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One more to still the never ending hunger for zombie flicks…
Coventry23 April 2011
Uwe Boll's name proudly shining on the poster of a brand new and seemingly engrossing zombie movie… U-oh, that certainly brings back the (not so) fond memories of "House of the Dead". Don't worry just yet, because Mr. Boll apparently just produced the movie and counseled the two young but ambitious directors Luca Boni and Marco Ristori. When they came to the Belgian Fantastic Film Festival to introduce their movie, they told the audience that they literally sent out millions of emails and letters to acclaimed directors in the business, but Uwe Boll was the only one kind enough to reply. Say what you want about Uwe Boll but he's definitely not pretentious.

"Eaters" certainly isn't a total waste of film, but the problem with zombie movies simply is that there have been far too many of them since the new millennium. Stories about world-devastating viruses and unstoppable plagues are all so damn derivative and uninspired, while the gore and make-up effects haven't been shocking anyone anymore since several years. "Eaters" unfortunately isn't an exception to this. The story simply revolves on a duo of embittered men, survivors of the great epidemic that wiped out all of humanity, who fill their days with nagging to each other and rounding up corpses – dead or alive ones - for research. Another survivor, a scientist named Gyno, hopes to diagnose the origin of the epidemic, which was supposedly spread intentionally by someone called the Plague Spreader. Apart from hunting for zombies, Igor and Alan also have to find food and evade a crazy bunch of next generation Nazis. There are undeniably a couple of nifty ideas and imaginative gimmicks in "Eaters", like the idea of a religious fanatic spreading the plague like a punishment from God or lunatic Nazi officers using the living dead for target practice, but these are underdeveloped whereas the main story lines revert to clichés. The dialogs between the two lead actors are mundane and stereotypical. Igor is a trigger-happy macho and Alan is introvert and depressed over the loss of his beloved fiancée. Uwe Boll's money was well spent on make- effects, however. The rotting corpses look suitably nasty and Gyno's medical experiments are quite engrossing. Good soundtrack, too.
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A good low budget attempt
TdSmth52 October 2012
Two military/paramilitary guys who work with/for some scientist go out in the country to look for zombies for the scientist. In flashbacks we learn that the wife who is now a zombie used to be a scientist herself working on some project to improve humanity. While they are out there, they run into neo-Nazis for no good reason. These neo Nazis spend their time on some suicidal contest where a couple of them have to face a horde of zombies and the survivor wins. They also have a little Hitler stashed somewhere. While it looks like all youth has been extinguished our heroes rescue a teenage girl who will be the hope of humanity, if she survives her run-in with little Hitler. Our guys also discover truths about the science project and meet the main scientist who know is working for a scientist gone crazy.

Eaters is gory and the effects are very good because they are different than the typical shiny latex used in US special effects. These are cruder which makes them more suited for a zombie movie. Despite the low budget, the movie has a decent look but it's your usual post-apocalyptic colorless look. Our two main characters aren't particularly likable though. There's not much of a main character. The story overall though is interesting and different.
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High hopes, and a fail to deliver...
paul_haakonsen4 September 2011
Being a big fan of zombie movies, fiction, games, etc. I sat down to watch "Eaters" with a certain amount of expectation, because it was an Italian zombie movie, and it could be a glorious return to the genre for the Italian film industry.

Now, having seen the movie, I sit here with a somewhat empty feeling inside. The movie had potential, but it just never took off. It was always on the brink of climaxing, but it just failed to take you that one step beyond, the one step that would have tipped the scale.

And it should be said, that you shouldn't be avoiding this movie because of Uwe Boll's name on the credit list. He didn't have much to do with the movie actually. And lets face it, it is actually far better than the "House of the Dead" movie that he made. So don't get your parades up just because you see the name Uwe Boll. And on that note, he have actually some good movies to his name, but I am getting sidetracked here...

