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8 Jan. 2014
Charge × and × Invade
Netero along with Zeno launches attack on king's castle to separate him from royal guards.
15 Jan. 2014
Monster × and × Monster
Zeno and Netero's sudden attack throws the palace into confusion; concerned for the king's safety, Pitou and Pouf hurry to the king's side.
22 Jan. 2014
An × Indebted × Insect
Gon and his friends have charged into the palace. Youpi transforms and splits up the group with his attack. Morel lets Shoot and Knuckle handle things while he heads for the King.
29 Jan. 2014
Divide × and × Conquer
The chimera ant king faces off against Netero and Zeno; Shoot fights with Youpi.
5 Feb. 2014
Duty × and × Question
Knuckle suddenly appears before Youpi to fight him head-on.
12 Feb. 2014
Revenge × and × Recovery
Gon explodes into anger on seeing Neferpitou. He is further aggravated by Pitou's request to delay their fight in order to heal Komugi.
19 Feb. 2014
Insult × and × Payback
Feeling the need to lay a punch on Youpi to avenge his friend Shoot, Knuckle decides to take on Youpi once more.
26 Feb. 2014
A × False × Rage
Menthuthuyoupi fakes his rage in order to draw Knuckle out. Meanwhile, Ikalgo is unable to find Palm and is encountered by the suspicious Bloster
5 Mar. 2014
Strong × or × Weak
Killua puts on a show of strength. Will it be enough to take down Youpi? Meanwhile Ikalgo tries to outsmart Bloster.
12 Mar. 2014
Fake × and × Real
Pouf escapes Morel's smoke jail, and reveals his powers. He also learns of all that he missed till now. Morel, faces a setback, just when Youpi and Knuckle run into him.
19 Mar. 2014
Defeat × and × Dignity
Morel and Knuckle try to hold off Youpi as long as they can. But little did they realize how much Youpi has transformed after being able to control his rage. Meanwhile, Pouf reaches the room where Gon and Pitou are.
26 Mar. 2014
Pose × and × Name
Pouf sticks to the plan of finding the King. He sends a fly to meet up with Youpi, whose already on the way. Far away, Netero and the King get ready for battle, though the King demands something else.
2 Apr. 2014
Centipede × and × Memory
Ikalgo remembers his mission to find Palm.
9 Apr. 2014
Breakdown X and X Awakening
Palm finally awakens from her cocoon after being captured by the Chimera Ants only to encounter Killua and begin a heated battle.
16 Apr. 2014
Great Power × and × Ultimate Power
Gon presses to Neferpitou the remaining ten minutes for Komugi's recovery. Meanwhile, King Meruem and Chairman Netero continue on their battle, succumbing into an underground tomb, which Netero states will be Meruem's tomb.
23 Apr. 2014
Zero × and × Rose
The king bypasses Netero's defenses and tears up an arm and a leg from his body. Refusing to give up, the chairman focuses all his Nen into a final attack that also fails to defeat him. Having won the match, the king finally learns from Netero his true name - Meruem, just before Netero commits suicide to trigger a weapon of mass destruction stored inside his body in a last attempt to destroy him.
30 Apr. 2014
Hostility × and × Determination
Pitou completes Komugi's treatment and Gon forces her to accompany him to Peijing in order to restore Kaito's mind, while Komugi stays behind with Killua and the others. Meanwhile, Pouf and Youpi reach the site of Netero's battle with Meruem and can't hide their feelings of sadness upon finding their king's maimed body.
7 May 2014
Unparalleled Joy × and × Unconditional Love
Pouf and Youpi use part of their own bodies to heal Meruem, who revives stronger than before, but missing most of his memories and Pouf decides to take advantage of the situation to dispose of Komugi in order to ensure that he does not remember her at all. Meanwhile, the other hunters learn, much to their horror, that the king is still alive and is returning to the palace.
