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xrabid_yaoi_fangirlx15 September 2011
I could tell this movie was going to be great when we walked into the theater and no one else was there. I had expected it to be awful from the get go, but it surprised me by also being completely nonsensical. What looks like a typical "monster eats a bunch of teens in the woods" movie is actually much more convoluted. Throughout, I couldn't shake the feeling that this had started off as a kinky softcore porn that accidentally mutated into a horror movie somewhere along the way. While the breasts all gave a moving performance, the rest of the cast left something to be desired. Of course, that could have just been the weird script. There should have been subtitles for the 40% of the dialogue that was delivered in fake Cajun accents, but what we could understand didn't make things any clearer. I mean, yeah, we got the gist of it, but we just kept asking why. Why did anyone do anything that they did in this film? I guess it's up to the viewer to decide. Audience participation!

I have no idea what the writer and director had on their minds when they set this baby up, but I'm pretty sure I can tell you what they didn't: logic, character development, timing, or continuity. If you love bad horror movies like I do, you might enjoy this, but honestly we spent more time being confused than laughing. Plus I kept waiting for it to stop beating around the bush and just turn into Deliverance 2 already, but it never did.
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For a fan of the cheesy Sci-Fy channel movies I was disappointed. Very cheesy but tried to be serious. Didn't work. I say C+
cosmo_tiger18 March 2012
"What if it happens to be our kin? What if that old fool was right?" Six friends leave for a week of fun in New Orleans when a stop at a local gas station introduces them to the legend of Grimley, a local half-man/half-alligator killer bent on revenge. They decide the best way to enjoy themselves is to venture into the swamp and see if it's real. Tell me you don't want to watch that. I have to admit that I am a sucker for these over the top cheesy killer creature movies. The gold standard to me is a tie between "Piranah" & "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus." Those are fun to watch because they are really cheesy but they know it so they go for the comedy side too. That makes them so much fun to watch. This one had the low-budget cheesy stuff that I was looking for, but it felt like they tried to compensate by making the rest of it as serious as they could. The acting was so bad though that it didn't come off like they wanted. It became a movie that thought it was more serious then it was. Still fun to watch, but not one of the better of this genre. Overall, I was hoping for more comedy to go with the cheese. I give it a C+.
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Pretty Bad. No, really bad.
moustasch19 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I love horror films and I'm old enough to remember the great "rubber suit" monsters from the '50s so I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. The sad thing reminded me of everything that was bad about some of them.

The first five minutes we have a beautiful nude woman going for a swim and our first death. Out of the entire movie this is the best part of it and everything goes downhill from there. Actually the first half of the movie isn't really that bad, except for the acting of some Louisiana Cajun bad-old boys led by veteran actor Sid Haig. Haig does his best with what he was given but it's really just a rehash of his role in House of 1000 Corpses (sans the clown makeup). Popular TV actor Mehcad Brooks has the best role in what I think is his first movie, but even he fell apart near the end because of some seriously bad writing. I've seen a lot of straight to DVD movies that were better then this and I have no idea why this movie got into theaters instead of suffering that fate.

The whole second half of the film just falls apart completely. People, whom you've never seen before suddenly show up out of nowhere. The monster easily kills a bunch of people but then suddenly goes weak and can't finish off the last guy. Someone gets shot in the leg and then a minute later is running through the woods, attacks and defeats several bad guys, jumps down a 20 foot hole in the ground and completely dismisses the hole in his leg.

This movie has an R rating simply because of a few nude girls running around and some drug usage. There's hardly any gore because most of the deaths and/or mutilations happen off-screen. Besides some beautifully shot bayou scenes there really isn't much to see here. There was one twist. The guy you think will probably get killed first, due to it happening 1000 times in other movies, survives. All in all I give it a 2, just because I did like the first few minutes, which made me hope for something exciting to come. It never did. My advice...see the beginning and then go next door and watch Contagion instead.
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Same ol same ol but worse
Sorpse20 August 2012
Man i've watched some garbage movies lately. Monster brawl, dear god no, and then this. Im gunna try and go catch batman in theaters tonight to remind myself that good movies do exist. Basically everything in this movie is something we have seen before. Teens go to creepy rest stop, locals creep em out, they go somewhere they are warned not to go, locals terrorize them but there's more to be worried about, the creature. The creature is about the only remotely memorable part of this movie, it looked semi-cool but doesn't actually do anything worth talking about. Pretty much all the deaths happen off screen and we are shown maybe a severed limb or the spray from an attack but never the full out carnage so the death scenes are easily forgettable. The characters are all of the same characters from any other movie like this but at least the women show a lot of tits. plenty of nudity in this movie. Its all well made but nothing new or memorable at all I should have turned this movie off half way through like i did those other two.
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Look in the swamp! It's a Gator! No, it's a Gorilla! No, it's a football player! No, it's Gatorman!
Boloxxxi11 September 2011
Another movie about backwoods freaks preying on unsuspecting young travelers usually visiting, passing thru, or detained. In this movie they are traveling thru Loisiana to the city of New Orleans. And the backwoods freaks this time are a bunch of people who've made a pact with a "Gatorman"; part man, part alligator. This pact is steeped in religion and appears cultish. They give Gatorman what he wants and he gives them what they need. What he wants is tender, sweet, female flesh for dinner and sex. In return, he gives his worshipers what they need. Perpetuation; continuity. The cult are bred or born from incestuous sex; the women of which are sacrificed regularly to Gatorman (I'm only the messenger, folks).

