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28 Jan. 2011
Sadie thinks she has lost Kit as a best friend because he seems to prefer to hang out with Chloe. She decides to pick a new bestie but in typical fashion she goes to extremes.
11 Feb. 2011
Sadie learns that the men in her house have a different idea of cleanliness so she hires a housekeeper to improve matters. But the changes made have unintended consequences and Sadie must devise a plan to fix things.
18 Feb. 2011
The Y Club is having a fashion show and Sadie is desperate to be in it. Problem is she has no talent for design but her friend Dede does. Sadie decides to wear Dede's dress as her own in hopes of winning.
11 Mar. 2011
Sadie and Dede develop a plan to save the Y from competition but Sadie goes too far and promises an appearance by celebrity Cheryl Cole. When she can't deliver, Sadie and Kit reveal an over the top alternative. Keith has a crisis of confidence as an auto mechanic.
18 Mar. 2011
Sadie needs a date for the prom and concocts a scheme where she lip syncs to Dede's singing to select the right guy. Danny is jealous of Keith's autographed cast and gets a fake one for his arm.
25 Mar. 2011
Girltastic, Part 1
Sadie is nominated by Kit to be a cover model for Girltastic magazine. Problem being, she is required to go on a class trip when Ms. V comes to interview her. Her father Steve tries to make a good impression in her place but gets off on the wrong foot.
25 Mar. 2011
Girltastic, Part 2
Sadie's chief competition for a magazine cover is Whitney but she is off with Dede on a school trip. Sadie's dad Steve, with Keith's assistance, go to the Y diner to help Sadie's cause but everything goes wrong. Her family and friends devotion though might make things work out.

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