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Kevin Kline: Joseph



  • Joseph : What's going on? Whose dog is this?

    Grace : Mom's. She saved his life.

    Beth : He's not mine. I'm just gonna find him a home.

    Joseph : Why is he here?

    Beth : I just couldn't let them take him to the pound. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna call a few rescue societies tomorrow and somebody's gonna want him.

    Joseph : Yeah, but not us, right? We're not getting a dog, right?

    Grace : I think you should keep him. I'll help.

    Joseph : You're at school. She's not gonna come back every morning and walk the dog and neither am I.

    Beth : I wouldn't mind doing that.

    Joseph : Beth, I don't want a dog.

    Beth : I told you, I'm gonna find him a home.

    Joseph : Yeah, I know you.

    Beth : And what's that supposed to mean?

    Grace : That was Dr. Bhoola.

    Joseph : Who?

    Grace : The veterinarian. He's gonna stop by.

    Beth : What is he... He's coming here now?

    Grace : Yeah, he has some medicine or something. I'm gonna use your shower 'cause it's filthy in here.

    Joseph : The veterinarian makes house calls?

    Beth : He's very attractive.

  • Beth : I'm not talking about Doctors, I'm talking about you.

    Joseph : Have I ever put my work before you or the girls?


    Joseph : Ok, sometimes. When I'm doing surgery on someone's spine to relieve them of a life of pain, I have put my work first! The girls always understood and they never complained.

    Beth : Were we living in the same house?

  • [first lines] 

    Patient : This is the best my back has felt in three years. Joseph, you're a genius.

    Joseph : That's my job. I'm a surgeon. But I'm no genius.

  • Joseph : We haven't lost a person. We lost a dog.

    Beth : Love is love. It doesn't matter if it's a dog.

  • Joseph : This is - this is a difficult time for you; for both of us. And especially for a woman, there are physical changes that affect everything.

    Beth : Oh, tell me about being a woman.

    Joseph : I think that the anger you're feeling is not about me. It's hormonal.

    Beth : No. It's not menopause. It actually is about you.

  • Beth : Ellie called. They got your mother on her plane. And you know what Ethan asked about you? You know what he said? He's so cute. He said 'Where's pee pee?'

    [Beth and Joseph laugh] 

    Beth : Honey, what are we gonna do about the Partridge and the Plough?

    Joseph : What are we gonna do about Russell? Has Freeway been in here?

    Beth : Huh? I thought he was with you.

    Joseph : He was but he took off on me.

    Beth : What? Wait a minute. Where's the dog?

    Joseph : I told you, he took off.

    Beth : When was this?

    Joseph : 'Bout 20 minutes ago. He chased a deer and wouldn't come back.

    Beth : Did you use the whistle?

    Joseph : I whistled. I didn't have the whistle per say.

    Beth : You were on the phone, right? Hmm?

    Joseph : It was an emergency. He's probably right outside.

  • Carmen : When I realized Django was my spirit-mate, the animal world became so visible to me.

    Joseph : As opposed to the vegetable and mineral worlds?

    Penny : Now, who's' Django?

    Bryan : Oh, that was Carmen's dog. He lived to be 24.

    Penny : Oh.

    Carmen : It was then that the gift blossomed in me. My third eye truly opened. What Django felt, I felt. I traveled through the world with him, seeing what he saw.

    Russell : And what did he see?

    Carmen : He saw things for what they are. He was connected to the prana.

    Joseph : Oh, the prana.

    Penny : Shut up, Joseph. You're such a tight ass. Do you have to be so one-dimensional?

    Joseph : Excuse me for living in this dimension.

  • Beth : Carmen, do you see him? Is he alright?

    Joseph : Beth, are you kidding me?

    Beth : Can you see what he sees?

    Carmen : Yes.

    Russell : What do you see?

    Carmen : I see trees and the shed with construction equipment in it and mountains.

    Joseph : Wow. That really pinpoints it.

  • Joseph : [on the phone]  Tell me about Bora Bora.

    Grace : Amazing. You gotta come here someday. Dad, Sam and I can't stop talking about the wedding. It was just what we hoped. And I know you didn't want Freeway in the ceremony, but you have to admit it was sweet.

  • Joseph : [Last lines] 

    [answers his phone] 

    Joseph : Gracie?

    Grace : Dad. Are you guys still up on the mountains? What's going on?

    Joseph : Oh, well, we were having so much fun.

    Grace : I'm so glad you guys took a few days to unwind. We've been having the best time. I love being married. Oh and dad, how's Freeway?

    Joseph : Freeway? Freeway's fine.

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