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Keegan-Michael Key: Judge Peckinpah



  • Judge Peckinpah : Mr Red! Given the severity of the crimes, I have no choice but to impose the maximum penalty allowed by the law: Anger management class.

    Red : Ugh. Pluck my life.

  • [from trailer] 

    Red : We're gonna get those eggs back! Come on, we're birds! We're descendants from dinosaurs! We're not supposed to be nice!

    [Petunia roars like a t-rex] 

    Judge Peckinpah : Holy moly!

    Red : Yeah, point made.

  • Judge Peckinpah : Mr. Red! What do we do now?

    Red : Wait... You're asking me?

    Judge Peckinpah : You tried to tell us but we didn't listen. I didn't listen.

  • [from trailer] 

    Leonard : [seeing one of the eggs]  Is that what I think it is?

    Red : Excuse me! Those are fragile, alright? Not yours.

    Judge Peckinpah : You are makin' our guest feel unwelcome!

    Red : And you're not asking basic questions!

    [a pig slaps his butt] 

    Chuck : Well, this just got awkward.

  • [from trailer] 

    Judge Peckinpah : You tried to tell us, but we didn't listen. What do we do now?

    Red : That is where they went, and so that is where we're going!

    [the birds cheer] 

    Chuck : It's Chuck time!

    [he runs into a pipe; Red groans] 

  • [from trailer] 

    Red : These pigs mysterious and weird, am I right? I don't trust them! I think they're up to something!

    Judge Peckinpah : Your opinion is not needed!

    [Red gets slingshot by the pigs] 

    Red : Beak, wing, giblets!

    Leonard : That went well, if you're me.

  • Judge Peckinpah : Mr. Red, we are a happy happy bird community. Under the protection of Mighty Eagle, we work, we laugh, we love, and we live our lives free of conflict and strife sir.

    Red : We love the sound of our own voice too evidently.

    Judge Peckinpah : Perhaps you've never heard the joke, Why don't birds fly? I'm gonna tell you why. Because where else would we ever want to go?

    Red : Wow. Not a good joke.

    Judge Peckinpah : So now what am i to make of the likes of you. There seems to be a recurring issue here. Anger.

    Red : I don't think i have an anger issue. I think you got an anger issue.

    Judge Peckinpah : Anger is a weed growing in our garden. And what do you do when you find a weed?

    Red : I don't know but i bet you're gonna tell me.

    Judge Peckinpah : You pluck it out!

    Mime : Oh my God!

  • Judge Peckinpah : My friends we would love to see your cowboy show.

    Leonard : Thank you. Thank you so much.

  • Judge Peckinpah : Anger is not always the answer!

  • Judge Peckinpah : Mr. Red, when you moved your house outside of our village, did you notice that nobody tried to stop you? Birds the may smile at you on the street, but that doesn't mean they like you.

  • Judge Peckinpah : Welcome to Bird Island! Welcome to our new friends the Pigs. Let us have a celebration!

    Leonard : Put it there!

    Cyrus : Wellcome. Oh sorry!

    Leonard : And a hoof to a wing.

  • Leonard : Hey Judge you're under arrest!

    Judge Peckinpah : What?

    Leonard : For looking too good!

  • [from trailer] 

    Judge Peckinpah : There seem to be a recurring issue here! Anger.

    Red : don't think I have an anger issue, I think you got an anger issue. Are you aware that that robe that you're wearing isn't fooling anybody?

    [he suddenly takes the robe off of to reveal Judge Peckinpah standing on top of Cyrus to appear tall] 

    Red : Voila!

    [there's an audible gasp from the crowd watching] 

    Cyrus : Achoo!

    [Judge Peckinpah falls down] 

    Mime : Oh, my God!

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