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The 3-D animated film delivers a mildly diverting mix of winky meta-jokes and moral lessons, cannily aimed at both the next generation of tiny consumers and their more sophisticated parents.
A fast, fizzy and frenetically entertaining extension of the manic gaming franchise.
The animation punches well above its weight with properly Looney Tunes-standard sight gags, polished, highly expressive character design, and rendering so intensely computed nearly every barbule and rachis on each individual feather is visible.
Screen International
The Angry Birds Movie is fitfully funny but tends towards a madcap mixture of comedy and action which never develops much forward momentum. The joke-a-minute approach misses more than it hits, although the bright animation and adorably-rendered characters are decent compensation.
Time Out London
If you loved the game, you might enjoy watching the script contort itself into ever more zany shapes to incorporate the necessary elements: giant slings, teetering towers, boomeranging toucans. But it’s not enough to counteract the tiresome, sub-Lego Movie snarkiness of the script or the bright, busy and unengaging animation.
Sudeikis is well-cast as a bird whose “cardinal sin” is cynicism, but he has virtually nothing funny to say.
Slant Magazine
The Angry Birds Movie is a lot of things, but none of them true to the app's appeal.
Perhaps just as disappointing as the haphazard storytelling is the squandering of a top-flight voice ensemble.
It should come as no surprise that The Angry Birds Movie is a loud and dumb children’s film, but for what it’s worth, there are plenty of cinematic commercial ventures that are louder and dumber and so on than the well-meaning and slickly sold Birds.
The Angry Birds Movie basically hits all the squares on the Lazily Conceived Family Cartoon bingo card.

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