Legend has it that circa 19th century, the Boteen (spell check) family, who lived reclusively deep in the swamps, were concerned about their lineage because their family tree was thinning out due to sterility. You know the saying: "Desperate situations call for desperate measures"? --Well it was up to 2 Boteens, Caroline and Grimley, who were brother and sister to save the Boteens from extinction. On the eve of their wedding, while they were frolicking on the swamps filled with love and anticipation of their union, a white gator rose up from the swamps and took Caroline. Grimley goes after her, finds the animals larder, but she's already dead. He kills the gator, but is overcome by grief and goes mad. He begins to consume the gators store of human remains (including sister Caroline) and "Gatorman" --who looks like a cross between a linebacker, a gorilla, and a reptile-- is born.

After seeing an old flier made for tourists daring them to go to Grimeley's old home in the swamps and directions to get there from a storekeeper, six young people, 3 guys and 3 girls, decide to make a side trip from their journey to visit the old house of legend (I think we agree, reader, that this can't be good). This movie is not a bad entry into the "Backwoods Freaks" genre. But instead of some psycho with a love for sharp things and torture after you, this time it's a Gatorman aided by a religious inbred cult. I would say that action and story-wise, it's fair. I did have a little problem with the way the lead in this movie took a bullet and didn't even limp after. As well, he got a pummeling from Gatorman that should have (in my opinion) broken every bone in his body. Bit of credibility lost there, I think. Still, if you understand that these type of movies are what they are; that they can often be a bit amateurish (some of the writing and directing here; the acting was okay) and a bit exploitive (some nudity with the violence in this one) and that they are designed strictly for entertainment and revenue, then most likely you would accept this entry into the Backwoods Freak genre as a fair one. Love, Boloxxxi.
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The good old days of horror are no more...
facebook-124-9558459 September 2011
I've always been a fan of blood, gore and guts. I would watch anything that fell under the genre of Horror. I've seen all the Friday the 13ths, Nightmare on Elm Streets, and Halloweens; I've seen all the Jeepers/Creepers, Texas Chainsaw Massacres, and Saws; and I've watched most of the classic Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Invisible Man and Creature from the Black Lagoon movies. Some of my all-time favorite Horror films have been the less mainstream films though; such as Killer Klowns from Outer Space and the cult classic Evil Dead. When I was asked if I was interested in passes to see a screening of Creature, I couldn't resist. I'd seen a trailer for the movie and knew that it was definitely a "low-budget" film; and with low-budget films comes low expectations.

Using a budget of approximately $3,000,000, an extremely small amount by Hollywood standards), Fred Andrews III makes his directorial debut. The most notable actor in Creature is horror film stalwart Sid Haig, mostly known for playing Captain Spaulding in the movies House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. Sadly, Haig basically just plays a dumbed down version of Spaulding and sadly his is extremely underutilized because he's the best thing in the movie. The "creature", if you will, is not a computer generated image but is merely someone wearing a costume; similar to the way it was done back in the "good old days." Regrettably the comparison to the "good old days" stops there. Yes, there's the nudity, and quite a bit more than the standard gratuitous, there's pot smoking and drunkenness; but, the shock factor is lacking. The kill scenes show very little gore…if any at all. The characters are underdeveloped, giving you no one to relate to or to root for. The witty humor is dull and the dialogue isn't much better. There really isn't much that actually works.

Grade: F

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Full of meh
Heislegend12 September 2011
While I'm not sure what I expected going into this, I didn't really get what I was looking for. I think I was hoping for something a bit more like Hatchet which was a ton of fun and had quite a bit of gore. This movie feels like it's just a step above a Syfy channel movie. If you've ever had the misfortune of stumbling upon one of those without expecting it, you'll know what I mean.

