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Unexpectedly Good
eshin5511 May 2012
I usually avoid movies I know will be explicit and include crude humor because it's just not my cup of tea. So, right off the bat I was expecting this movie to be absolutely horrible... I do not know if it was my low expectations before the screening, but I actually enjoyed this movie very much. In order to enjoy this movie, however, you do have to somewhat detach yourself from thinking too much into the wealth of racist and crude humor contained in the movie. Nevertheless, The Dictator is satire, it is a movie making fun of the real world, and if you let it be, it makes you aware (while laughing) at the racist thoughts and stereotypes ordinary people have everyday. Yes, it has its strange and explicit scenes, but overall, I think it has substance and it was very funny. Put your "Victorian" influences aside for a night and have a good laugh. Watch it.
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I'm at a loss as to how to describe this movie.
mtuspersonal19 May 2012
I went to see this movie with my friend. I would consider that we both have a good sense of humor and are open to all sorts of jokes. I have seen other movies by Sacha Baron Cohen, like Bruno and Borat. I found Borat to be hilarious, but Bruno was a bit over the top for me. This movie strikes a balance between the two, but leans more towards (my personally favored) Borat side.

The comedy in this movie is both hilarious and uncomfortable at times. It has the same LOL- quality as it did in Borat, but there are scenes where the comedy is so crude that it is almost uncomfortable watching/listening to it. The movie is definitely funny, but you will not enjoy it if you do not find jokes about racism and stereotypes funny.

The plot is your typical Sacha Baron Cohen plot; a person from an entirely different culture travels to America and you watch how incompatible the two cultures are. Also, just like most of Sacha Baron Cohen movies, there is a love story intertwined. It's not the dramatic and sensitive kind of love story though. The plot itself is not very immersive, and I believe that its only purpose is to lead you to the funny parts.

I will say this though, the ending speech of this movie given by 'The Dictator' really impressed me. It made me realize how well Sacha Baron Cohen understands politics and stereotypes. You have to hear it for yourself.

If you're looking for a movie with consistent but crude laugh-out-loud comedy, but do not look for a serious and powerful plot, then you will enjoy this film. On the other hand, if you cringe at racist and stereotype jokes, you will be covering your ears virtually the entire movie.

Approach with an open mind.
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Typical Sacha Baron Cohen
bowmanblue3 March 2015
Ali G, Borat, Bruno. If you've seen any of them, then you probably know what to expect from Sacha Baron Cohen. Vulgar, crude, politically INcorrect are just some of the terms you could use - depending on your opinion.

Basically, if you're easily offended, you probably won't want to watch the tale of an evil Middle Eastern Dictator who finds himself lost in America amidst a plot to oust him from power.

However, there are still plenty of people who find this sort of humour funny (and I'm one of them). Personally, I didn't think it was as good as Borat or Bruno as the second half seemed a bit forced. The film lasted just under the typical hour and a half mark, but probably could have got away with being an hour long. It would probably have been a pretty funny hour - if you like that sort of thing.

The major criticisms being thrown at The Dictator is claims of racism (just like Borat and Ali G, not to mention claims of homophobia at Bruno) and whether the film mocks Middle Eastern stereotypes, or whether it actually attacks those who impose the stereotypes. The film has also come under fire for being too 'pro-Jew' too anti-American and generally too liberal. Maybe that's true, maybe it's not. It's one of those arguments where if you're looking to use this film to support or challenge your own political viewpoint or religious beliefs there are arguments for and against.

The bottom line is that it's quite funny. Quite. Not as good as Borat or Bruno, but still there are plenty of silly and vulgar (and I should emphasis the words 'silly' and 'vulgar' because they're the backbone of this film) moments to make you laugh out loud. Probably not a classic, but entertaining nonetheless.
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mihkelm122 June 2012
I wish there were more comedies like that - crossing over the political correctness line, but not over the line of good taste, so as to make a movie hard to watch.

The film is quite pointy, it is for a moderate audience and will make all kinds of extremists quite unhappy. The plot is well thought out and funny. It'll nail you to the screen.

I like the unorthodox character of this film, Sacha Baron Cohen's movies are definitely one of the kind. I wouldn't consider the humor crude, but it is certainly honest. Some of the unthinkable things you see are likely to have happened in reality.
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A welcome change
oxley186716 May 2012
I'm a little perplexed having read a couple of user reviews - one of them said this was movie was unbelievable and unconvincing due to the fact that it had a love theme going on? huh? I suppose the film 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' is unbelievable too? In fact, how many movies are believable? 'The Dictator' is a comedy, nothing less and nothing more than that, and that was the intention. Whether it's believable or not is irrelevant. The movie had plenty of laugh out loud moments.