The story in "Eaters" is pretty much as in most other zombie movies. The world as we know it has come to a gory end, an only a handful of survivors are left fending for their very lives. Yeah, sounds awfully familiar, doesn't it? Oh, and throw in a deranged scientist bent on exploiting this to his own gain. Again, sounding awfully familiar. There is nothing in this movie that is groundbreaking and innovating. Everything has been seen before.

One thing that did puzzle me was why would neo-Nazis rise in the wake of a global disaster that turns people into zombies? That just didn't make any sense at all. However, I will say this though, the movie makers had a wicked sense of humor. When you see the new Führer, you will know what I mean. That was just hilarious.

The acting in "Eaters" is fairly adequate. Nothing extravagant or out of the ordinary to be seen here. However, I had a hard time buying into the Igor character's personality. He was just too one-dimensional, and he quickly became a tad too much to behold. Not the actor, but the Igor character in the movie.

There is a very gritty feel to the movie, with the surroundings and the colors used, and that worked well in favor of the movie. But it just wasn't enough to make it up for the slow pace the movie trotted in, nor was it able to make up for the lack of captivity or interest that the movie suffered from.

The zombies in the movie, well most of them anyway, looked cool. And the effects were nice. Certain zombies had really nice and interesting make-up work done. I like that in movies, where you get to see gory details and see how much effort has been put into the undead.

Hand on heart, then I actually dozed off once or twice during this movie, because nothing much interesting happened throughout the course of the movie. Nowhere near enough to keep my attention and my interest peaked.

I am glad that I have seen it though, being the zombie aficionado that I am. However, this particular zombie movie just didn't rock my world in the least. And it is not really a movie I will be making a second trip back to watch. It is worth giving a go, if you are a big fan of zombie movies, just don't get your hopes up too high.
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A little taste of Italian
weemonk21 September 2011
Not reviewed for a while but a zombie film is relatively easy to do and always worth it.

So, we have here a nice little Italian entry into the over populated zombie movie genre. It seems there's a zombie film popping up every other week since 2005 and before that they were 'dead' hard to come by.

So, I've stated before in reviews it is hard to breath new life into this genre (uninteded joke there) so if you can't do anything original, make sure that what you do ticks the required boxes for a good zombie flick.....and most of the boxes are ticked.

The film isn't of the highest budget but with some good make-up, nice locations and good use of the visual effects they have - it's not noticeable. A strong part to this film is the 2 male leads. They work perfectly with each other and the bad ass bald guy just has a totally likable character about him.

The story takes elements from Dawn/Day of the dead and mixes a little bit of Resident Evil in. The zombie make-up and good is of a good standard and the running time passes nicely by......except for the last 15 mins which feels rushed against the pace of the rest of film.

Negatives - some characters are silly and the acting is not always the best. The story can be slightly confusing with unanswered plot points.

If you're a zombie fan then this entry is worth checking out. As a casual viewer then this may not do. I enjoyed it for what it was.
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Ahhhh, the Italians
Heislegend26 June 2011
One could certainly argue that the modern zombie films owe a great deal to the Italians. They created a time tested formula that worked. Plus they were never ones to skimp on the gore, and I deeply appreciate that. That being said, there are problems with this formula. Namely, that it's old.

Eaters sticks quite well to the old Italian model, with it's clearly defined protagonists and antagonists, steady introduction of new characters, and healthy dose of violence. All of that works pretty well, but as this way of doing things is - perhaps a little too - time tested it feels a lot like you've seen it a million times. Maybe you have, but that doesn't really mean the movie's no good. It certainly has it's faults, but all in all I found it pretty enjoyable. The characters are well developed, the actors do a good job, and the practical special effects are surprisingly good for a film that feels like it was a little light on budget.
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Fulfilling bleak Italian virus ride
amesmonde15 November 2011
The world is devastated by an epidemic and is overrun by hordes of living dead. Three men, Igor and Alen, hunters of dead and a scientist, Gyno try to find an answer to what has happened to the human race.

Everyone's having a stab at the zombie/virus flick since 28 days Later - Spain with REC, Germany with Rammbock and France Le Horde to name a few.