I liked the slight throwback to 80's era movies what with the camping, one-by-one killing, and somewhat gratuitous nudity. Everything else was pretty bland. The creature effects are OK, but not fantastic. The effects in general, really, are just OK. Then there's the suspension of disbelief which is just a bit more than I can handle (aside from the monster stalking the swaps of Louisiana). I won't go into why exactly, but it's just a mess. The movie isn't terrible, but it's certainly not anything that's going on your favorites list.
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Fun Romp in the Swamp
rabiddog679 September 2011
This is a fun little film that I used to see its kind playing in the drive-in back in the 1970s and early 1980s. It is always good to see Sid Haig, who starred in many of drive-in exploitation flicks back in the day before House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects made him a horror icon. The plot is pretty basic: six friends go into the swamp to check out a local legend and fall prey to a creature from the swamp that looks pretty cool. There is trouble with the locals as well as some personal betrayals going on. I see some early reviewers on this site, knocking the film as expected because, as I imagine, many of them did not grow up watching these creature features and have little love for them. This is the kind of film Drive-In critic Joe Bob Briggs used to review and champion; I only wish I had a chance to see it at a drive-in instead of a indoor theater.
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A waste of money - mine and theirs
CSHaviland14 September 2011
While I like creature movies in general, I only like good ones. This movie has no business trying theatrical distribution. Its distributor is going to lose millions.

The movie is basically the same quality and mentality as what you might see produced by Roger Corman or Charles Band, which are dirt-budget cheaply written ride-the-trend productions. To their credit they launch careers for actors and filmmakers trying to get their first break, but the products are horrible.

The Corman / Band era is over, however. Until the 90's, movies like that could take advantage of the fact that nobody knew they sucked until it was too late. Word of mouth was only as good as your local community. Today we have the internet, where everyone with at least one finger and a brain stem can bang out their reaction to a movie and send it up to a site where it gets visibility. Thousands of viewers can rate movies at many sites, such as IMDb, Yahoo Movies, Fandango, Flix, Hulu, etc. This averages out to an overall audience reaction, despite idiots who give everything they see one star or those who give everything they see "all" stars. This rapid response medium spreads the word so fast that after just a day or two of release, I can see that hundreds or even thousands of people have averaged a movie to 4 stars out of 10, and that means I should steer clear of it.

(Obviously it didn't work with me this time because I'm one of those rare persons who doesn't pay much attention to the opinions of others.) The cost of distributing a movie to the theater is ENORMOUS. It is harder to distribute a movie to a US theater than it is to raise millions of dollars to produce it in the first place. With Blu-Ray on the rise, and the increasing popularity of using the internet to stream movies, theatrical distribution is riskier than ever.

I suppose the distributor of Creature figured the time was ripe. It's the second deep-south swamp horror to come out this month, the other being Shark Night, which was marginally better (but not a good bet either). I suppose they were inspired by the surprise success of Piranha 3D, which had a lot of star cameo power, a lot of gore, a lot of nudity, and a lot of fun. All Creature had was a little nudity, and that's just not enough. The plot was confusing, the characters were ridiculously unbelievable, and the creature costume was even worse than Swamp Thing 20 years ago.

Seriously, guys. College students can make a better film than this.
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I wanted to love this movie...
stsinger11 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to love this movie. Really, I went into the theater hoping to be wowed. Unfortunately, a big disappointment.

The film starts out promisingly -- a woman strips nude, takes a nice dip in a lake where she is chomped by an alligator. Nice start, although in retrospect it seems added on since an alligator is not the titular creature.

We then go to a group of 6 twenty-somethings who are driving to New Orleans and, as is typical, are taking a "shortcut." There are two sets of brothers and sisters, and one of the brother/sister combos has brought along their boyfriend and girlfriend. The guys are supposedly Marines just back from overseas, which makes no sense considering later plot revelations. And as you might expect, these kids are obnoxious so we begin anxiously waiting for their demises.

And waiting is the key. For 45-50 minutes we are treated to watching these six talk and lame attempts to make us care about the relationships between the two couples (which only results in making us hate them more and start to look at our watches hoping the creature eats them soon). Of course, they stop at a gas station/local store where they meet some locals and discover a legend of a swamp creature, and they decide to go visit the house where the creature was supposedly "born." And off they go, to inevitably meet up with the Creature...

The film misfires on so many points, it's hard to detail. First, the good (and there IS some good). All the female cast members are hot and, except for Serinda Swan, show their breasts, and there is a nice plot twist in the middle that makes us think this is going to be something special. But the bad... wow.