I'm glad this movie headed in a different direction from his previous efforts. Had the film continued in the same fashion as the reality TV way, then I don't think it would have stood any chance of working, not with this new character anyway. So to those who are expecting and hoping for something similar to Bruno and Borat you may be left a little disappointed, but for those who wouldn't mind seeing something slightly different, and can take a movie for what it is, then you should enjoy this, as I did.
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Woody Allen, Peter Sellers, Sacha Baron Cohen
Br00720 May 2012
The non-stop jokes, off-color humor, slapstick and under 90 minute running time of "The Dictator" hearkens back to early Woody Allen gems like "What's Up Tiger Lily," "Take The Money and Run," "Bananas," and "Love and Death. And, in the world of comedy, that's quite a compliment.

Like Cohen, Allen's first films were often misunderstood. Some folks just did not get the joke. Many still don't get it today. The object of comedy has always been to take down the high and mighty by whatever means necessary. And, if you happen to be a Middle Eastern despot, you will find much to be offended by here. But, as Allen often did as well, Cohen uses racial and gender stereotypes to shine a light on people's attitudes, and that's likely to put off others as well. That's fine. Some comedy just isn't for everyone.

While his writing style owes much to Allen, his acting chops are also influenced heavily by one of Britain's greatest comics, Peter Sellers. You can see it in his outrageous accents and in his ridiculous pratfalls. Like Sellers, Cohen is fearless in his characterizations and, again, like Sellers, there will be those who will take offense in this. Again, not for everyone. But, if you laughed your butt off at Sellers' simpleton Indian character destroying a Hollywood party, you will be laughing here too.

And that's what we're talking about; laughs. Not every joke works. Many fall flat. But the film starts off fast and furious with a rapid succession of gags, most of which work hilariously, settles down for a bit and then takes off again, literally. His verbal sparring with co-star Jason Mantzoukas is one of the highlights as are many of the fun cameo appearances and a running joke about his name that I will not reveal here. There are many great sight gags that are easily missed and the appearance of his Efawadh character at the U.N. channels a scene right out of Allen's "Sleeper." There's a few scatological and sex jokes also (one about excrement, one about urination, one about masturbation, several about body parts), and these, if you ask me, are the low point of the film (except a child birth scene that's as funny as it is outrageous). But, the bodily fluid gags, so rampant in comedy films today, are actually few and far between. And there's a bit of a message, too.

We're not dealing with "Citizen Kane" here. But, then, this film made me laugh much more.
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TRULY FUNNY....Comedy Gold...B++++
markussaturn19 May 2012
Just been to see this film and could never stop laughing. Sacha Baron Cohen is a true comedic excellent writer as the jokes in it are genius. The film is short but packed full of laughter. Perhaps I'm an easy laugher, but what can I say, I liked it!!! A LOT!!! As well as the comedy being brilliant, the actual plot/storyline is superb also. From watching the trailer, and then watching the film, it was actually a completely different story to how I thought it was going to be. I wasn't very excited to see the film after the trailers, but decided to venture in... I enjoyed it much more than I expected and will likely see it again! It isn't for the easily-offended but if this is your sort of humor then you need to go and watch it now!
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schuepbach-sven29 July 2012
One of the funniest movies I know! There are so many good jokes based on what's happening in the world. If you read the news on a daily basis and know what's going on in the world you'll like this movie. Some people may not like Cohen but I think he's a genius. It really takes something to show the problems that we have in a funny way. However you should really go and watch that movie, it's worth the money. I personally watched it twice in theater. Now I really don't know what to write anymore without giving away any jokes because the jokes come one after another. I was already laughing out loud after one minute. It's really cool if you watch a movie in theater and everyone in the room is laughing. So my definitive final conclusion is that The Dictator is more than a movie, it's an experience ;)
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Its funny but you might feel guilty laughing and you will need a shower afterwards
theycallmemrglass11 May 2012
I saw a preview screening of this in London.