14 May 2014
Formidable Enemy × and × Clear Objective
As Meruem approaches the palace, Pouf continues his search for Komugi until he finds her under Killua's guard. Claiming that he intends to rescue her, Pouf convinces her to resist against Killua to give him an opening to kill her instead, but Killua realizes this and successfully protects her from him. Meanwhile, Gon and Pitou are about to reach Kite's location.
21 May 2014
Magic × to × Destroy
As Meruem returns to the palace, the remaining hunters conceal their presence while Gon and Pitou come across Kite. In the occasion, Pouf contacts Pitou and lies to her, claiming that Komugi was rescued thus it does not need to obey Gon anymore. However, when Gon asks Pitou to heal Kite, the Chimera explains that he was dead all along, only moving under the influence of its powers, much to his despair.
28 May 2014
Anger × and × Light
Gon goes beyond his body limits to achieve monstrous power. Neferpitou (Pitou) become overwhelmed by Gon's New power. Kilua rushes to Gon in order to save him from Pitou.
4 Jun. 2014
Flash × and × Start
Mereum searches for his lost memories, but Pouf and Youpi worry his memory of Komugi will return; the King captures Knuckle and Meleoron.
11 Jun. 2014
Deadline × to × Live
Welfin encounters Youpi on his way to negotiate a hostage exchange with the king; Mereum's memories start to return; Palm and Ikalgo continue hiding Komugi, hoping to outlast the deteriorating king.
18 Jun. 2014
The Word × Is × You
A conversation with Welfin stirs Mereum's memories of Komugi, sending him off on a new objective.
25 Jun. 2014
This Person × and × This Moment
Meruem tries once more to beat Komugi in gungi.
2 Jul. 2014
Homecoming × and × Real Name
Reina returns to NGL to find her mom. Colt reveals something intriguing to Morel. Killua is afraid of losing Gon, who is in a critical state.
9 Jul. 2014
Debate × Among × Zodiacs
The 12 Zodiacs meet following the Netero's order to hold an election.
15 Jul. 2014
Plea X and X Favor
Pariston takes advantage of the electoral stalemate to bend the rules in his favor; Killua turns to family for a solution to Gon's condition.
22 Jul. 2014
Alluka X and X That Thing
Killua attempts to convince his family to allow his sister, Alluka, to leave the estate so she can use her powers to save Gon's life; Illumi wants to prevent Killua's plan from succeeding.
29 Jul. 2014
Join Battle X and X Open Battle
As the Hunter Association tries in vain to help Gon, Killua secures a deal with his family to allow Alluka out of the mansion so that she can treat Gon.
5 Aug. 2014
Magician × and × Butler
Leorio's exploits prove an asset during the elections when he becomes favored to win; Illumi and Hisoka target Killua in a plot to kill Alluka.
12 Aug. 2014
Needle × and × Debt
Gotoh is killed by Hisoka, while Tsubone, Amane, and Canary continue to chase after Killua. Killua with the help of Morel sends a group of Hunters to capture Illumi.
19 Aug. 2014
Sin × and × Claw
The voting narrows to eight candidates; Illumi watches Killua and attempts to pry Alluka's secrets out of him; the hunters seeking Illumi run afoul of Hisoka.
26 Aug. 2014
Approval × and × Coalition
The elections come down to the wire as a healthy Gon arrives; family members unite.
2 Sep. 2014
Defeat × and × Reunion
The elections come down to the wire as a healthy Gon arrives; family members unite.
9 Sep. 2014
Chairman × and × Release
Gon's regrets dampen a heartfelt reunion; Pariston renounces his victory to give the chairmanship to someone else; Killua makes a decision about what to do with Alluka's powers.
16 Sep. 2014
Salvation × and × Future
Gon and Koala apologize to Kite for the role they played in his death. Gon later heads out to meet up with Ging on the World Tree.
23 Sep. 2014
Past X and X Future
Reunion of long awaited father and son, and what journey awaits for them ahead.

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