Although Marmite director Uwe Boll has a producer credit, this shares little if anything with his films. Both writers/ Directors  Luca Boni and Marco Ristori deliver a competently constructed bleak atmospheric zombie horror that is stylishly shot and presented in washed out colour.

Eaters opens with the standard zombie exposition affair of news clips how virus infection has spread. Gyno spins that the zombie epidemic maybe the next step in evolution while the hardened soldiers believe otherwise.

There's some good zombie make up design, lopped off heads, blood, fried zombies, undead torture, skulls and exploding heads. Guns, grenades and machetes are used to dispose and there are some interesting kill scenes as the two hardened soldiers, Igor a likable hard-man played excellently by Alex Lucchesi and Alen notably by Guglielmo Favilla go to section F on a 'corpse hunt'. Notable is chained up Alexis (Rosella Elmi) who is a carrier of the virus. Young actress Elisa Ferretti as Cristina deserves a mention.

Although Igor is likened to Leon it's doctor Gyno played by Claudio Marmugi who is the Jean Reno-alike. He experiments on the dead, shooting them after their used, chopping them up, feeding them scraps reminiscent of Day of the Dead. Interesting the zombies here eat their own body parts, encounters with a Cultist group, slow/fast zombies and armed zombies add to the pleasure.

This serious slick Italian production is grim with a sense of black humour and irony there's characters reading 'corpse and girls' magazine. Crazy Caravaggio painter of dead people. The score is similar to resident evil with electronic heavy beat and it had a few flash backs and eerie dream sequences deliver some jump moments.

Sector b's Nazi group aside the script delivers some tension as madness sets in as the character try to pass time, humour feels unforced and the acting for the most part realistic. Eaters may have it's faults debatably some CGI, editing and pacing issues but for the most part it's a fulfilling ride. Although it borrows from the likes of Resident Evil Apocalypse and 28 Weeks Later to name a few there's enough twists and originality as the leads try to accept their situation to prevent it becoming stale reinforced with an ending that goes against the clichés in the last act.

Gory, bloody and overall more fun than it should be due to it's great execution and grimness.
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Uwe Boll has NOTHING to do with this movie
MrBelette30 October 2012
Uwe Boll just put his name on it but he has nothing to do about the making of this film so unless you're stupid enough to be fooled by the name like Romeu Rosa did in his/her review you shouldn't judge by this. Remember even Coppola, Scorsese, Lucas or Spielberg put their names on terrible things too. Just see it as a typical Italian zombie movie, the kind the Italians did in the 70s or the 80s. The ones that were hated at the time but are now loved because they just have names like Fulci or Argento on it. Don't react like Pavlov dogs when you see a name or go by the cult of personality of the "politique des auteurs". Just watch it and judge by yourself. See it as a fun Z movie. Z as in zombie.
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back to memory lane
trashgang31 July 2011
People who know me on this review site know that I am not really into zombie flicks. Mostly the make-up is so bad that it is unbelievable. But still there are some gems out to catch and even that this one is a bit low on attacks still I liked it very much. It reminded me (the zombies) a lot of those Italian zombie flicks from the eighties. Even as they used a lot of blue key or green key and some CGI to make the cities look like they just experienced Armageddon still I liked it. As I said before, don't expect to see a lot of zombies it is more a story of two friends trying to survive in a zombie world but once they are confronted with the zombies it does deliver the red stuff or sometimes even becomes gory. Blood do sputter on the lens a few times. A big cheer to the first time director. He surely know how to add his score and how to use colour grading by changing saturation to a low level and working in the grey scale. The fact that the actors talk Italian do add it to make it a trip down memory lane. But overall, it's the make-up used, you know, syrup and latex, for the zombies that made them look believable. It's not all about lenses in their eyes like in so many flicks nowadays. And if you know those old Italian horrors then you know how they exaggerated with the sound of wind. Nevertheless, one to pick up and surely to recommend to zombie geeks. A new race is rising...
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Where's Massimo Vanni?
Bezenby23 April 2014
Italians are great at making zombie films, so I was curious to see how a modern take on it would turn out. Would it stand up to the 'zombie versus shark' scene of Zombie Flesh Eaters? Or Burial Ground's "Momma - this cloth smells of death" scene? Or how about that bit in Nightmare City where they fight the zombies while climbing a roller-coaster? Well, they almost do it, almost. At first I thought I was in for another snore fest alongside Tokyo Zombies as we have two protagonists who mumble about things and lie about staring into space, but things picked up a bit, although they never quite reach the delirious heights of the "Removing the vocals chords" scene from Zombie Holocaust.