First of all, after the opening scene, there is a total lack of graphic gore. The film is rated R, can't imagine why they were so reticent to show anything.

Next, the plot is incomprehensible. And WAY too much of it. At the end of the film, things just don't make sense. And this is a monster movie -- anything more than "Monster stalks and kills victims until only the final girl is left" had better be simple and clear.

Finally, the decision to make one of the obnoxious guys the hero was a huge miscalculation. And it's like the director has a man-crush on this guy -- first, they have a female character comment on how good looking he is. Then he becomes Rambo/Jack Bauer/Superman all rolled up into one. He is able to go somehow divine where his girlfriend is being held and go there instantly, even though he's never been in this swamp in his life. He is shot, then 5 seconds later it's like it never happened. He is stomped, crushed, pounded, and then 5 seconds later it's like it never happened. His battle with a supernatural creature that has been stalking the swamp for decades involves just punching out the creature. And then he develops some truly superhuman skills in the final battle... which happens OFF CAMERA!!!

It was especially depressing since one of the hot women was there, too, and would have made a great "final girl."
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Bottom-drawer monster mash
george.schmidt13 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
CREATURE (2011) ** Mehcad Brooks, Serina Swan, Dillon Casey, Lauren Schneider, Aaron Hill, Amanda Fuller, Sid Haig, Wayne Pere, David Jensen, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Daniel Bernhardt, Jennifer Lynn Warren, Rebekah Kennedy. A group of young adults on a road trip take a backwoods turn into terror when they detour to search for a local legend – a half-alligator/half-man beast (!!!) – the eponymous monstrosity – with decidedly violent results. This half-baked monster mash is at best a second title of a double feature from a '70s grindhouse without the knowing wit nor the slapdash special effects ingenuity that is hampered by the cheesy man-in-a-rubber-suit machinations. REALLY??!! I don't know what's a worse crime: having genre icon Haig with little to do or completely wasting veteran character actor Taylor Vince as the local ijit; discuss. (Dir: Fred Andrews)
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Save your money.
adamforce10 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a fan of horror, and a HUGE fan of Sid Haig. Most movies I see him in are pretty fun, and I don't expect them to be blockbusters. How this particular movie made it to theaters is beyond me. Here's a couple guesses: Generous amount of full frontal nudity, chicks making out, and perhaps Pruitt Taylor Vince (of Identity and The Legend of 1900) being a member of the cast.

The story involves your average run-of-the-mill horror formula. Group of young adults go explore a creepy little place in the swamp. They stop by a store where some creepy town locals are. Some kind of warning about not going to some place is ignored and they camp out, get high, show boobies etc. The dialog throughout the first part of the movie is bad. Not good enough to be good, but not so bad it's funny and laughable.

The monster looks ridiculous. No spoiler there. He's prominently displayed on the posters. Perhaps it was the intention to not make him scary. But why? Once again, it falls in that grey area between not good enough to be good and not so bad it's funny and laughable.

The story unfolds a bit more to include a slight twist. There's really not much more to add here. I gave it 4 stars. 3 for Sid Haig and some bloodiness, and the other one because the title is spelled correctly.
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A waste of mediocre acting! Awful movie
copelandshawna29 September 2011
Do not buy this on bootleg or rent this at Redbox. Don't waste your time, money or breath.

This movie is worse than Megafault or Howard the Duck. I hate this movie. It was so bad that it made me angry. It was disgusting, stupid and boring. I could have clawed my own eyes out. There were 5 other people in the theater who left, so I was the only idiot left watching the movie. I got in with a free movie pass and I wanted to ask for it back. I was sitting there like an abused woman knowing that things would get better. This movie went downhill from start to finish. Lockjaw looks like he is wearing a costume from Party City. The whole incest thing = GROSS! AWFUL - AWFUL - AWFUL
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It feeds on you... and just about everyone else...
paul_haakonsen6 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was just like being back in the 1990's and watching one of the countless creature features that were spawned back in that decade. And I must say that I was actually enjoying this movie, because it was like a cool trip back to the good old times.

The story in "Creature" is fairly straight forward as a creature feature horror movie goes; a group of young people come to hear about the legend of Lockjaw, a supposedly half man-half alligator, and all killing machine. Bent of some sight seeing and looking into this old folktale, they seek out the old house where Grimley Boutine used to live, not knowing what horror lies in wait. The rural area holds more than one dark secret, as the locals seem to behold this monstrosity as some kind of God-like entity, offering up live sacrifice in the shape of humans to the reptilian monstrosity.

