect from anyone playing this part. Will Ferrell, he would make a great Herman.

I guess the rest of the cast is OK. Eddie Izzard totally steals the show, a more diabolical but still recognizable Grandpa. Marilyn plays more like Wednesday Addams and Eddie is a normal boy. Lily didn't make much of an impression, other than as a mannequin to hang fancy costumes on.
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Bad choice for herman
korfx0426 October 2012
The choice to have Jerry O'Connell to play herman made this show seem very odd, almost cheap. I Really dig the idea to bring the munster's into the new age and to give it a little spit shine, but the choice for herman was so poor, that i almost didn't want to watch the pilot. It was just a very, very bad choice.

If i had my way, i would of got the most underrated actor of all time, Ron Perlman to play herman.

As for the show and the other cast, they was good and i would like to see more if they can find someone other then Jerry O'Connell to play herman. If they can't, i would rather them put the reincarnation of this show back to rest until they find someone better to play herman muster.

I Have nothing against Jerry O'Connell, i think he's a great actor, it's just he doesn't fit the character of Herman munster.
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Disappointing series pilot show
ihmst426 October 2012
My daughter and I were very disappointed with this new show. I was looking forward to enjoying this new series based on the original. I did not expect this series to be necessarily just like The Munsters, but I did expect a higher quality in the writing of the screenplay and in the presentation of the show. Instead, the story line was choppy, not very humorous and it surprisingly added disturbing graphics into what I thought would be a more fun, family-type show--especially given the fact that it was aired at the 7 PM slot. The special effects, actors and excellent sets could have made this an excellent and entertaining show.
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NBC dusts off The Munsters
SnoopyStyle27 August 2013
In a long history of copying, a big network decides to raid their vaults for material. This 'The Munsters' remake is directed by Bryan Singer, written by Bryan Fuller, and stars Jerry O'Connell, Portia de Rossi, Charity Wakefield, and Eddie Izzard. With so many big people involved, there was big hope that this will be a good jumping off point as a pilot for a new TV series. It never happened.

Bryan Singer definitely threw a lot of money at it. The big F/X is all there. However I just didn't find the family that likable. In the end, Herman Munster was too weak, Lily Munster was too stiff, and Grandpa was just too mean-spirited.
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Bryan Fuller stumbles
cherold4 April 2013
I'm a pretty big fan of Bryan Fuller, who gave us Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies. I say "pretty" big because I couldn't really get into Dead Like Me, but still, I was excited when I heard he had created a TV pilot based on The Munsters. I wasn't excited because it was the Munsters - I'm more an Addams Family kind of guy, I just thought Fuller was likely to do something really cool.

I was wrong.

Mockingbird Lane lands uncomfortably somewhere between mild comedy and mild horror. The result is a little weird. The creepiness of the show could work in a full-on horror movie or a really dark comedy, but here it just seems a little unpleasant. Grandpa's jibes at Marilyn were kind of amusing but they didn't make sense either in the context of the show nor in the context of the original Munsters.

Some people were upset that the network chose not to pick up the series, but honestly, I don't think I would even have given it a second chance if it had made it.
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Rarely entertaining
Horst_In_Translation20 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Mockingbird Lane" is a 40-minute television movie from 3 years ago written by Bryan Fuller and directed by Bryan Singer ("The Usual Suspects"). We basically follow a family of monsters who all appear very much human though. This is not a scary movie, nothing for horror fans, but it's 99% comedy. Unfortunately, there weren't that many funny scenes in here, even for such a short movie. And the emotional aspects (father-son relationship) did not work out that nicely either. I am a bit disappointed by this one. And consequently, i am not too disappointed that this did not get picked up for an entire series. Apart from that, how can you take a movie seriously that has the stunning Charity Wakefield in its cast and tries to sell us another cast member as the stunning vamp? Weak watch overall, not recommended.
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A complete disrespect for the original show
cesar_augusto29 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Why do I have the feeling the writers didn't even WATCH A single episode of "the Munsters"? Oh yes...because every scene in this pilot is a nail to the coffin of the show as they try to bury it alive! Although I can't complain about the cast, they did their best of what they had. But what they had is what I have to complain about. Our first Munster to show up is Eddie, and.....I have nothing to complain about, he acts EXACTLY like the original, just a tad more updated. the second is Marilyn and boy...did they ruin her. They picked the upbeat and peppy normal human lady and gave her an unnecessary creepy aspect, when her stark brightful and peppy personality was one of the running gags of the original show, as it was in deep contrast with her ghoulish family members. And speaking of, herman Munster. That...was...PAINFUL! They picked one of the most iconic characters in cinema HISTORY and turned into some basic sitcon hunk father. Good lord, even the character from "I, Frankenstein", from 2014 had a better make up! And along with his appearance, he lost all the goofy and gullible aspects of his personality and became some tedious, tortured protagonist with barely any interesting trait. The two vampires we have, herman's wife and her father, grandpa, were probably the only enjoyable characters, not because they were closer to the show, again, but because they were interesting and the actors did their best. In the original show, Lily was a supporting, sweet-caring mother who always tried to keep her family together, but was also just as gullible as Herman when it involves interaction with normal people, again, the RUNNING GAG OF THE SHOW! And grandpa was almost as peppy and upbeat, but more like an old man who is just happy to be alive and enjoy life as it lasts for him (which for a vampire, it lasts forever, anyway) In Mockinbird lane, he was creepy, bloody arrogant, traits I do enjoy in vampire characters, but i would rather have the original grandpa from the Munsters, instead of this retired Count Dracula.