These two guys, plus another two annoying guys, plus a crazy scientists and perhaps another guy, are all living in a compound and are the only people left alive after a zombie epidemic (save for the neo-Nazis, a crazy artist called Carravagio, and some guy called the plague spreader). There are no women left, seemingly, except for the half alive wife of one of the guys who they keep chained up in the basement. The scientist guy sends out the two main characters to get more zombie to experiment on, which leads to a road movie type scenario.

While slow to start off, things picked up a bit when they go toe to toe with the Neo-nazi guys, meet the plague spreader etc, but the story needed a bit more action (main problem here is that zombies themselves are a bit thin on the ground). There are certain quirks in the film (like the strange animation that the zombies watch) and quite a bit of gore, so I'd say it's worth a watch.

However, it's got nothing on the "meeting the natives" scene from Zombie Creeping Flesh, the "flying head" sequence from Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, the attack on the hospital in "The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue", Massimo Vanni's fighting off the dead in Zombie Flesh Eaters 3, the whole of Dellamore Dellamorte, John Morghen's death in Cannibal Apocalypse, and, well, it's a whole lot better than Oasis of the zombies.

Wait, Jess Franco was Spanish.
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Day of the jeep journey in Zombieland
Bofsensai11 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Day of the Dead comes around again, and so what to dig out of the bargain basement bin collection still awaiting in the theme this year?

Fond of so bad they're good, disappointingly this didn't really make it to the latter category, and in effect is already best reviewed by 'amesmonde' here (check it out): so what can I add to share to tolerate this sorta Dawn of the Dead / Resident Evil / 28 Days later (etc. etc. ETC.) mash up tedium presented here?:

Well, besides encouragement and rewarding a couple of directors who got this (presumably) direct to dvd (surely never seen on big screens?) for - (reportedly) - the unbelievably low budget of just $100,000, you might feel there could be no other reason whatsoever to watch (tolerate) this other than being a Zombie genre fan, to the extent that you will watch anything connected to it!

But (if you do), along the really tedious jeep, sorta road movie, journey way, with occasional interesting deserted building area sets found, in an otherwise almost permanently washed out down to dull greyscale look, with repetitive and uninspiring blue/green screen backgrounds, you will be, er, rewarded, with how that budget was well stretched, used, with some really good (=bad!) worthwhile seeing zombie make-up effects. (With seeming just one person credited, gotta shout huge kudos out to a one Francesca Cioni). And, come on, admit it, that's really the only reason we're along for the otherwise quite tedious (jeep) ride, isn't it?

Otherwise, along that - did I warn, tedious? - jeep journey ride, attempting to stave off yawns, you'll also come across latter day Nazis (including not Mini-Me, but Mini-Adolf, apparently), a rescued waif, á la Aliens (utterly pontless Cristina (Elisa Ferrerti) other than the fact she's related to the 'disease / virus spreader' ..?*), a zombie portrait painter (come on, that's a first, huh?) named Caravaggio (who, ho, ho, get it, paints a zombie head along the lines of his real painter namesake's obsession with decapitation - well, go see 'David with Goliath' - played by the grandly named Paola Spartaco Pallazzi); and for me the best bit (besides the Zombie make-up) - not in any acting or plot or likes - but a humble prop: the 'Corpses and Girls' girly mags the two protagansists while away their time to be thrilled with in the post-zombiefied world where all women are gone (apparently?*) raised a much needed big (pause-frame) smile: e.g. being a big fan of defunct rock group Pink floyd, it amused me to see listed on one something on girls from 'The dark side of the TOMB', plus 'True Mortician's Confessions' (! :-)) and on another, cum(!) ons into the issue included 'Virgin Mummies' (!), 'Screamer Debbie Rochon'** + Rob Zombie! :-)