Right, straight forward and fairly average storyline for a horror movie, I will agree with that. But it actually worked out nicely, because the movie plays well on superstition and keeping the audience in the shroud, revealing only bits and pieces of valuable information here and there. And there is a nice surprise twist to the storyline as well, as in who is who and whom can be trusted.

The cast in the movie was quite alright, despite it mostly being unfamiliar faces. I will admit that I bought this movie for two reasons; 1. it is always fun to sit down and watch a creature feature. 2. Sid Haig is in this movie. And I was entertained on both accounts, especially because Sid Haig does such a wonderful job with these odd and dark semi-villainous roles that he usually portrays. But it was also nice to see David Jensen, Pruitt Taylor Vince and Daniel Bernhardt in this movie.

And the creature effects were actually quite nice as well, especially as they had not opted to go for a myriad of spectacular CGI effects, but went for the 'old school' props and costume effects, and it actually worked out quite well.

If you enjoyed creature features back in the 1990's, then chances are quite high that you will enjoy this movie as well. Thumbs up from me, and don't just ventured heedlessly into the swamp...
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This movie can go f**k itself
lovecraft23122 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing "Creature" on the marquee at my theater. I didn't bother to see it, and judging from the amount of people who saw it (about $327,000-also, I heard only like six people bothered to see it at my theater) and reviews (apparently, everyone but Fangoria hated it), not many did either. Nonetheless, I started to grow fascinated by the movie-that tends to happen to those of us that review movies. How could a movie bomb so spectacularly on both levels? Was it really as bad as everyone said it was? The answer to that question: yes.

The story is pretty basic-hell, it's probably too basic. A group of friends go into the backwoods of Louisiana for for a good time, but end up running afoul of a half crocodile/half man (unfortunately, he's not the half shark/alligator/half man rapper Kool Keith told us of) who wants to mate with women and kill men. Also, it is worshiped by a religious cult that has Sid Haig and Pruitt Taylor Vince.

The so-bad-it's-bad ways of "Creature" are numerous. It's obvious that director Fred Andrews wants this to be a "Hatchet" style horror fest, and while offers us plenty of female nudity, he skimps out on two important aspects: gore, humor and personality. There's gore, but not a whole lot, and none of it is particularly interesting, and many of the kills take place off screen. Hell, the final battle between our surviving heroes and the monster takes place off screen, which feels pretty insulting. If you are going to offer us a rubber-suit-style monster movie/slasher hybrid, at least offer more on the thrills. Even the titular creature itself isn't all that impressive.

Then there's the acting. Look, I know movies like this aren't known for great performances, but you can't help but feel bad for some of the actors involved (Amanda Fuller, who did such a great job in "Red, White and Blue" is better than this IMO) having to deliver such awful dialog. Even the presence of Sid Haig doesn't help, as he just plays a half-assed version of his Captain Spaulding character. That leads me to another thing-if I were from Louisiana, I'd probably be offended by this movie. Here, everyone from the bayou is portrayed as an incestuous sister f**ker whose all about bad teeth and doing the "lords work." I know, stereotypes are a given in movies like this, but here it just feels lazy and narrow minded.

There's no reason whatsoever to watch "Creature", not even as a curio. This is a boring, lazy, half-directed crock that deserved the poor fate it received. This movie can go f**k itself as far as I'm concerned.
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Lots of clichés, very little new; throwback SFX.
suite9216 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The opening sequence with Ophelia's swim in the swamp marks this movie as an exploitation effort: full nudity followed by gore and death.

The scene then jump shifts to three upscale city couples traveling in an expensive SUV to the backwoods swamps in Louisiana. The six rich kids stop at a general store. They show their general disrespect for local traditions and people. The four men at the general store are depicted as inbred, uneducated, violent, and unsanitary.

The good old boys tell a story of the Boutine family, which was dying out some decades ago. The story culminates with the almost wedding of brother and sister (Grimley and Caroline Boutine), who are the last possible breeders in the clan. The ceremony is interrupted by a legendary gator, Lockjaw, who eats the bride. The groom is discouraged by this. He kills the gator, then eats it, including parts of his almost bride. Following one of the clichés of cannibalism, Grimley absorbs some of the strengths of Lockjaw, becoming a man/monster.

Let's have a moment of silence for that massive 'jump the shark' incident.

The local good old boys warn the six city folk to respect the tradition, which is not explained in any detail. The city folk don't show respect, of course, and the locals attempt to force the tradition on them.

Do any of the city youngsters survive this elimination derby and get home?


