Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) Poster

Sam Claflin: William



  • William : She hasn't changed. She has that same light inside her. You must see it.

    The Huntsman : You'd be blind if you didn't.

    William : I've thought about her every day since I lost her. I can hardly believe I found her.

    The Huntsman : You should tell her how you feel. It'd be good for her.

    William : No. I wouldn't know how.

    The Huntsman : You not telling someone something like that and living with the regret is a lot worse.

  • Duke Hammond : We have word of the Princess. Ravenna has kept her all these years.

    William : She lives?

    Thomas : She escaped the castle and into the Dark Forest.

    William : I'm going after her.

    Duke Hammond : We don't know if she survived. William!

    William : What?

    Duke Hammond : You ventured beyond the castle walls again, disobeying my orders. You're all that's left. Don't you understand? I cannot afford to lose any more of my men.

    William : I'm going alone.

    Duke Hammond : I will not lose my only son. You don't know the Dark Forest.

    William : Then I will find someone who does. I will not abandon her a second time!

  • Snow White : William. It's as if nothing's changed here. The world seems beautiful again.

    William : It will be when you are queen. The people of this kingdom hate Ravenna with every fiber.

    Snow White : I used to hate her. Now I feel only sorrow.

    William : Once people find out you're alive they will rise up in your name.

    Snow White : It takes more than a name.

    William : You are your father's daughter. The rightful heir. If I had a choice I'd take you far away. Keep you safe by my side. But I have a duty and so do you.

    Snow White : How do I inspire? How will I lead men?

    William : The way you led me when we were children. I followed you everywhere. I ran when you called. I would have done anything for you.

    Snow White : That's not how I remember it. We used to fight all the time. And argue.

  • William : I said, do you need a bowman?

  • William : I'm sorry I left you.

    Snow White : You didn't.

    William : If I'd have thought you were alive I would have come for you.

    Snow White : We were children, William. You're here now.

  • William : I will not abandon her a second time!

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