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Season 5

25 Jul. 2017
Mystery of the North Pole Penguin
Wild Kratts learn about the secret creature powers of Penguins in Antarctica, as well as why most penguins only live there. They however get word from Wild Kratt Kid Nua that there are penguins in the Arctic.
27 Jul. 2017
Temple of Tigers
Worried that they have lost there "creature senses", Chris and Martin head to India to find the master of stealth, the Tiger. But little do they know they are being followed by Donita.
6 Nov. 2017
The Dhole Duplicator
Believing their is a dog called a Dhole that is tough enough to stand up to a Tiger, Martin and Chris search for this elusive creature. Meanwhile Aviva finishes her latest invention.
7 Nov. 2017
The Cobra King
The Wild Kratts search for Martin's Creature Pod only to discover that a Spectacled Cobra is sitting on it.
8 Nov. 2017
Fire Salamander
Martin and Chris are in Germany's Black Forest when they find a Salamander crawling out of there campfire. They try to figure out how these Fire Salamanders are able to do this. Donita Donata, however, over hears this and decides to make a fire proof body suit out of the Salamanders skins.
23 Apr. 2018
Cheeks the Hamster
Aviva loses her Micro XT Power chips in the forest of Germany. Knowing they are a important peace of technology the Wild Kratts turn to the help of the Creature Powers of the Hamster.
24 Apr. 2018
Wild Ponies
After a storm, the Wild Kratts must return a lost horse foal to its mother.
25 Apr. 2018
Elephant Brains
The Wild Kratts go to India to find the difference between African and Asian Elephants. But find out how complex these creatures really are. Meanwhile Paisley Paver plans on using the elephants as beasts of burden.
26 Apr. 2018
Sloth Bear Suction
The Wild Kratts recieve a call from Wild Kratts kid Mala about an endangered creature called a Sloth Bear. They do more research on the animal while also trying to save it from Donita's fashion line.
19 Jun. 2018
City Hoppers!
While Aviva and Koki help Wild Kratts kids Nolan and Sani build a Catapult, Martin and Chris try to explore the creature powers of the Grasshopper. Meanwhile, Donita Donata and Paisley Paver meet at Zach Varmitech's headquarters.
20 Jun. 2018
Blue Heron
While traveling on a dirt road, the Wild Kratts discover a Blue Heron and take the time to observe its physical features and hunting strategies. Zach Varmitech takes this opportunity to make an attack on the Tortuga.
22 Jun. 2018
Choose Your Swordfish
Aviva challenges the Kratt Brothers to a fencing competition. But they will only accept the challenge if she makes a creature power suit for one of the three kinds of billfish- Swordfish, Marlin, and Sailfish. Meanwhile, Zach starts collecting fish from the ocean.
25 Jun. 2018
Komodo Dragon
While doing her usual 'villain checkup', Koki notices Chef Gourmand traveling to the island of Komodo. Believing she has heard the name before she asks the Kratt brother about the island. Martin and Chris then realize that there's only one animal on that island that would satisfy Gourmands taste, the Komodo Dragon.
21 Jan. 2019
The Fourth Bald Eagle
While adventuring in Alaska, the Kratt Brothers decide to live in a nest of Bald Eagles as Eaglets. But little do they know that Chef Gaston Gourmands next meal involves Bald Eagle eggs.
22 Jan. 2019
The Erminator
While on a mission to explore the creature powers of the chickadee - and to discover why such a little bird can make it through the toughest winters - Martin and Chris get separated. While Chris makes it back to the Tortuga with his chickadee findings, Martin encounters an ermine. With the help of this little weasel, Martin also learns what it takes to survive in this harsh environment.
23 Jan. 2019
Hercules-The Giant Beetle
While exploring beetle exoskeletons in South America, a Hercules Beetle gets enlarged by the Miniaturizer.

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