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  • Susan is horrified to discover she's a cover model on outdoor billboard ads; Bree and Renee compete for Keith; Lynette takes advantage of Penny's generous offer to help look after Paige; Paul purchases his old house.

  • Susan is horrified when she discovers that she has become the face of the provocative internet company she's been secretly working for and is now the cover model for their outdoor billboard ads; Gabrielle tells her coveted secret to the ladies; Renee finds out that Bree is a grandmother and uses it to her advantage in an attempt to steal Keith away and have him for herself; Lynette takes advantage of daughter Penny's generous offer to help look after the baby; and Paul purchases the home he shared with Mary Alice, against wife Beth's wishes.


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  • "Desperate Housewives" - "The Thing That Counts is What's Inside" - Oct. 17, 2010

    Gabrielle and Carlos meet their real biological daughter in a nearby park. Her name is Grace Sanchez. Her parents seem very sweet. The father thinks it must be a mistake until they meet Grace, who is the spitting image personality-wise of Gaby (spoiled, demanding, shallow, etc.) The parents talk about getting together once a month to get to know their bio-daughters, even though they don't want to tell the girls themselves. It's clear that Grace's mother (who is somewhat plain and a bit chubby... like Juanita) is disapproving-jealous of Gaby. Carlos compliments Mrs. Sanchez on the job she's done of raising Grace, who's very polite. Juanita comes over and is very impolite to Grace. Gaby gets no such compliments.

    At the poker game, Gaby lets the cat out of the bag about the hospital baby mix-up eight years ago and she shows a photo of Grace. The wine flows and the ladies ask her a lot of questions. Gaby asks them to be discreet for Juanita's sake. Gaby says it was amazing to meet Grace. She says she knows what it's like to be poor like Grace so she bought her a little "starter" Chanel bag. Only Renee is impressed by this.

    Gaby goes to visit Grace and drop off the present. Mrs. Sanchez is annoyed and declines the gift. She asks Gaby to let them be who they are: people of modest means with good values, and not who she is and tells her to call next time before comming over.

    At bedtime, Carlos reads Gaby the riot act. Gaby says she was supposed to have all these things as their daughter. Carlos says this is why he didn't want to meet her because they didn't know what would happen and now they're falling in love with her and if Gaby spooks these people they may not get to see her anymore.

    The next day, Carlos and Edgar enjoy a beer on the Solis porch and Carlos says he's glad they ended up being friends out of this tough situation. Mrs. Sanchez is helping Juanita cook something and she's enjoying it. Gaby smiles gladly on it. Grace compliments Gaby on her house and Gaby gives her a tour. They look through Gaby's jewelry box. Grace says she can't wait to grow up so she can have beautiful things. Grace admires one piece and Gaby gives it to her to keep and tells her to make it their little secret.

    On the Susan and Mike front, it's been two months since their move away from Whisteria Lane, and Susan and Mike have made a lot of financial progress, including paying on his truck loan. Maxine comes over and advises Susan that the Va-Va Broom website has taken on partners and are taking it domestic, she advises Susan to get out. Maxine tells Susan she has a month at most before anyone who knows her might see her revealing poses on the Internet. Susan offers to work double shifts up until the last day.

    The next day, Susan is driving downtown and is aghast when she sees a "Va Va Broom" billboard.... and it's her face on the front! Crazy Susan races over and tries to stop them. She grabs onto the end of the face part of her poster as it's raised up and is unsuccessful in keeping it from going up.

    Susan begs Maxine to make them stop putting up the billboard, but Maxine says it's beyond her control. Susan freaks out about the possibility of Mike seeing the billboard. Maxine says she'll make a call.

    A little later, Maxine tells Susan it will cost $9,000 to buy back her image, but Susan knows that this would put her right back in the financial hole. Maxine offers her another option, doing things that are a little "racier" to make the billboard money and more. As they are discussing this, a figure (seen only from the knees down), wearing work boots, is seen pulling the ripped up billboard of Susan's face from the dumpster. (Someone knows Susan's secret.)

    Later we see Susan hand Maxine a check.

    On the Scavo home front, Lynette is dealing with a crying baby Paige who is fussy everywhere she goes from the stores to home. She ends up leaving her alone with Penny to run a quick errand and discovers that her older daughter is a good babysitter.

    When it's time for the poker game, Penny offers to babysit Paige. She claims it's fun watching her. Lynette says she's officially her favorite.