Cinematography: 6/10 Looked professional at least part of the time.

Sound: 7/10 Not too bad.

Acting: 4/10 Mehcad Brooks seemed way too old for the part; on the other hand, he was the best actor in the film by far. That in itself was another problem: why would such a level-headed young man get into this mess? Most of the other actors played caricatures, particularly Sid Haig. All of the actors playing swamp folk gave terrible performances.

Screenplay: 3/10 The dialog the actors were given was mostly poor. The exposition of motivation left a lot to be desired: why did anyone do any of the things they did in this movie? The worst for me was during the Niles-Lockjaw fight. There is no way that Niles could survive even one hit from the monster, much less 15 or so. Ridiculous.

SFX: 3/10 The creature effects were modestly convincing; they were reminiscent of the Creature in the Black Lagoon (1954). The gore effects were not convincing at all.
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Scarecrow-8819 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Oh, man, could this have been a good one. Too bad. The filmmakers got a lot of mileage out of Sid Haig's appearance in "Creature", a monster mayhem movie with just enough boobs to make it worth at least one watch. The cast is made up of beautiful people, and the rubber suit monster is quite grotesque (referred to as Lockjaw, kind of a half-man/half-gator). The plot is ridiculously simple: a group of friends are on their way to the Big Easy when they stop off at a gas station with a shrine dedicated to backwoods monster lore in the back of the store. Curious, the group decide to visit the dilapidated cabin of a man named Grisby, known for killing a large white gator that was terrorizing the swamp lands around the area, himself becoming a monster after going insane, eating from the remains of the creature's killing den, and remaining in the swamp, in essence transforming into Lockjaw. What the twentysomethings are unaware of is that Lockjaw is very real and that the backwoods folk keep him fed so their bloodline can continue. Haig is one of the locals who keeps Lockjaw's appetite satiated. Haig's presence alone helps this tease of a fun horror movie, but his energy and charisma can do little to compensate for a lack of on screen grue. There's a bit of titillation (the opening of this movie has a female victim stripping naked and giving us a nice full frontal (and back so we can savor her ass) shot of her gorgeous nude form), with multiple lasting shots of breasts (Lauren Schneider, the bubbly redhead with a great sense of humor and enthusiasm, delightfully shows her rack to a grinning Haig, also smooching with a drunk Amanda Fuller (who has her top and bra removed by a jovial Schneider, in a horny mood) with a possible lesbian seduction interrupted by boyfriend Aaron Hill killing a snake, dammit), but like most of the possible gory violence, never enough to warrant any real satisfaction. The severed limbs props (a head, foot, etc) are really right out of a William Castle movie, and the monster's rampage is all about what you don't see. Hell, we don't even get to delight in much of the beast's aftermath. This movie really gives you little of anything that can be considered essential viewing. The cast does seem game, though. Too cheap and unimaginative. This could have been a decent companion to Adam Green's Hatchet, but, alas, "Creature" just doesn't offer much in the way of thrills. Mehcad Brooks gets to be the token black character who actually plays the final hero of the picture, trying to rescue his photographer hottie from being the monster's plaything.
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This could have been a great movie
kaefab21 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The creature costume was amazing, the story nothing new but it could have been so much better.

I guess they blew it big time, the ending is god awful, because the guy gets sucked into a hole with the creature, you don't see anything, i guess he killed it then he comes out of the hole? What where they thinking, that alone killed the movie.

Its sad that today, they don't do what Roger Corman did back then and re-use costume and space ships and more, because they could get that suite and do another better movie with it.

Giving it a 2 for the suite alone the rest was very bad
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Camelzzzzzzzzzz17 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
WIthout a doubt, Creature is one of the worst horror films I have ever seen, which is saying a lot considering I've sat through films such as Psycho Ward, Acts of Death, The Human Centipede Part II, etc. Why, you ask, is this film so unforgivably awful? Let me explain. First of all, the characters flat out suck. I mean, this type of film isn't generally known for rich sets of characters, but these imbeciles were so annoying, so stupid, and such terrible actors that I didn't care whether they lived or died at all. Secondly, the story was such a rip off of other backwoods slashers that it was a bore. Thirdly, the movie tried to throw in some gross out themes and scenes of incest, which were more uncomfortably stupid than shocking. Also, there were several "twists" that made me lose IQ points with their stupidity as well as a script that seems to have been written as the producers went along shooting the scenes. Finally, the ending. Grimley disappears down a sinkhole? After ALL THAT? Seriously?