As expected from Sacha's previous outings and trailers, this film is in extremely bad taste with plenty of filth, blatant offence (disguised as naivety) of every race, gender, age, animal, disability, sexual orientations, terrorism and politics. Sacha gets away with it because no one is left out. No one, including white folks and straight men. Actually, I lie. I don't know how the hell he gets away with it. The important question is, though, is it funny? Yeah...mostly.

There are enough roll in the isle moments to make this worth the ticket but there are also plenty of misfired jokes too, some of which really makes you groan but that's to be expected for a relentless joke firing machine which incidentally has (perhaps mercifully) a short run time of 84mins.

Another burning question I ask myself, while watching this is do I feel guilty laughing at some of the offencive jokes? Yes I do, my guilty conscience raises its ugly head but then I realise (or perhaps I'm just making excuses) that I am laughing at the Dictator's naivety and hilarious sense of misplaced morality while others around him frown at his demeanours.

This is a departure from the Borat, Ali G, and Bruno stable. With those previous films, real people are sought after and ridiculed by scrutinising their reactions and moral bases. This film, however is purely fictitious, Naked Gun style comedy very much similar to Eddie Murphy's Coming to America with obviously a lot lot less subtlety. However, Sacha's Dictator has pretty much the same political correctness that Borat has but with more hilarious Dictatorship cravings such as executing anyone that annoys him.

A good supporting cast thankfully gives this zany film a little bit more variety, particularly Anna Francis, comically playing off the Dictator's character who frankly dominates almost every frame (as I guess a dictator would). John C Reilly also gives a short but hilarious turn. And then there are a few special cameo celebrity guest appearances (or victims, rather) sprinkled around.

There are a couple of moments political satire that stands out in hilarity and I wish there was more of it. Alas, it seems vulgarity is more favoured.

So if you have no guilty conscience, welcome vulgarity and all things "un-pc" with open arms, do not despise Sacha Cohen Baron and are willing to kiss his armpits (last one is optional), then I reckon you will enjoy this film. For me, filthy films are not my normal cup of tea, nevertheless I did enjoy this but I need a long shower after watching it.
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Very Funny!!!
Pumpkin_Man16 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was absolutely dirty, offensive, hilarious, racist, and crazy over-the-top moments. It's about the same style as Sacha Baron Cohen's previous movies, but it's done much better. Cohen plays a silly ruthless dictator named Admiral General Aladeen. He is very anti-semitic and plans on creating nuclear weapons. He hates the very idea of democracy. While on his way to the United Nations, he's betrayed and shaven so no one would recognize him. He's taken in by Zoey, a vegan hippie, and gives him a job at her store. Will Aladeen make it to the U.N. to stop democracy from coming to his country, or will Zoey change his heart? I would definitely recommend THE DICTATOR!!!
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Was I watching the same movie as everyone else???
les-18023 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really cannot believe the reviews I am reading about this film, how funny it is, an instant classics etc... Let me first begin by saying I am a huge Sacha b Cohen fan, I love his stuff, Ali G, Borat & Bruno. All hysterically funny, some what very unnerving to watch at times, but that a massive part of the appeal... They were below the belt humor, especially Bruno, that you really hadn't seen before and didn't know how to react to it, which made it hysterical.

The dictator was non of that. It had brief funny bits in, that were really obvious as well, throughout the film. I was so disappointed as the trailer looked funny and being an avid fan could not wait for the release. But like i say, it wasn't, it was just obvious lets make quick money Hollywood nonsense that so many films seem to be these days.

I actually started to think, "is it me, am I getting too old for this sort of stuff?". I'm 48 and went to see the film with my 20 year old sons who also thought the film was rubbish!!

What is it with so many films these days that they seem to of lost all sense of character? I love a film, I love a good comedy, but I haven't seen anything decent in a long time because there always seems to be something missing or lacking from the the films these days. Has all the writers run out of ideas, or has everything just been done to death now?

Get your act together Sacha, you know your better than this Hollywood bulls**t, don't let those idiots ruin what and who you are!!

That's the truth right there pal, despite all the hype I bet you agree with my comments!!
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A victim of his own success
frankdrebin13 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Ali G, Borat and Bruno – I loved. The Dictator – I hated.

I never thought I'd see the day where I actually turned OFF a Sacha Baron Cohen film but I couldn't bear to waste anymore of my life watching this terrible excuse of a 'comedy.' His previous characters were all funny because of the raw humour and the way they took the p*ss out of all the right people in a very clever way. The Dictator however doesn't.

