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Season 4

22 Oct. 2014
Call in the Light
Fiona hears from her stepfather, Garreth Pink, who has some interesting complaints about his new wife -- perhaps Fiona can turn him into an ally against her mother and get Web Therapy back up and running...?! Former assistant Jerome reports on his travels and the stipulations of baby Angus's trust fund. And Fiona takes on a new client, Maya Ganesh, a not-so-calm spiritual guru.
29 Oct. 2014
Arguing in Agreement
Fiona and Kip Wallice are rekindling their marriage, albeit solitary and separate from one another - definitely not a recipe for trouble... Garreth calls, having followed Fiona's advice with varying professional and familial results for Fiona and her mother, Putsy. Maya recaps Fiona's weekend at Gentle Circles and Jerome confirms Austen's penthouse "gift" is more burdensome than ever imagined.
5 Nov. 2014
Trust Exercise
Fiona takes on a new client, skittish, suspicious, lottery-winner Steve Olson, in hopes of solving her cash-flow issues. Fiona's neighbor and Jerome's promiscuous baby-mama, Gina, calls to complain about her boredom - she's already slept through all the construction workers at her house, so what else can she do?! Jerome is using and abusing Fiona's NYC penthouse to benefit baby Angus's education. And Fiona begins seeing a patient whose elderly girlfriend wants him to quit his unusual job!
12 Nov. 2014
Smile Through the Pain
Jeb Masters calls Fiona to complain about her behavior, since it's bordering on sexual harassment. Philadelphia neighbor, Grace Tiverton, is eager to strike up a friendship and will do absolutely anything to hang out with Dr. Wallice. Gina returns with examples of her new business venture, crediting Fiona's suggestion, and Steve Olson finally reveals that it's Fiona who should have trust issues.
19 Nov. 2014
In Angus We Trust
Fiona discovers Grace is a little less politically connected than she assumed. Jerome admits he's no longer using the New York penthouse and can't justify paying Fiona's maintenance for her. Ewan Clarke, Austen's brother, calls to check in about the very specific terms of Angus's trust, and to determine if Austen's, well, sane! And Fiona's regular foil, Hayley, returns from Bali with some big news and an even bigger confession.
26 Nov. 2014
Charity Galore
Construction next door at the Sokoloff-Feldman-Tate-Spinks residence is completely out of control, so Fiona retaliates, lobbing a grenade into Jerome and Hayley's relationship. Meanwhile, a desperate patient from the past breaks the rules and calls from witness protection, Ewan Clarke attempts to convince Fiona to declare his brother Austen insane, and Fiona's mother Putsy says she will do literally anything to influence the governor on Kip's behalf.
3 Dec. 2014
Drink to Forget
Jerome reports that Gina has embraced her carnal urges to an alarming degree, and needs Fiona to stage an intervention, and "Jacques" sees if Fiona can break "Betsy's" amnesia before it's too late. Nina Garcia offers Fiona an auction-won makeover that Fiona insists she doesn't need, and a new client calls to get some advice about her love life - luckily Fiona's an expert.
10 Dec. 2014
Lost on the Young
Fiona learns a thing or two from a newly liberated Judith. Caspar Lee calls to rescind Fiona's makeover with Nina Garcia; and Kip's law clerk reveals she's a little more than just devoted to her boss.
17 Dec. 2014
Judicial Oversight
Kip discovers the real reason behind his law clerk's resignation. Nina Garcia recounts Fiona's disastrous makeover. Fiona discovers she has a fan in a very unexpected place, and Caspar Lee propositions Fiona for a strategic partnership.
14 Jan. 2015
Lies and Alibis
NSA analyst Abel (DAX SHEPHARD) accuses Fiona of psychological terrorism, a pathological liar (MATTHEW PERRY) seeks help for his disorder, and mother Putsy reveals her grand ­ completely illegal ­ plans for Kip's future.
21 Jan. 2015
No Stranger to Scandal
A fixer contacts Fiona to improve her image after the bribery scandal.
28 Jan. 2015
Fiona Fulfilled
Season 4 ends with Kip's political plans being dashed by Fiona's scandal. Meanwhile, Jerome's involvement in Putsy's schemes puts him on the run; Gina returns from rehab a completely new woman; and Jenny lobs a grenade into Fiona's past.

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