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  • A fast food restaurant mini variant of Buzz forcibly switches places with the real Buzz and his friends have to deal with the obnoxious impostor.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Bonni and her Mom go to the fast-food chain named Poultry Palace for a meal.

    The theme of the kids meal toys the chain is offering, is related to Buzz Lightyear. However, Bonnie isn't happy to find the toy she's gotten, is a Zurg belt buckle. After the (bored) cashier claims the belt buckle is all the have in stock, Bonnie's Mom asks if her daughter can have any of the figures from the toy display. The cashier simply states that those toys are for display-only.

    Shortly afterwards, wr are privy to the conversation of two display pieces: a miniature Buzz Lightyear, and a miniature Zurg. Mini-Buzz has seen Bonnie's Buzz Lightyear in her backpack, and attempts to convince mini-Zurg to escape with him. However, mini-Zurg claims he doesn't want to get in trouble with "The Chicken People."

    Mini-Buzz then escapes, and switches places with Buzz when he and Rex are in the restaurant's ballpit with Bonnie.

    Upon returning to Bonnie's the other toys are not at all convinced that Mini-Buzz is their friend, even though Rex claims the ball-pit's plastic made Buzz shrink.

    Meanwhile, Buzz has escaped from the ball-pit, but finds Poultry Palace locked. Climbing through an air vent, he finds himself in a storage area, right in the middle of a support group, for "discarded Fun Meal toys." Buzz attempts to leave, but the other toys simply assume he's in denial over being discarded.

    Back in Bonnie's room, Rex is still trying to convince the others that the Mini-Buzz is their friend, but noone is believing him. The Mini-Buzz even gets on their nerves by taking Woody's hat, and smacking Hamm.

    Back in the storage area, Buzz is allowed to simulate a toy's playtime-and-abandonment. When he is informed to abandon his roleplay partner, he asks to use a toy named Gary Grappling hook, saying that by leaving the room, it will make the simulation more believable. However, it is just what Buzz needs to escape.

    Back in Bonnie's room, the group is attempting to figure out how to get Buzz out of Poultry Palace...only to find that Buzz has made it home, after using the Drive-Thru.

    After confronting Mini-Buzz, Buzz takes him to the group in the storage area, where Mini-Buzz claims that he has learned to cope (with the aide of his sponsor, Buzz Lightyear).

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