To make a long story short, save your time and your money on this one, because there are a million better horror flicks out there. Try Wrong Turn or The Hills Have Eyes instead, and if you've already seen those, just do something else, because you will regret watching this vile excuse for a movie.
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the worse movie
kaktuc-fashion11 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
this is the worse movie i have ever watched, waste of time and money for example: at the gas station, the lady changes her brown top to a white top, after that in the car she has a brown top !!!!when she is leaving the car she has the white top. The black guy is shot in his leg, after that he is running like Carl Lewis !!!! then the creature smash his chest but he is well !!! it's a bit too much i thought it was an Australian movie so i could understand, it's not Hollywood but after i saw that it's an American movie !!! I will prefer Scary movie, at least it's funny !!! The story is not too bad and the end is funny as you see 1 of the girl had a baby with the creature
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Bad...very bad movie
stifredi11 September 2011
I want my 1.5hr back. Have never felt the need to criticize before, but this one takes the cake. Worst film of the year! The creature in CREATURE is some guy in a silly plastic mask. Kill scenes contain virtually no gore. It wasn't even fun watching the poor characters getting killed. I mean, what is the sense of watching something like this anyway. Total waste of time!

Gratuitous sex/nudity was alright. Nothing special. More sex in recent remake of Piranha, not to mention way MORE gore. Want a better movie? - Watch that one instead. If you want to waste your time watching a really bad movie, then watch this one. Pacing of movie was also terrible. No suspense whatsoever. Lots of chatter and very little substance.
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Good cure for insomnia.......zzzzzzzzz
metalrage66612 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What we have here is yet another weird and whacky monster/human hybrid lurking in the marshes and feasting on nude females. However no horror marsh movie is complete without a full set of rubes, a nonsense backstory and the obligatory group of lame city- slickers on a tour to the south; and by the south I mean the moonshine drinking, coonskin cap wearing folk.

It took a while for me to even work out what the hell this was even about, however as the over-the-top story would have it, a family of inbreeds is apparently down to its last two "viable" members for producing any offspring and as they were sealing their bond an alligator comes up and kills the bride to be, which sends husband/brother into a fit a rage as he seeks to hunt down the 'gator involved. As it turns out, the alligator was killed barehanded but the revenge/rage had turned to insanity by this point and this grieving husband decides to consume all the remaining body parts of random people left uneaten by the alligator, (including his sister bride). Somehow this insanity induced cannibalism mutated this freak into the human/gator hybrid. Yeah, I didn't get it either, but it is what it is.

Nonetheless this thing comes out every so often to breed with a chosen female in order to keep the line of hybrid freaks going. As to why, is anyone's guess as it would make more sense to just stop this idiotic seasonal sacrifice and just live your life but a rube's gotta do, what a rube does best.

I get that horror movies in general aren't usually supposed to make a great deal of sense but it has to at least make some attempt at a coherent plot or why bother making them in the first place? And with Creature, it just makes no sense. Everybody in this does things that the average person wouldn't do. I can live with the inane dialogue but why make a horror movie and then have all the horror action performed off screen? In every single horror scene, you get a build up, the usual jump scare tactic and the aftermath. You don't get to see anything! I can understand that this may be a tactic designed to save money on special effects but it just comes off as annoying. I didn't even care for the nudity in this. Pasty white skin and unremarkable breasts on a stick figure physique does nothing for me.

Despite all the nudity, sex scenes and even the girl on girl action, the whole movie meanders between tedium and boredom. Naturally by the end, only one couple out of three manage to survive and there's never a follow on to see how these two will explain the deaths of four of their friends, but why get bogged in details. An epilogue shows us that one of the girls was kept alive by the alligator man, (who is called Lockjaw by the way), he's somehow managed to breed with her and she's given birth to a bouncing baby throwback.

Creature is just too boring to be remotely interesting and it's a waste that this ever got made. It's too stupid to be funny and the boredom makes it difficult to have enough vested interest to work out that the whole road trip was just a ploy by the leader of our intrepid crew of college cretins to have his girlfriend used as a surrogate for the spawn of lockjaw. Take my advice and don't waste your time with this.
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Fun if slightly flawed creature feature
kannibalcorpsegrinder24 September 2016
Trying to have a relaxing weekend, a group of friends heading into the Louisiana bayou find the local legend of a deranged, mutated killer half-crocodile beast to be true as he begins stalking them through the swamps and must find a way of getting out of the area alive.