Plus from that budget you can then guess what the rest of the crew and actors' cut may have been, as another part of the, well not really enjoyment, but justification to 'filmically' appreciate, is the two main protaganists practising (poorly!) their acting chops: another amusement came when the tough macho one of the two starts suddenly singing 'Wake me up before you go go' (yep; the 30 year old Wham song!), to then turn to his more sensitive buddy to assure: "Of course, doesn't mean I'm gay, y'know!"* Hmm: what made the director/writers stick that in then, for a genre that is, usually, almost exclusively male enjoyed, and in any case is in a story, if I followed it correctly*, where all the women have gone* ... ohh - now I get it! (And BTW, since one of the co-directors, Luca Boni, also did the 'animation', so what was that all about to keep the zombies subdued ..?)

So, yep, in the end, there's more to this than would at first seem to be a throwaway, completely forgettable effort - but do you want to tolerate actually watching it to find out?

* Despite my DVD copy supposedly having an English track available (then possibly a. k. a. 'Zombie Massacre' and/or 'Zombie Z'), I only got the Italian dialogue - so much is guessed: like that all the women have for some reason been eliminated (perhaps) - except, of course you still gotta have a female somewhere as the McGuffin to plot-drive any boy's own yarn (check the brief, gratituitiously partially boob bared, Tara Cardinal (I believe?) zombie 'encountered'), so in this one it's the senstive guy's (ex?) wife, who - PLOT SPOILER ALERT - becomes de-rigueur afflicted (of course), played make up and thrillingly, er, bound by Rosello Elmi.

** N.B. I.e. A real 'scream queen' actress known as 'The Meryl Streep of Horror', apparently :-)

There: so, I (we) got all that out of it: can't be that bad then, can it? (Yes, it really can!!)
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nogodnomasters25 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is a "Uwe Bell Presents" Italian zombie film. The government has messed up once again causing a zombie creating virus, except to confuse us, Zombies are called "Eaters." Women are affected more easily than men. Our film focuses on one group of survivors who are looking for a cure and are trying to survive at the same time. Two of the muscle men venture out and barter with other pockets of survivors, including a memorable Nazi group who conduct life and death games with the zombies.

The plot is a little more involved, but that is basically it. I enjoyed the special zombie effects, the "living" body parts and large amounts of blood. The characters were not likeable, in fact you ended up hating the one guy. The film injects humor, at one point our he-man is singing to "Wham!" and feels he must explain that he is not gay. However the film has too many points that drag that could have been more effective with some decent dialogue.

This is another great zombie film to come out of Italy. How do those guys do it?

Parental Guide: F-bomb, nudity.
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Sturdy Italian zombie horror outing
Woodyanders3 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Obsessive mad scientist Gyno (a fine performance by Claudio Marmugi) sends no-nonsense rugged soldier Igor (ably played with fierce gusto by Alex Lucchesi) and his more sensitive buddy Alen (a solid portrayal by Guglielmo Favilla) out into a dangerous and desolate zombie-infested wasteland to retrieve several undead test subjects for his nefarious experiments. Our intrepid duo encounter a deranged artist (a memorably nutty Roberto Marlotti), a vicious group of neo-Nazi scumbags, and tough teenage girl survivor Cristina (a winningly scrappy turn by Elisa Ferretti) during their perilous pilgrimage.

