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Linden really?
drbarbc-526-5174661 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Love this show, hate this episode. Linden is a product of the system, yet when she is interviewed by the psychiatrist to determine whether or not she will be released to pursue the case, she selfishly and childishly refuses to answer questions to the extent she has to be carried out , screaming. That doesn't make one ounce of sense writers!!! She would know whose butt to kiss, how high to jump & would have played that shrink like a fiddle to get back out there. Lazy writing.

Also, in case writers ever read these reviews, people who need wheelchairs permanently do not use the ones with the push handles & the arm rests. Those are for temporarily disabled people & the elderly. The wheelchair the Councilman's sister bought "top of the line" is anything but. So many shows get this wrong.

Great show overall tho. Episode 6/10 series 9/10.
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Sarah Blows a Chance
Hitchcoc22 January 2017
Given the fact that Sarah has been placed in a psych unit on a suicide watch for 72 hours, it's not surprising she isn't forthcoming. If she were willing to set aside her anger, she could have gotten some help for what appears to be a mental illness, or, at least, trauma. The Councilman is moving ahead again on his campaign and Gwen reveals a startling thing. Holder has to work to get Sarah out of the hospital and goes to a facility run by Janek, intimidating a worker into some revelations. Terry talks to Stan and tells him that he needs to forgive himself. He begins the process of trying to be something different to his family. He also tries to do a kindness for the teacher who he almost killed and his wife. Even though the guy threatened him if he ever showed up again.
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