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Season 6

31 Oct. 2017
Sanctuary City: Part 1
Three fifteen-year-old boys vanish during a school field trip causing Asst. Chief Mason to consider the case a critical missing for Major Crimes. Evidence comes to light that points to Phillip Stroh's possible return to Los Angeles.
7 Nov. 2017
Sanctuary City: Part 2
While the search for the missing boys continues, the squad faces off with an untrustworthy priest, an angry ex-husband, and threats from the F.B.I. Rusty startles Flynn and Sharon with a surprising request.
14 Nov. 2017
Sanctuary City: Part 3
As Major Crimes continues to search for the remaining St. Joseph's Three, Sharon finds her personal life threatening her career.
21 Nov. 2017
Sanctuary City: Part 4
Lt. Provenza takes over the team while Sharon is rushed to the hospital, and demands the boys from the FBI, who'd 'found' them in Mexico. Dr. Joe is brought in, the parents arrive, chaos ensues - and the result is another crime scene.
28 Nov. 2017
Sanctuary City: Part 5
As the case of the St. Joseph's Three leads to its unexpected conclusion, Sharon attempts to balance the case, the arrival of her family and her fast approaching wedding to Lt. Andy Flynn.
5 Dec. 2017
Conspiracy Theory: Part 1
A well-known attorney known for her work in defense of oppressed women is found dead and the long list of high-profile suspects includes family, a film director and a former football player. Rusty and Gus deal with issues regarding their relationship.
12 Dec. 2017
Conspiracy Theory: Part 2
The squad investigates the death of another woman in the Tackles case, bringing up a potential new theory. Sharon has a health setback, while Gus has an unexpected reaction to Rusty's semi-solution to their relationship difficulties.
19 Dec. 2017
Conspiracy Theory: Part 3
While working two seemingly connected murders the detectives uncover a series of sexual assaults against servers from Tackles. A new theory about the killer gathers momentum and an unexpected event throws Major Crimes off course.
19 Dec. 2017
Conspiracy Theory: Part 4
Sharon must make decisions regarding her ongoing health problems while arriving at the conclusion of a series of murders and sexual assaults.
26 Dec. 2017
By Any Means: Part 1
A surprise death in the law enforcement community seems to be the work of an escaped serial killer. Ricky, Sharon's son, helps the detectives with the search for a Mr. and Mrs. Bechtal. Emily Raydor offers Rusty some sound advice.
26 Dec. 2017
By Any Means: Part 2
Unable to locate Philip Stroh the Major Crimes division searches for answers in his distant past. The squad struggles with Assistant Chief Mason. Rusty becomes frustrated with his forced proximity to Gus.
2 Jan. 2018
By Any Means: Part 3
Phillip Stroh and his young British accomplice make progress towards their endgame. Lieutenant Provenza pushes Assistant Chief Leo Mason to put more resources into the case. Rusty unearths an important clue.
9 Jan. 2018
By Any Means: Part 4
In the series finale, Lt. Tao, (Michael Paul Chan) is stuck in a room with a potential bomb. Provenza (G.W. Bailey) finally identifies the real Ms. Bechtal, and Major Crimes comes face-to-face for the very last time with Phillip Stroh (Billy Burke).

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