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  • Wells' treacherous attack and devastating betrayal in Egypt has set into motion the plan she has been secretly orchestrating for more than one hundred years. When it becomes clear that Wells has her hands on the original weapon of mass destruction, Artie, Claudia and Mrs. Frederic race against the clock to stop her deadly endgame.


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  • "Warehouse 13" - "Reset" - Sept. 21, 2010

    We pick up where we left off: Mrs. F (CCH Pounder) is A-OK, everyone now realizes H.G. (Jaime Murray) was the bad guy who played them from the beginning and hacked into W13 accounts and sent the boys to Warehouse 2 and they have to find her.

    Only trouble is W2 is rapidly filling with sand and Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) are trapped. They see a hatch in the ceiling, strap on Icarus' wings and fly up to it, where mercifully Artie (Saul Rubinek) is waiting to let them out.

    Back at W13, the gang figures out H.G. stole a spear from W2 thanks to the fact the inventory was downloaded into Mrs. F's brain while she was connected to it. But the inventory fades before they can figure out what the spear is for.

    Luckily, Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) is still tracking H.G. and gets a hit she's in Paris. They figure outshe's going to Christina's gravesite. Pete and Myka hotfoot it to the City of Lights but not before Pete professes his love to Kelly (Paula Garcés). When they get to Christina's mausoleum, they are distracted by having to save H.G.'s lawyer from a primordial tar pit trap so she gets away. But not before she steals a handle off of Christina's coffin.

    After Artie reassures Claudia she won't be forced to take over W13 if something happens to Mrs. F. if she doesn't want to, the gang tries to figure out why H.G. stole the handle. They realize with horror, in combination with the spear, the handle forms an ancient trident, the original weapon of mass destruction locked away by Alexander the Great in Warehouse 1. When it's jammed into the ground three times, it can create a fissure in the earth and cause a supervolcano explosion. Yikes! They hope she's selling it to the highest bidder, like MacPherson was, not planning on using it.

    At Kelly's office she receives a package purporting to be from Pete. Inside is an ancient-looking compact/powder puff. She sends him a picture of her using it.

    Myka apologizes to Pete for trusting H.G. even though she knew he had vibes. H.G. calls Pete and he asks what she wants. Claudia is trying to trace the call. H.G. taunts them. She suggests he check in on Kelly since he sent her a gift she'll be "crazy" for. They got a lock on H.G.'s position. She's going to see Yellowstone where there's a powerful volcano underground. If she uses the trident, it could trigger an ice age, killing most of the earth's population. Pete heads off to save Kelly and Artie and Myka head for a chopper to head off H.G. at the pass.

    At Kelly's office, Pete finds the compact made her loco and she tries to stab him and a fight ensues. Once the knife is out of her hand, she comes back to normal. And then she starts to collapse and seems dehydrated. Pete goes to get her water and she stabs him with a hypodermic needle full of sedative.

    Myka and Artie get to Yellowstone. They find the hot spot and H.G. arrives with the trident. Myka asks what she wants to get by this. She says it isn't a bargaining tool for money or power. She simply intends to use it.

    Kelly has Pete strapped to a table and a hatchet at the ready when Claudia arrives to save him. Kelly starts to attack Pete and Claudia stops her. He points to the compact, it belonged to Lizzie Borden. Claudia grabs it and bags it as Kelly is about to whack him. Kelly comes back to normal and is freaked out. Claudia tries to explain the compact makes the person who looks in it want to kill the person they love, but Kelly is still confused. Pete tries to calm her down, but Kelly takes off.

    Myka is confused why H.G. wants to kill innocent people. H.G. doesn't think the world is so innocent. She can't believe over a century later the world has gotten worse. She's mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore. She says the planet needs a chance to heal itself. H.G. is about to jam the trident into the ground when Artie shoots her, but she's wearing a "Corsican" vest making the person who tries to do harm to her actually cause the harm to happen to themselves so he is shot. H.G. makes one stab into the ground. It begins to crack and shoot up water.

    Myka trains the gun on her and H.G. warns her not to. She tries to reason with her about mothers losing children just like she did. H.G. is unmoved and jams the trident in a second time. Myka tries again, saying she wanted them to stop her and could've killed them anytime. She says there's some part of her soul knows this is wrong and that part is pushing to get through. H.G. tells her to stay away. Myka puts the gun in H.G.'s hand and points it at her own head, telling H.G. to shoot her if she wants people dead so bad. H.G. can't and collapses. Myka grabs the trident.

    H.G. is carted off by official-looking officials by the Regents. They don't tell the gang where they're taking her, but compliment Pete and Myka on a job well-done. He says H.G. was a formidable opponent who fooled them all. Myka points out she didn't fool Artie.

    Artie is recovering in a sling. Claudia is about to give him grief, but she breaks down in tears, glad he's okay. He says he plans on making her life hell for a long time.

    Pete goes to see Kelly who is packing up her office. She says she's leaving. He tries to convince her to stay and starts to tell her his true story saying he can tell one person. She stops him and says she's not "the one." She doesn't want a complicated life. She's sad but she kisses him goodbye.

    At the Warehouse a glum Pete tells Myka he's been trying to simplify his life and it boils down to three words: "Quit your job, Pete." (He wasn't counting Pete.) She wonders what happens next. He doesn't know, get Kelly back, live a normal life. She laughs at this and says if he wanted that he would've already left. She says this is the right life for him and that he and the Warehouse need each other.

    Pete heads off to see Artie but Myka can't quite do it yet.

    Mrs. F shows up saying that Myka wanted to see her. Myka hands her an envelope and tells her to give it to Artie. It's obviously a resignation. Mrs. F tries to stop her, saying it wasn't her fault, Myka saved the world. Myka points out she almost didn't and it was her fault it was in danger and they can't risk her doing it again.

    Mrs. F. reads the resignation to Leena, Claudia, Artie, and Pete with sweet individual notes to each of them. Pete races after her. But he's too late. We end with Pete bereft, watching her drive away.

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