The film is full of dud jokes and desperate attempts to be funny. It fails.

I work in the film industry and know people that have worked with Sacha Baron Cohen. They say he has become a 'diva' and treats crew and behind the scenes staff with total disrespect. Unfortunately it seems as if the man has become a victim of his own success.

If the fame and money has gone to his head maybe he should use that money to retire early and spend time with his family. If he makes another shocking (for all the wrong reasons) film like The Dictator again he will destroy all the good work he has done with previous films / shows / characters.
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NicolasHunter50030 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It is clear from the beginning that Sasha baron Cohen is simply a one trick pony. Like many other comedians, he simply relies too much on shock humor and not on humor that is actually funny. It is hard to make a comedy, because you don't know what makes people laugh, but making a rude, vulgar comedy is even harder. If you're not witty, you and your film just end up looking pathetic, which is unfortunately the case here. This Sasha guy simply cannot tell a joke. Have we become so dumb down as a civilization that it takes a thousand fart and male package jokes to make people laugh? I'm all for slapstick comedy. The more extreme and wild it is, the better. But directors and screenwriters need to realize the difference between what is funny and what isn't. If you want to hit someone's funny bone, it takes more then just sex jokes and people doing crude things to do it. At least bring intelligence to your jokes and don't rely on idiotic stereotypes.Seriously, isn't making fun of terrorists and evil leaders a little played out by now?

This Sasha guy needs to look up the word, "subtlety" before he goes and makes another one of these stupid films again.
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Astonishingly Bad
wwarby23 May 2012
I left the cinema after 45 minutes of this spectacularly unfunny film. I enjoyed Borat and Bruno so I was surprised by just how much I hated The Dictator. It reminded me of spoof movies like Scary Movie with it's steady stream low quality, witless jokes that might appeal to people who laugh at their own farts.

Sacha Baron Cohen's reality-style comedies work because the audience is either cringing in sympathy for his unwitting victims or wincing in revulsion at the lengths he will go to for a laugh. His willingness to push boundaries in these films is what makes them entertaining, but in a scripted comedy, Cohen's utterly unsubtle sense of humour comes off as crass, lazy and cheap.

Anna Faris's character epitomises everything that is wrong with The Dictator. She's a political activist that works in a non-profit feminist vegan health food democratically run co-operative shop who doesn't shave her armpits. She's a caricature of a kind you would expect to find in a formula spoof movie. It just isn't funny.
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Cohen is terrible in scripted comedy
sacredcat22 May 2012
After watching Borat and Bruno I was hooked and couldn't wait to watch the 'dictator.' However, the movie was a huge disappointment. It was so boring that I didn't want to sit through the whole movie. Please don't waste your money on this one.

Cohen is brilliant as Ali G, Borat and Bruno, but he's terrible in scripted comedy. There were plenty of scenes that tried to shock the audience and make them feel disgusted. But the jokes were just not funny. The actors were irritating to watch. I still can't believe that Cohen made this one. Cohen's talent is for improvised comedy. He should stick to that.
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Very poor in comparison to Borat and Brüno
hilary-5419 November 2012
I had to force myself to watch this movie to the end (download). I found some of the humour, if you could call it that, absolutely sickening (and I am not referring to the scatological and sexual references). Torture is not funny, overt racism and stereotyping is not funny.

There were one or two amusing instances. Not enough though. The dialogue was poor. 90% of this movie filled me with disgust. It was racist, meaningless, with had very little to recommend it. Something has happened to Sascha. He used to take risks in all the other movies he made. This movie is studio material and not really made as a documentary. Does he think he is being dangerous by insulting everything and everyone? I don't think so.

SBC. get your act together. I wish I had read some of the more thoughtful reviews before watching. So glad I did not actually buy this movie (I bought Borat), and still find it a killer.

