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(I) (2015)

Kyle MacLachlan: Dad



  • [from trailer] 

    Riley : [Disgust pushes a button and pulls a short lever]  School was great, all right?

    Fear : What was that? I though you said we were gonna "act casual".

    Mom : Riley! Is everything okay?

    [Riley sighs] 

    Father's Fear : Sir, she just rolled her eyes at us!

    Father's Anger : All right, make a show of force, I don't want to have to put the foot down.

    Father's Fear : No! Not the foot...

    Dad : Riley, I do not like this new attitude.

    Anger : Oh, I'll show you attitude, old man!

    Fear : No! no, no! Stay happy!

    [He gets punched by Anger, and Anger pushes a red button hard] 

    Riley : What is your problem? Just leave me alone!

    Mother's Sadness : Sir, reporting high levels of sass!

    Father's Anger : Take it to DEFCON 2!

    Riley : DEFCON 2!

    Dad : I don't know where this disrespectful attitude came from.

    Anger : You want a piece of this, Pops?

    Riley : Yeah, well...

    Father's Anger : Prepare the foot!

    Father's Fear : Keys to safety position!

    [Father's emotions unlocks the foot and Father Fear is about to ready to hit the red button] 

    Father's Fear : Ready to launch on your command, sir!

    Riley : [Anger hardly yells and pulls the lever as the explosion on the top of his head is on fire]  Just shut up!

    Father's Anger : Fire!

    [Father Fear pushes the red button that releases the foot down] 

    Dad : That's it! Go to your room!

    [Riley storms off] 

    Father's Fear : The foot is down. The foot is down. Whoo!

    [Father's emotions cheered] 

    Father's Anger : Good job, gentleman. That could have been a disaster.

    Mother's Sadness : Well, that was a disaster.

  • [Riley is on the verge of tears after attempting to run away back to Minnesota after feeling very homesick] 

    Riley : I... I know you don't want me to, but... I miss home. I miss Minnesota. You need me to be happy, but I want my old friends, and my hockey team. I wanna go home. Please don't be mad.

    [Riley's mother and father stare sadly at their daughter] 

    Mom : Oh, sweetie...

    Dad : We're not mad. You know what? I miss Minnesota too. I miss the woods where we took hikes.

    Mom : And the backyard where we used to play.

    Dad : Spring Lake, where you used to skate.

    [Riley breaks down in tears] 

    Dad : Come here.

    [Riley, her mother, and her father all embrace in a group hug, consoling Riley] 

  • Dad : [Trying to feed Riley broccoli]  Here we go. All right, open.

    Joy : Hmm... this looks new.

    Fear : Think it's safe?

    Sadness : What is it?

    Disgust : Okay, caution, there is a dangerous smell, people. Hold on, what is that? That is not brightly colored or shaped like a dinosaur, hold on guys... it's... broccoli!

    [presses buttons] 

    Riley : Yukee!

    [flips bowl of broccoli on Dad] 

    Disgust : Well, I just saved our lives. Yeah, you're welcome.

    Dad : Riley, if you don't eat your dinner you're not gonna get any dessert.

    Anger : Wait, did he just say we couldn't have dessert?

    [paces angrily] 

    Anger : So that's how you wanna play it, old man? No dessert? Oh sure, we'll eat our dinner, right after you eat THIS!

    [presses buttons] 

    Riley : [starts crying and screaming] 

    Dad : Riley, Riley, here comes an airplane.

    Anger : Oh, airplane. We got an airplane, everybody.

    Joy , Fear , Sadness , Disgust : Ooooh!

    [Riley eats broccoli] 

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