Writers/directors Luca Boni and Marco Ristori relate the familiar, yet still enjoyable and engrossing story at a steady pace, maintain an unflinchingly grim'n'gritty tone throughout, deliver a handy helping of graphic gore, toss in a few neat and perverse twists, and do a spot-on credible and compelling job of depicting a harsh and godforsaken world that's bereft of both hope and humanity. Lucchesi and Favilla make for utterly engaging protagonists; their snappy rat-a-tat-tat banter and relaxed natural chemistry give this picture a substantial kick in the pants and prevent the narrative from hitting any tedious snags. Paco Ferrari's muted cinematography provides an appropriately gloomy washed-out look. The gnarly hard-rocking soundtrack rates as another sweet major plus. A worthwhile addition to the zombie horror sub-genre.
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Uwe Boll presents… Eaters (that should be enough to warn off many people).
BA_Harrison9 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Back in the '70s and '80s, the Italians gave us some hugely entertaining and very gory zombie movies; Eaters, co-directed by Luca Boni and Marco Ristori, is unlikely to usher in a new wave of splattery Italian horror classics, being an utterly derivative and extremely dull addition to the walking dead genre.

Taking most of its cues from Romero's Day of the Dead, the film sees a group of male survivors living in a secure compound leading a mundane day to day existence, while one of their number, scientist Gyno (Claudio Marmugi), conducts experiments on the zombies, trying to find a cure—or at least an answer—for the outbreak.

Considering that most of the world's population has fallen victim to the zombie plague, actual zombies seem awfully thin on the ground, with the film's protagonists Igor (Alex Lucchesi) and Alen (Guglielmo Favilla) rarely interacting with the undead. For much of the time, the film consists of these two characters holding dreary conversations while driving around the countryside, occasionally bumping into other survivors, including a crazy painter named Caravaggio (Paolo Spartaco Palazzi), a group of neo-Nazis, and a teenage girl, Cristina (Elisa Ferretti).

The clunky plot eventually reveals the cause of the outbreak, and exposes Gyno as a maniac trying to develop a new species of human, but by the time this occurred I was struggling to stay awake. A few enthusiastically gory effects aside (some practical, some achieved via rudimentary CGI), there is very little to recommend about this particular Italian zombie flick.
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Beware the undead in Eaters
rgblakey4 March 2013
Nowadays you can't go a few feet in a video store without seeing a zombie film. Sadly more often than not they end up being forgettable and unwatchable, but there are a select few that step outside the box and deliver something new on some level. The latest to tackle the flesh eating fun comes in the form of Eaters, but does it have the chops to bite into the genre and deliver something new or will it just fill another spot on the shelf?

Eaters follows three men in a world that has been devastated by an epidemic turning most of the world into zombies. Two of them set out on a journey to hunt down some new undead guinea-pigs for the other to experiment on looking for a cure. While on their journey they meet a wide variety of characters leading to a life or death journey that could change everything. The plot here is pretty simple and easy to follow, but for some reason they felt the need to throw so many things into it just became a jumbled mess. The performances were pretty bad, with some of them just down right annoying. While the film has some cool moments, it can't seem to decide if it wants to be a dark comedy or a serious zombie flick, but either way it just never really comes together. The one aspect that it does have going for it is in the effects department. There are some really cool looking zombies and moments that are really cool to look at and work great, but are lost in the world of this mess of a film.

As zombie movies go you could do worse, but at the same time a whole lot better. Luckily this genre offers so much for every fan there is no shortage to get what you're looking for, but if you're looking for a great zombie movie, this might be one you want to pass on by.
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Consider releasing in the U.S. as "Bulimics"
bradleybean868 December 2012
Uwe is a director I WANT to like; but don't. I give anyone props who attempts to make a motion picture interpretation of a very niche yet popular Japanese monster/undead shoot'em'up. Uwe "reloads" with a new zombie feature with a lot going for it. Italian, Post apocalyptic undead world *smacks head* deja vu again. *takes meds and focuses*

I made sure to view this with an open mind as I am surely not going to watch the recent slew of shot on video/pov/lost footage films. However, the best aspects of this movie are the looped trance/breakbeat musical segments that accompany much of the 'action' and the zombie fx for most the featured zombies were nostalgic of 80's creative goodness. The film seems to be decently budgeted and doesn't "reek" of being a B movie. The film is in Italian (no dub available yet to my knowledge) so be prepared to read a few subs (the plot is too thin to get lost/not predict what's going to happen) but also expect a decent amount of gore to justify watching.

