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Excellent script
cbistolfi11 August 2012
I came into this movie just because I read that was filmed in Argentina, Buenos Aires. To my surprise, I found an excellent movie, very well acted, and with a very good script. It left me breathless for a couple of minutes, never knowing what was going to happen later on. It reminded me Mission Impossible, where you try to figure out how they will overcome their almost impossible missions. Well, here is the same. They are trapped, and you don't know how they will manage to escape from the police. The story begins as a common couple crisis. Infidelity, recriminations, plans to overcome the crisis. But suddenly the run into lot of unexpected troubles..... I strongly recommend watching this movie. You will enjoy it.
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What would you do?
chrichtonsworld12 August 2012
Taped is a Dutch thriller that will appeal to an international audience.The fact that Hollywood will remake this movie is proof of that.And I must say that Taped managed to hook me in to an extent.Even when it does require to overlook some flaws in logic and plot.Especially the behavior of Saar (Susan Visser) was downright annoying sometimes.She managed to bring more trouble on themselves.Not that the husband (Barry Atsma) was cool headed all the time but at least he tried to keep it together for the both of them.In the introduction it is explained why they are there and why they are filming it.We get to see the dynamics between them and it becomes apparent their marriage is in trouble.While understandable it wasn't exactly exiting or interesting to watch.It becomes too much for them and they decide to go home at once.Here is the first flaw that doesn't make sense.It was already late and dark.Would it not have been prudent to at least rest on it and go in the morning. So they are calm enough to travel together but not enough to wait and go at a more convenient time.I know anger but even I would not give in to that impulse.Of course from this moment on everything goes wrong for them.The minute the couple get into trouble the tension never lets up until the ending.The predicament they are in is something everyone can relate to.Which is what makes the flaws so tolerable.Then there are some scenes where the main characters one minute take action and the next remain passive and not follow through.These are moments where you ask yourself how you would act or respond if you were in the same situation.Which is an interesting issue that should be discussed during or preferably after having watched the film.Close to the end there was one scene which is very powerful and to me one I totally could see happening in real life.It's a scene where the wife is hysterical and husband Johan tries to calm her down.His solution is an effective one and shows that both characters care for each other very much.Giving the movie the emotional content for one extra thrilling sequence.Taped is one I can recommend.
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Great dutch movie!
marcellino-912-126012 September 2012
I see some are not too enthusiastic about the first 20 minutes, but if it wasn't for this first 20 minutes the movie wouldn't be as good as it was. Very good acting in the beginning part which ties you emotionally to both characters and pulls you right into the tension. Realistic adventure and no Hollywood stuff, so could happen to you as well. Love the scenic of 'downtown' Buenos Aires that was used. The scenery of the quite streets at night with the lamp poles makes it feel very far from home, at least when you watch it as a dutch viewer. This gives you really the idea that you could see yourself in this situation. Also love the fact that it only both of them that make-up the movie, all other characters are secondary. Usually seen in better small productions. Compliments and thanks for making this movie! Really enjoyed it!
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Great fast paced action movie
datmeenjeniet21 August 2012
I was very impressed by Taped. It was fast paced and kept me interested the whole time. It had some plot flaws here and there but they were minor and easy to forgive. Also the drama part (the beginning) was not that great (seemed a bit like the typical Dutch schooled overacted drama stuff).

I absolutely loved Barry Atsma's acting in the action scenes (which is 90% of the movie). Very powerful and convincing! Likable but tough. He must do more action/thriller movies! They should cast him for the Hollywood remake, that would be awesome.

Susan Visser's performance was OK I guess. Her character was a bit annoying at times but I guess that's not necessary a bad thing as some people just are like that :). It was refreshing to see her do action stuff like this but I do think her talent lays more with the desperate housewife kinda characters (which she is most known for in Holland) because she can show of her subtle comedy talent.
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Low-budget but solid.
bastiaan07407 October 2012
As usual, I was watching this movie at night in bed, waiting to fall asleep. Bad move. Not that there were any scary/horror parts, I simply got caught up in the story so much, I was too pumped-up to sleep.

The entire story encompasses two Dutch tourists in Argentinia. Some parts of the movie are shot with their hand-held cam; the remaining scenes - amongst other things, by necessity - are shot from 'normal' movie cameras; for instance when they get arrested and questioned. It works together nicely.

We start out on a regular vacation, with a couple arguing about their personal life. It may drag on a bit and feels a bit like a filler, but because of this we get a 'personal connection' with the main protagonists, which we wouldn't have had if the movie started out with the real plot immediately.

This 'personal connection', together with the realism created by taping part of the movie with a hand-held, gets even more real with a plot that I could see happening in real life, which is: they accidentally tape a dirty cop committing a murder, and get chased by him and his partners.

You can really feel the pressure and the feeling of helplessness - foreign speaking tourists being chased and having nowhere to turn to, be it cops, airports or hospitals - throughout the movie.

My only issue is the out-of-place and pointless rehashing of some personal issues near the end - if it was to underline the psychological distress, it was redundant - and the nice but 'deus ex machina' ending where some technology is conveniently accessible and compatible. I can't tell any more in order not to spoil the ending, but you'll understand what I mean after the movie.

In all, a recommended reality thriller.
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Consequently bad decisions
wholovesdonuts15 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert here. While the idea of this movie is a good one, the choices this couple makes are consequently the wrong ones. Why continue filming? Why run? Why not give the man the camera right away? Why not follow through killing the cop after he raped her?

It physically hurt me to watch this movie.
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Very annoying moving camera work.
erikmar3318 February 2014
I saw this movie in the film theater on the big screen.

The movie started out as a normal movie, there was a story line and I wanted to get involved, normally I enjoy watching dutch movies, unfortunately when the action sequences started the moving camera really distracted very much from the story. It seems very common nowadays to use hand-held camera in movies but this movie in my opinion is an example of bad taste and disrespect to the viewers.

Throughout the entire movie I physically felt sick. El Secreto de Sus Ojos (2009) is also a movie in which there are some fast action sequences in a football stadium, but Taped was a movie with almost uninterrupted moving camera footage. Not to be recommended.
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Fast action Dutch entertainment
deloudelouvain2 January 2016
I don't know why we have to have so much movies filmed with handycams nowadays but I find it rather annoying. Most of the time it kills the story completely to me. With this one the story stays intact but I still think it would have been much better without the filming with a handycam. But as the storyline concerns it is a good movie. Everybody knows that in South American countries it can be very dangerous as tourists and even the police is not to be trusted. And this is what the movie is about. Very nice played by Barry Atsma and Susan Visser. Fast action thriller that gets you as soon as the actual action starts. I wasn't bored for a second. I just wished they would have filmed it with a normal steady camera though.
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Not free to go
kosmasp2 March 2014
Fortunately the movie is not a found footage movie. DV cam footage shot by our main protagonists is playing a big part of the movie, but it is still a proper movie/thriller. Add it to the "situations you don't want to find yourself in". Still and while you might occasionally shake your head at the characters decisions, this is pretty solid thriller material to watch.

The actors are doing a decent enough job to keep you nervous and anxious throughout. Some might have issues with the "action" scenes and the camera shots involving them, but that's just a style option. While the end might seem a bit ... strange and sort of sudden and kind of "duh", you will be entertained until then.
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