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Season 4

22 Feb. 2016
Episode #4.1
Half way through the second term, and an unannounced visit from JP's older brother makes the Hartnell Avenue residents realise how close the end of the year and their university lives really are. Howard has created a secret revision den in the cellar (who knew they had a cellar?) but as series of texts from Candice could upend his plans, it falls on Josie to educate him in the difference between what people say and what they actually mean. Meanwhile panicked Student Union President Oregon seeks the counsel of her support officer Rosa as she attempts to win a ...
29 Feb. 2016
Episode #4.2
The housemates attend an interview with a careers adviser - to no avail. Afterwards Rosa tells Kingsley that she has a teen-age son Luca, who is not keen to go to university and asks Kingsley to change his mind. However Luca's persuasive argument against higher education only depresses Kingsley, who also gets punched when he tells Luca he is dating his mother.; Meanwhile Oregon tries to introduce cuts in the sports departments to endow a poetry prize in her name but meets with opposition whilst Josie helps Howard drown his sorrows in the pub where Vod is now working -...
7 Mar. 2016
Episode #4.3
Oregon faces a backlash over her plans to ring fence funds for her poetry prize at the expense of other societies and flees, taking Vod, whose course work has failed her, and Josie - seeking a new identity - to a commune run by Vod's friend Paz, where she plans to live. Here revelations surface but friendships and a desire to return to Manchester are renewed. Meanwhile the boys go to London for interviews, Howard with Ordnance Survey, Kingsley as an intern for Radio 6 and J.P. after a sinecure with Tomothy's bank but for various reasons they all fail and all the ...
14 Mar. 2016
Episode #4.4
Vod and J.P. find themselves in financial straits whilst Oregon has cause to regret asking Tony Shales to help judge her poetry entrants. Josie's new friends in the badminton society also recruit her to depose Oregon, burning an effigy of her, whilst J.P. earns money drawing caricatures of her and ultimately she becomes the first student president to be publicly impeached. Kingsley, meanwhile, is surprised to be told that Rosa is Swiss, not Italian, but enlists Vod's help in organizing a cut-price graduation ball
21 Mar. 2016
Episode #4.5
With their finals a day away the housemates are not happy, J.P. hiring a barge on which to study, along with Howard, though it leads to rows when Howard refuses to give J.P. revision answers. Vod and Josie conspire to keep bad news from Oregon whilst Kingsley gets dumped by Rosa. He is still keen to help Vod organize her graduation ball Vodstock but when bouncer and drug dealer Mole arrives, claiming that she has ripped him off for sixty thousand pounds, the students are forced to hide in the cellar, arguing amongst themselves and eventually surfacing to a trashed ...
28 Mar. 2016
Episode #4.6
Finals are over and the results are out, producing some shocks, such as Howard's First and Oregon getting a lesser degree than Vod, causing her to lie to her mother and face humiliation at convocation, with unexpected support from Vod. Josie is especially disappointed as it means that she and J.P., to whom she is warming will be parted. All that is left now is the Vodstock graduation ball, whose venue has to be changed and which almost literally brings the house down. Afterwards Kingsley has a job offer, Josie and J.P. have an announcement , Oregon has a proposal for ...

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