This one here was quite the enjoyable if somewhat problematic effort. One of the better elements here is the film's rather simplistic and overly-familiar setup which gives this one plenty of rather fun moments here playing up the routine storyline. Playing up the local legend of the town's creature and the tourist-trap mentality that suckers the group in while they're in the store at the beginning gives this a nice start that gets nicely explained quite nicely with the backstory revelation that comes out to spread the story and how it's all connected to the town makes for a nicely cheesy set-up which is all part of the film's charm. As well, the way it plays into the remaining parts of the action as the inclusion of the family hunting them throughout the area in order to follow up the wrinkly in their history where they have to bring them in to mate with their deformed kinsman which is given a new addition in the whole affair putting a creature in the mix as well as this weaving in the folklore of the swampland. That dirty, sweaty swamp- land atmosphere created by this is set-up works pretty well with the high degree of incest and backwoods brutality present in the remaining parts of the storyline which gives this a nicely sleazy aspect to go along with the frequent sexual play between family members and the full-on nudity that's featured prominently in here. All of this works rather well in addition to getting the stage worked up for the generous amount of stalking and action in the second half, which has plenty of great fun here in the forest encounter while out in the campgrounds, the fun of the hand-to-hand fighting in the bushes with the creature and the big battles in the shack's underground tunnels which gives it a really great air here. Likewise, with the fine finale where it goes overboard with the action letting the cool creature design get to be displayed quite often, it really has a lot of rather enjoyable elements here that really holds it up somewhat over the few flaws here. One of the main issues here is the fact that there's just way too much familiarity and reliance on well-worn clichés here that make this feel rather rudimentary and not that original as this plays off like a stereotypical backwoods family effort looking to bred with pure tourists only they feature a deformed monster as one of the family- members which makes it play out like a majority of those types of films. As well, the fact that this one really undermines the brutality of the creature at the ending where he delivers a beat-down big enough to dish out more punishment than what's delivered yet instead there's a rather frustrating article about it that changes the outcome of the hero's antics really downplays the creatures' intensity and aggression elsewhere here, even though that wasn't all that prominent with off-screen kills cutting back to show the mangled bodies. These issues here are what hold this back.

Rated R: Extreme Graphic Language, Full Nudity, Graphic Violence, drug use, violence against animals and strong themes of incest.
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Bezenby8 September 2015
This is going to come as a total surprise to you, but for the first time ever in a feature film a bunch of youngsters head off into the woods to get drunk, smoke weed, and 'make out' (whatever that is, I don't know what with me being a Benedictine monk). I was totally expecting them just to have a good time and then head home, but it turns out that there's some monster in the woods who then proceeds to hard sell the youth some unneeded double glazing, gets knocked back, then kills them all. Well, most of them.

The cover of the DVD I picked up for fifty pence at an all monk car boot sale in Glasgow boasted of gore and nudity, and while it got one of them right (there's some boobs), the gore was mostly all off-screen, which is weird in these times when our horror hungry youth demands graphic torture scenes. There's some local rednecks involved too, one of the being Sid Haig, whom I've never seen in anything good.

It's fine they had practical creature effects, but other than that you've seen this plot before many times. We were all disappointed back in the monastery and had to therefore entertain ourselves with the usual game of soggy biscuit.
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Watch it like porn; fast forward through the boring bits.
juddfetters2 August 2015
So, I found this movie based entirely on the fact it has Sid Haig in it and was described as "somewhat Lovecraftian." The first is true, he's in it, and he's Sid Haiging it to the best of his ability. The last is only true if you think "Lovecraftian" is synonymous with "backwoods folks inbreeding with monsters."

Honestly I was hoping it would be one of those "So bad it's good" movies, but it's really just a lot of bleh. Yes the young actors playing monster fuckbuddies/food are awful, but not amusingly awful. More like bad-community-theater-you-only-went-to-because-your- divorced-aunt-is-in-it-and-she-really-needs-our-support-right-now awful. The FX on the titular Creature aren't bad... for circa 1970. Unfortunately, this movie was released in 2011... to 1,507 theaters nationwide. Thankfully, it epically tanked or we might have got sequels. (it made only $509K on it's $3M budget. That's an average of $338 per theater for its whole run. Which from what I can tell was only about 2 weeks. So, maybe 24 dollars a day. What's that? 3 people? Frankly, I think most of that budget must have been spent on moonshine.)

Even the trailer is boring, and the movie is exactly what you would expect from a trailer that spends the first 30 seconds of it's 2 minute run time on bad swamp stock footage and someone singing and old- timey hymn that most people only recognize from "O Brother! Where art thou?"

All that said, I did actually manage to finish it, but only by jumping forward every time I got bored. That ended up cutting it down from 90 minutes to just under 40. If you're going to bother watching it, I suggest that method.
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