In the overall, this show picked one of the most iconic shows, which was back-to-back with Adams Family, lets say the two shows were like brothers, and torn it to pieces and half-assembled it, pretty much like their pathetic version of Herman munster. With a zipper for easy access to the heart....hardy harr....
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Balances familial drama, high-concept monster shenanigans, and a surprising morbid streak.
Bonehead-XL7 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
On paper, a "dark and gritty" reboot of "The Munsters" is an idea that is, in as few as words as possible, misguided. Early in development, the show seemed like nothing but an attempt to cash-in on our culture's current obsession with vampires and werewolves. However, as news started to trickle out, I became more intrigued. I've never seen "Pushing Up Daisies" or "Wonderfalls" so I don't have an opinion about Brad Fuller. An interview were he described the show as "Universal Monsters: The Series" and promised story arcs inspired by "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and "Phantom of the Opera" really piqued my interest. Naturally, it wasn't long after that we found out the show hadn't been picked up for series.

Getting to see the pilot, premiered as a stand-alone Halloween special, makes me want to see a whole season run. The show strikes a balance between familial drama, high-concept monster shenanigans, and a surprising morbid streak. The opening features a werewolf attacking a boy scout camp, quoting directly from 1979's "Prophecy," which is a good way to win over hardcore horror fans. The story of the episode mostly concerns Herman and Lily trying to figure how to break it to their son Eddie that he is a werewolf. The son is proud to be 'normal' and doesn't take his transformation easily. Mom and Dad's attempt to let the kid down easy are undermined by Grandpa's over-the-top embracing of his monster-dom, which includes turning into a bat creature, trying to kill the boy's scout leader, eating a mountain lion in front of the boy, and hypnotizing the neighbors. A subplot includes Herman's heart quite literally falling apart on him.

The show is funny, if a little on the overly quirky side. There's a definite chemistry between the cast. Jerry O'Connell, whom I normally can't stand, works well as Herman. Mason Cook is especially good as Eddie, showing a lot of promise. Eddie Izzard, who turned into an Oliver Reed lookalike at some point, is way over the top and goofy as Grandpa, which suits the character fairly well. I wish we had seen more of Portia de Rossi as Lily, who seems to have a good grasp on the character. The production values of the show are very high, which is probably the real reason it wasn't picked up for series. The Munster House looks fantastic. There's a striking sequence when the newly awaken Lily forms her gown out of spider-webs. Some of the CGI is a little shaky, such as the mounds of rats or the mountain lion, but some of it works better, such as Spot the Dragon's late-episode entrance. So it's sort of a bummer this isn't going to be a full season. I see a lot of promise here.
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Some things should never be touched.
pv6130 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't watch a lot of TV lately because with the computer I get to watch exactly what I want and not whatever is on. Sometimes I remember to watch GRIMM and sometimes I miss it (but I can catch it later here, on IMDb) because I was told in the beginning that each episode was going to be about a fairy tale and somehow in the way I lost track of that and I believe they're not doing that anymore, the Halloween episode was about La Llorona, a Mexican legend, but this is another story, the thing is that I saw the spot on TV about this Halloween special and I immediately wanted to watch it, it was special, it was for Halloween and the set up looked cute. I didn't even knew who was in the cast except for O'Connell, the only one I recognized from the trailer. Comes Friday 26 and I forgot. So I looked for it the next day and I found it on Hulu. Up to that point I didn't know it was going to be related to the Munsters. The show starts, the kids in the camp look for whoever stole some candy and then the wolf shows up. Until they say: ''-Where is Eddie Munster?'' I realize this has something to do with the series from the 60s. So I start to pay attention and then I see Marilyn buying the house on Mockingbird, Herman's silhouette appearing on screen with the square head and the screws in his neck confirmed my doubts. When I saw the rats coming out from the coffin transforming themselves into Grandpa and then Lily being dresses by spiders I started to feel uneasy. Smoke, Lily on the ceiling, Grandpa with long gowns and lace umbrella, the kids running and the blood, the pterodactyl bat eating the lion who ate the deer (in what forest?), all that don't seem too appropriate to have anything to do with the original series. For me, if they want to do a Halloween special, good, make it, use other names and/or another idea, but don't mess with the classics. I haven't seen Dexter, or any of those new vampire shows, but if they want to keep exploiting the monster trend, fine, just don't use something that shouldn't be disturbed. There's evidence in the past proving that is not a good idea (Munsters today the series and all those movies from the 90s).
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