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14 Mar. 2012
Seeing Double/Pilot
Viewers will be introduced to the very colorful cast of characters from SOTA FX, as Cleve and the team face a dual challenge. First famed "Friday the 13th" director Sean Cunningham demands that Cleve and company conjure up conjoined twins that tear apart for his next feature film. If building this complex appliance for an A-lister isn't enough, creature feature makers at The Asylum ask Cleve to build a terrorizing two-headed shark - and how does Cleve find inspiration for a two-headed shark? Well, by literally swimming in shark-infested waters.
21 Mar. 2012
Forbidden Werewolf
In episode two, the Sota team must juggle two demanding, high profile clients at once. In just one week, they face the daunting task of building a unique werewolf monster for the upcoming creature feature Hallow Pointe, as well as executing an outlandish makeup effect for director Richard Elfman's sequel to his 1981 cult classic, Forbidden Zone. Adding to the pressure, Richard's daughter-in-law, actress Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg, Friends with Benefits), drops by the shop to check out how the build is coming along.
28 Mar. 2012
Monster Infestation
An infestation of monster proportions crawls its way through the doors at Sota FX as 2 bug movies find their way in. Hellraiser II director Tony Randel comes to Cleve for a biomechanical pest with blood curdling intentions while an up-and-coming director is in need of some Devilish ants with explosive personalities. The team works to bring together something truly original, but the clock is ticking and the results go up in a fiery blaze.
4 Apr. 2012
Between Arachnid and a Hard Place
The ongoing war between digital and practical effects culminates in an onset battle of creation for Cleve and the Sota team. Indie director Mike Mendez stops in for his giant creature feature Mega Spider and Cleve finds himself fighting to keep his handmade arachnids in the film. Adding to the fray, Cleve gives his daughter Constance a chance to helm her own project for the upcoming movie Pretties for You. Both father and daughter face an epic time crunch to get everything done and win the day for practical effects.
11 Apr. 2012
Wee Boots
Jackass star Jason "Wee Man" Acuña stops by the shop in search of a small alien with a menacingly oversized brain, while the PR team from DreamWorks stops in for a pair of 12-foot tall boots for a Puss in Boots event.
18 Apr. 2012
Devoman vs. Clevezilla
On the season finale, stakes run high for Cleve and the team as the iconic 80s band Devo asks Roy to direct their latest music video entitled, "Monster Man."

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