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  • Jules and the gang decide Bobby needs some help romancing Angie so they launch "operation kiss-the-girl." Meanwhile, other former "Scrubs" cast turn up, as Ted and the Peons pass through on their way to audition at Disney World.

  • Travis seizes a rare opportunity for payback at Jules, by allowing Ted and his a capella group to stay at their home for a week. Bobby's romance with Travis's professor Claire was quickly sabotaged by a bee allergy and his clumsiness. Jules haughtily promises she can coach him to win her back with grand romance, but everything keeps going wrong, yet Claire toughens it out. The only 'remedy' for an invasion of Quebeckers during the local crab festival is instantly repulsive Tom.


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  • Welcome to COUGAR TOWN No, it's not just in Florida with a lot of wine.

    Well, are you sure? There were a lot of Scrubs alums who joined Ted, the guy Travis (Dan Byrd) met in Hawaii last season. He and his a capella group were traveling across the country and needed a place to crash on the way to audition at Walt Disney World. And all the hotels in Gulfhaven were booked for the crab festival by Quebecers. Despite a capella groups ranking above snakes, books, and PBS on things that make Jules (Courteney Cox) want to die, she concedes and lets them stay. Of course, she then goes off to work, to which they serenade her with a little Heigh-Ho from . And she has to do the walk, much to Ellie's (Christa Miller) and Travis' delight.

    As Travis, Andy (Ian Gomez), and Bobby (Brian Van Holt) bond over PENNY CAN!, we find out Bobby's meeting with Travis' photography professor, Angie (Sarah Chalke), didn't go as planned. Although in fairness to Angie, Bobby not having an astrological sign is not exactly a bell-ringer. And he's not really from France. And she ran off on him, although she's allergic to bees. Jules knew the problem: Bobby is awkward around new women until he gets to the first kiss. And Jules knew this because she thought Bobby was so hot, she actually grabbed his rat tail (yes, that's a hair style, and yes, I'm depressed that I remember it) and said "Spit out your dip. I'm comin' in!" Jules was pregnant a few days later, and Travis was nauseated for hearing that story. But Jules couldn't deny Bobby was the best kisser she ever knew. Which made Grayson (Josh Hopkins) second. Or seventh, he couldn't really hear Jules mumble that.

    Out at the mall, since Laurie's (Busy Philipps) ankle monitor had its limits, they need to get a table. Easy enough: send Tom (Bob Clendenin) in. He makes even friendly Quebecers scatter just by saying Hi. Laurie was in the mood for some spicy food...or at least was tired of seeing "I Got Crabs in Gulfhaven" t-shirts everywhere. She thinks it's because she was born when her mom was pounding Bloody Marys at a Whitesnake after party.

    LAURIE: I'm a jacuzzi baby. Born...and conceived...in one!

    JULES: OK, books, snakes, PBS, a capella, that story.

    Jules tells Bobby she has the perfect date set up for Angie and him where he doesn't have to say a word. He'll greet her, offer her champagne on the way over to play PENNY CAN! with his adoring son and best buddy, then a romantic movie, drinks with his friends, where Jules will tell a funny story, then a romantic sunset on the beach where Angie will kiss him. And he's all set. And Jules will brag to Laurie that she knew it would work. (Jules is planning that for the date, too.) Bobby is in, but it can wait until the fireworks are done. The fireworks of Quebecers leaping from their tables as Tom tries to talk to them.

    Operation Kiss-The-Girl was on, and Jules borrowed Monica Geller's headset from Phoebe's wedding on . Bobby had his sports jacket on but had to go back for pants. Thankfully, Monica...sorry, Jules...accounted for that in the schedule. She told him to compliment Angie's dress. ("Wow, my grandmother got buried in a dress like that.") Then he should pour some champagne...all over her dress...and talk about something from TV, like manatees. ("They're dying. A buttload of them washed up on the beach one town over.") But in fairness, the swarm of bees that made them crash into a sprinkler was not Bobby's fault. And they went over for some playful banter with Andy and Travis...who were in a fight with a spraypaint can. Bobby broke up the fight, but Angie didn't know why he took his shirt off.

    BOBBY: You can't break up a fight with your shirt on. Didn't you see ? I don't want to call you a dummy or anything, but damn...

    Jules intercepts Laurie and tells her to get Bobby tickets for an earlier show, only Laurie rubbed her eyes after eating hot wings with the foreseeable results. She's blinded and none of the Quebecers understand she needs help. And Grayson performs some serious lip-lock on Jules to try to become the best kisser in the room. However, Ellie still has him beat. (JULES: There were tongues. It was Y2K; we all thought we were gonna die. And there was...other stuff.)

    Now it's time for Jules and Grayson to play their roles. Angie was getting felt up by every Quebecan in the bar, and Bobby hadn't graduated to speaking English yet. Oh, it gets worse. Jules tells Bobby not to eat soup in a bread bowl because he tries to eat the bread first, and Grayson decides to ask Angie if he looks like a good kisser. Not awkward at all, not even when Grayson wants to prove it with a group makeout session. Jules gets ticked at Grayson and stops paying attention to Bobby, who eats the bread and spills the hot soup. On Angie's lap. Oh, and Tom examined the burn marks on Angie's thighs, whom by now really wishes she had worn pants instead of a skirt. (JULES: Tom, less creepy, more doctor-y.)

    Jules still thinks enough wine in Angie will still get him to the beach, only it's also full of Quebecers. Travis, Andy, and Laurie can't find a single spot, and the beach was outside of town lines, which got Laurie in trouble with her ankle monitor. Travis gets her out of her hole (LAURIE: Damn you Quebec kids and your holes!) while Andy finally finds a spot for Bobby and Angie. Fortunately, the ice bucket of champagne does wonders for her leg burns. Unfortunately, the area was so open because the dead manatees were just a few yards down the beach. And the seagulls were having lunch. Angie tried to save the manatee but it was too late. But if it was any consolation, the manatee wouldn't suffer as soon as the beach patrol got there with his chainsaw.

    Jules STILL wouldn't give up, even though Angie went home covered in manatee blood and Grayson was still trying to prove he was a great kisser. They had to bail Travis and Laurie out of jail, and Ellie refused to go get Angie. ("To me, people are just bags of skin that slow down my day.") But Jules knows Ellie has a soft spot for Bobby, so she goes to give Angie a ride back to Bobby...a piggy back ride, since Angie was too injured to walk. Jules goes to collect Bobby, who was drowning both his sorrows and his lap with bread bowl soup. (JULES: You're a great guy; some people just need help seeing it.) But how do they make a mall full of Quebecers chowing down on crabs romantic? Yup, Ted's a capella group. Except they won't answer the phone after Jules yelled at them earlier about it. How will Jules collect Ted and the group? run! (I don't want to explain.) They arrive, but it's too crowded, so Jules tells Tom to explode the plaza by introducing himself while the guys sing a little Kiss The Girl from . Angie was shocked.

    ANGIE: All of this was for me?

    BOBBY: You're worth it.

    And yes, they kiss. And it was a good thing, because Ted was starting to freak out. Everybody reminded him of someone from his old job, like Jules' dad, Tom, Angie, Ellie. Even Todd, the Pool Man. ("You all right five!")

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