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29 Nov. 2012
Trojan Horsepower
In Nice, Frank is hired by Dieter's friend Trina to deliver an engine prototype to the Paris Motor Show. They race towards Paris but are pursued by an assassin nicknamed The Wolf. Unfortunately the prototype emits a trackable GPS signal.
8 Nov. 2012
Frank's latest job goes completely wrong: he loses his package in a holdup and is accused by his Russian gangster employer of having embezzled the money.
6 Dec. 2012
The General's Daughter
The Transporter's package is a beautiful young woman who's caught in the crossfire between her disgraced General father, and the criminal syndicate hunting him.
6 Dec. 2012
Frank faces a dilemma when he finds out his package is a heart meant for transplantation stolen by his crime lord client to save his own son and when Inspector Tarconi informs him that another dying boy is waiting for it at the hospital.
1 Nov. 2012
Dead Drop
In Philadelphia, Frank meets Jack Perkins, his CIA instructor. The blind man is being framed for leaking secret documents. Frank must find a USB key containing evidence that can clear Jack's name and reveal the real mole's identity.
13 Dec. 2012
12 Hours
Frank is given a 12 hour deadline to transport a new nano-microchip.
15 Nov. 2012
Frank must deliver a million euros to the south of France in a race against two elite couriers: the client whose "Transporter" wins wills get a valuable missile contract. Other gangs learn about this race, and try to steal all the money for themselves, and Frank has to prove his skills as the only real Transporter in the business. As the chaos mounts, Frank's shadowed by the mysterious Juliette, who wants to know a great deal about the world of the Transpporter.
13 Dec. 2012
City of Love
Frank is hired to bring a package from the south of France to Paris, which alerts the dogs at a vehicle checkpoint. After being chased by the police and reaching the agreed transfer point, he realizes the package he's delivered is a bomb meant for a planned terrorist attack on the French capital. Frank must rush to find and stop Gassam, the gang leader who'll stop at nothing to avenge his brother, accidentally killed during an identity check. After an electric first encounter, Frank can count on Mauga, Gassam's sister, who wants to stop her brother from committing the...
25 Oct. 2012
The Switch
A violent, psychopathic art collector hires Frank to deliver a priceless masterpiece, but when it turns out to be a forgery, he accuses Frank of stealing the original. In his search for the real painting, Frank teams up with a young woman with a vital claim to the artwork. As he tracks down the real painting, Frank encounters the deadly Lara, a dominatrix with a deadly side, whose determination to get what she wants literally cuts to the bone.
6 Dec. 2012
Hot Ice
Frank finds himself in Toronto, Canada doing a job for a security company.
20 Dec. 2012
Cherchez la femme
The delivery of an anti-social young hacker puts Carla's life in jeopardy. Unwilling to be bullied into surrendering the hacker, Frank concocts a plan to rescue Carla. But after it's revealed that corrupt members of the DCRF after Jet, Frank must enlist the help of Tarconi and Juliette to save Carla, the hacker, and now himself. But as the DCRF predicts Frank's every move, he must ask himself: is he trusting the right people? Is Juliette more of a threat than he previously thought?

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