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16 Jan. 2012
Nice Guys Finish at Some Point
When the Hale Dayton team hits the bars to do research for a new sherry campaign, Alex is frustrated by Dan's effortless success with women and decides he needs to adjust his approach. Meanwhile, Helen decides she should try to get out more and starts socializing with Emma and her friends after work - but the late nights prove tough to take after a while.
16 Jan. 2012
Are You There Helen, It's Me God
Helen (Kathryn Hahn) is tapped to be a Godmother and feels unprepared while the Hale Dayton team attends a competitor's funeral in search of new clients.
16 Jan. 2012
The Kids Are Probably Alright
Alex frets when his ex-wife's successful new boyfriend dazzles his kids -- while Helen takes a new client under her wing.
16 Jan. 2012
Sexin' the Raisin
Helen works on a campaign to make Oregon raisins more sexy while Alex strikes up a relationship with a woman in his building.

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