"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" Revenge of the Swarm (TV Episode 2011) Poster

Greg Cipes: Kevin Levin, Boy


  • Gwen Tennyson : I liked the part where Humungosaur was really small. I was reading about how dreams reveal what we're *really* afraid of.

    Ben Tennyson : It was not a dream! Well, the part... about being little was but...

    Kevin Levin : Keep telling yourself that.

  • Kevin Levin : Doesn't seem a little coincidental that Valadas would suddenly drop dead after everything that happened?

    Janitor : Anyone can die - anytime - even you, smart guy.

  • Kevin Levin : [Imitating Ben]  "That's why I'm trying to find her.

    Ben Tennyson : It *is* why.

    Kevin Levin : Admit it. You just want to see her again.

    Ben Tennyson : Hey! Elena and I - we're just friends. That's all.

  • Elena : Ben, I'd like to help. But what I'm doing here, it's just oo important... Maybe you could help *me*. This could change the whole world, you know?

    Kevin Levin : [about the nanites]  These could change the whole world too- but not in a good way.

    Gwen Tennyson : Ben's gotta help us find where they came from. He doesn't have time to be a lab rat. Right Ben?

    [Ben doesn't respond] 

    Gwen Tennyson : BEN?

    Ben Tennyson : Uh, right... right.

  • Kevin Levin : Elena and Ben.

    Gwen Tennyson : What about them?

    Kevin Levin : They're interested in each other. Anybody can see that... But she's going to be a problem.

    Gwen Tennyson : Oh?

    Kevin Levin : Elena's the type who makes guys think she cares about them. But once they care about her - poof. She's gone. I've seen the type before - lots of times.

    [Gwen glares at Kevin] 

    Kevin Levin : I mean I've heard about them from friends.

  • Gwen Tennyson : Did you see the face Elena made when Ben mentioned Julie?

    Kevin Levin : That's just the way girls are. You gotta take advantage. Play one against the other.

    [Gwen glares at Kevin] 

    Kevin Levin : At least, that's what my friends say.

    Gwen Tennyson : Which friends?

    Kevin Levin : [Meekly]  The ones I don't see anymore.

  • Janitor : Way she talked. Saying "we" or "us" when it was just her. Who she think she is - the Queen of England?

    Gwen Tennyson : No. Not the Queen of England. The Nanite Queen.

    Kevin Levin : I thought the Queen was dead.

    Gwen Tennyson : Long live the Queeen.

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