    This leads of course to Lynette taking advantage of her. This morning, however, Penny has a test to take and can't be late. Lynette promises she will take just a quick jog. She is waylaid by Bree and rushes home realizing she's making Penny late. But Penny decided to take Paige to school. Which of course freaks out Lynette who rushes to the school and gets serious looks of judgment from all the secretaries. The principal dresses her down for relying so much on Penny, more than Lynette even knows. It turns out that Penny has been falling asleep in class. Lynette promises to fix it.

    When Penny comes home, Lynette apologizes to her and thanks her for all her help. Penny says she likes the Lynette who is rested and laughs more and plays board games. But Lynette tells her it's not her job to look after Paige or her mom, that's Lynette's job. Tom overhears this and gives her a big kiss and says it was sweet. Lynette asks Tom to get her a nanny since she's drowning. Tom offers to pitch in more. She calls it a lovely hollow offer and asks again for a nanny.

    Elsewhere, Paul Young still hasn't gotten "any" from his new wife, who is sleeping on the couch. Lee arrives to announce that Paul is the proud new owner of his old house. Beth is surprised by this news. Paul tells her he thought it was a good investment and he won't discuss it.

    Beth looks out the window and realizes Paul is hanging out in his old house. She goes over and he asks her to leave. She wonders if they're going to move here. He says "no". Beth asks Paul why he would buy a place filled with unpleasant memories. Paul says he doesn't see any of those, only the good ones: morning coffees with his first wife Mary Alice, the Christmas tree, reading stories to Zack. Paul says that he had a real marriage here. Beth says they have a real marriage but it's hard and him keeping things from her doesn't make it easier. He agrees and says there should be no secrets between them because secrets are why this house is empty now.

    However, Paul goes over to Mrs. McCluskey's house and asks if she's interested in selling her house... to him. He intimates that one day when she's so old and feeble she will be taken advantage of and this is an opportunity to sell while she's still sharp as a tack. Paul says it stems from his love of the neighborhood. She tells him to piss off.

    Beth tries to chat with McCluskey who isn't having it and refuses to associate herself with Beth. She tells Beth about what Paul said about trying to buy her house, which is news to her. Later when Paul gets home, as Beth is cooking dinner, she asks him if anything interesting happened during his day. He says "no". Beth is silently angry becase she knows that he is lying.

    Meanwhile, Bree asks Keith what their date is going to be. He says it's a surprise and he's stoked. She awkwardly says she's "stoked" too. Renee watches from Lynette's porch. Lynette catches her and lets slip that Bree is a grandmother.

    Keith arrives and his surprise is awesome tickets to Black Eyed Peas. Bree says she rocks all the time. Just then Bree's daughter, Danielle, arrives with her son Benjamin, who keeps calling Bree "grandma." She doesn't care for this. It's a surprise visit for the whole weekend. Keith bows out saying nothing's more important than family. Danielle says that Renee called her and told her to come on over for Bree has been depressed since Orson left her, but it's clear now that "Bree's friend" was wrong and Bree is bouncing back just fine. Danielle also says that Renee sent her first class airplane tickets for the visit.

    While out on her jog, Lynette is waylaid by Bree who tells her what Renee did. Lynette tels Bree that she just learned that Renee is now taking Keith to dinner... having apparently planned this whole thing to steal Keith away from Bree. Lynette tells Bree to fight back, for it's the only thing that Renee understands since she thrives on fights and confrontation. Lynette tries to give Bree something to use to humiliate Renee and it turns out she's freaked out by the "Wizard of Oz" and little people.

    Bree hires a little person to be at the restaurant where Renee and Keith are dining. It's a fancy place that doesn't really suit him. Renee asks him how he feels about jazz and he's not jazzed by it. More little people go by and she starts freaking out. Keith keeps missing seeing them. When Keith asks the adgitated Renee what is wrong, she admits that as a child there was an "incident" at the circus and ever since she's been freaked out by dwarfs, midgets and little people. One comes over to the table and Renee goes ballistic, climbing up on her booth and throwing a coat over him. The little person reports back to Bree. It turns out that they are friends from Bree's local church and he was happy to help out.

    The next day, Renee angrily goes to confront Bree at her house. Renee wants to put Keith on the spot and ask him to choose. Bree doesn't want to. Bree tells Renee that Keith is all hers, especially since she doesn't get his references and can't stay out late like him, it makes her feel silly. Renee thinks that's no fun. Bree says she doesn't want to be a cliche: a desperate, predatory, divorcee. "Like me", asks Renee? She says people make fun of that cliche because they're jealous. Renee has a change of heart and since Bree thinks Keith can make her happy and she lets her have him. Renee says after the stunt at the restaurant, she'd rather have Bree as a friend than an enemy.

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