out of all the attractive European men in the world- we get stuck with two less than impressive looking gents with static personalities. Luckily for them, since I don't know Italian i have really no choice but to assume the vocal talent is on point given the language is so passionate and expressive sounding to a foreigner.

there just isn't anything new here to justify its retelling and closely adheres to the same '28 Days/Dead' theme of surviving through the "aftermath" of an outbreak. Interesting because to me, the most fascinating and cool scenes for a zombie movie are usually during the initial outbreak, with a more epic scope feel that is a bit more relateable, of its time, and engaging. Too many movies meander around the post-zombie revolution or take a shortcut like "an island" or "an isolated facility" which takes what should be a 20-minute segment and stretches it out to fulfill running time obligations. This is pretty much one of those (for me.)

Personally, if you're looking for a good gory zombie flick - check out any of the ROTLD (Return of Living Dead) initial trilogy (1-3 are all amazing in their own ways) or even take a stab at the original (70s) day and dawn of the dead. If you're incapable of watching movies that were made 1-2 decades before you were born, your better off banging your head against the next red box you see after selecting "horror titles."
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Uwe Boll...
nevermore-842-6685952 September 2011
Yes, Uwe Boll put his name on this, and that's enough for me to give it the lowest score possible. People are quick to forget the horrors he has done to excited film buffs around the world by butchering some greatly anticipated game-to-film adaptations. And butchering I think is not enough to describe what he did on such movies as "Postal", "Bloodrayne", "Alone in the Dark"... just to name a few.

Endorsing this movie is endorsing mr Boll and NO self respecting film buff should ever to that, unless he truly hates good movies and want trash like the one Uwe Boll does to take over the industry.

Is that what YOU want?
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Absolutely bad movie and very very waste of time....
seckinlergafri20 November 2017
Eaters is a horror movie from Italy directed by Luca Boni .. Plot: Igor and Alen are the two men who survived after a deadly epidemic plague transformed the whole human into a living corpse .. The two men are looking for women and Zombies .. Will they get what they want ??? Review: zombie horror movie is very strange, boring, cheap dialogue dialogue, silly and annoying character ... 94 minutes of this movie without action and suspense ... Only the conversation of two main characters who are very waste of movie duration ...

Eaters worst Zombie movie of all time and will be easy to forget!
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Goes to show that the Italians can make terrible shot-on-video zombie films like everyone else
Leofwine_draca14 May 2015
It's sad that things have come to this. Italy was a country responsible for the gory glory days of Lucio Fulci films like ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS and THE BEYOND, where the living dead could be guaranteed to look terrifying and chew copious gouts of blood from their victims in the process. These days the country is reduced to making the likes of EATERS, a shot-on-video piece of zombie trash indistinguishable from a hundred others made in the UK and USA.

The proud declaration of "A Uwe Boll Production" at the film's opening is a warning that this will be terrible and it truly is: there's no real script, just various characters doing evil stuff in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. Yet again the film-making style is to bleach away the colour leaving things looking gloomy and dull. The dialogue consists of various unlikeable characters bickering and shooting zombies, while some evil guys are doing experiments and there are even Nazis thrown into the mix. None of it sticks.

Other than some mild gore effects and not-bad make-up, EATERS is an entire waste of time as a zombie film. You'd be much better off watching decent, recent movies in this genre, like THE HORDE, REC, or WORLD WAR Z; at least they're doing something different, unlike EATERS.
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A waste of time - don't bother
spotlightne22 September 2012
It amazes me how anyone can spend $100,000 (the budget) on boring trash like this movie.

What a waste of money. At least it wasn't more money.

The acting is bad. The story is very poor and the whole thing combined sucks. Why make a bad movie like this? Why throw good money away? At least write an interesting story. Introduce tension and action. Do something for hell's sake.

This movie has neither. If you're into zombie movies, then this is not for you. It's not scary one bit.


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