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Brian Tochi: Karate-1, Bunjiro 'Bunji' Bennett


  • Karate-1 : It's gotta have a weak spot.

    Rock-1 : [sarcastically]  Yeah, I bet it's a lousy dancer.

  • Sport-1 : Hey - Karate-1. I could use a hand here.

    Karate-1 : How 'bout a foot? HEE-YA!

    [jump-kicks the bulldozer attacking him] 

  • I.Q. : Did you ever see such a mess?

    Karate-1 , Sport-1 : Your room.

  • Karate-1 : Who made up your dress code, Flash Gordon?

  • Sport-1 : Where's the off button on this thing?

    Karate-1 : Right here. HEE-YA!

    [kicks the truck out of the way] 

  • Karate-1 : This must be the place.

    I.Q. : [they land]  This must be the *wrong* place.

  • Carlton Long : Some hazardous chemicals they dumped must've interacted somehow.

    I.Q. : Causing a genetic mutative effect at intercellular level. In other words, life.

    Karate-1 : And I still can't figure out long division.

  • Karate-1 : A cepsicola? It sounds delicious.

    Carlton Long : I wouldn't suggest drinkin' it. Compared to a cepsicola, sulfuric acid is a health tonic.

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