The Dictator theme had great potential, but it died in about the first five minutes of dialogue.
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Scraping the bottom of the barrel
allotati24 August 2012
They are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this movie. Please don't waste your time or money watching this. It shouldn't even be called a film. What do we call it then? They really stoop low, so low. Stooping low is necessary when there is really ZERO content. The Dictator is VERY POORLY DONE. There is nothing to laugh about. It's NOT FUNNY. The film is a disgrace. It is truly unbelievable what goes out to market these days. Who approved this and how could it ever have been approved? I felt embarrassed for the actors. When movies are this bad customers should have the option of getting their money back. The movie goes from scene to scene to scene. There is no consistency and it is complete nonsense. In the previews they'll show you what you will think is funny. I thought other reviewers were exaggerating as to how low the film stooped, but they were not. The actors who were paid for this film along with the producers and directors should refund the viewers who were totally disappointed with it.
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Hilarious, probably going to be addictive!
connort0118 May 2012
Don't know where to start. Just been to see this film and could never stop laughing. When I thought it couldn't get any funnier, it did! Sacha Baron Cohen is clearly an excellent writer as the jokes in it are genius. I love the humour of it! Although it is a short film, the jokes that it includes seem to pay off. As well as the comedy being brilliant, the actual plot/storyline is superb also. From watching the trailer, and then watching the film, it was actually a completely different story to how I thought it was going to be. The plot made the film funnier. I would recommend that you all watch it as I would certainly watch it again, a lot more as this film is a work of art. It isn't for the easily-offended but if this is your sort of humour then you need to go and watch it now!
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How does everyone else not see how crap this movie is
Frank-mccaughey19 August 2012
This is up there with one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And I loved Borat and Bruno. To me it's lazy and completely predictable. With none of the shock elements of his previous movies. I can't tell you how bad this movie was. But what I am amazed is it got 6.7 so far in IMDb which now makes me doubt this site. Overall the core problem is that the subject matter ie dictators just does not offer the same scope nor the opportunity to give you that real scenarios where the main character is causing caos. This to me was Sasha with a bigger budget not knowing or caring of the outcome. Brutal. Every joke was obvious. The accents were terrible. It just like any originality. I sat there with a sense of disbelief about some of the scenes. Really really disappointing. But then the trailer didn't suggest much. Butni thought given it was Sasha that it would be great. Brutal
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Wasted my money and time
jimminysnickety19 May 2012
My father and I just came back from seeing this turd of a movie. Didn't laugh or smirk once. Sasha Baron Cohen how could you do this to a movie. Bruno was less ridiculous than this movie. Don't go to this thinking it will be as good or better than Borat or Bruno because it just fails. Go to the Avengers instead of seeing this garbage.

The cameos made by Anna Faris and Sir Ben Kingsley just don't even matter. This movie is so sub par on so many levels. I don't care if i'm sounding bias. It was just stupid to have to sit through. The comedy i was just not feeling and that's very sad. I think the humour was overly crude even for Sasha Cohen standards.
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Everybody Hurts... Big Time!!
xaggurat8 August 2012
Someone asked "Did anyone over 30 like it?" Maybe I would have liked it when I was under 13, not sure.

I was over 30 when I saw 'Borat', thought it was wild and I laughed a lot watching it. 'The Dictator' is just cheesy and bad. Waste of time. The fact that title of this film is close to Chaplin's 'The Great Dictator' almost gives me a headache.

Acting is clumsy, jokes are childish, timing is terrible, looks cheap, plot is a big cliché... almost everything in this movie sucks. MC Rai's version of REM's Everybody Hurts is the only exception, but obviously one track in the soundtrack just can't save the film.

1/10 stars. That bad.
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Had potential to be very funny
chatandy19 May 2012
This is one of the only 2 movies I have ever walked out of the cinema part way through.

The last movie I saw staring Sacha Baron Cohen was "Hugo" which was one of the 5 best movies I have ever seen in my life.

I wasn't expecting "The Doctator" to be as good as Hugo, but I was expecting it to at least be reasonable quality and funny. I'm afraid I was sorely disappointed on both counts.

There were very few funny moments. The quality of acting, especially from Sacha Baron Cohen (who plays the lead character) is horrendously poor.

The main character is pathetically shallow and poorly thought through, and behaves in ways which are inexplicable throughout the movie.

The whole plot seems to have been thrown together very quickly and with little thought.

It's a shame because I know Sacha Baron Cohen can do much better than this, and the idea of a vicious dictator finding himself having to interact with ordinary Americans has the potential to make a very very funny movie. Unfortunately this potential has gone completely unfulfilled.

Having said all this, if you liked "Borat" you might well like "The Dictator".
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Disgusting, lame, raw, pointless...
udoricht12 August 2012
And this movie supposed to be a comedy? Who was the target group? People with lower IQ level I guess. Nothing worked here. Script was pointless, stupid with some odd jokes that make you only puke. Acting was terrible. Of course what we expected after previous work "Bruno" which was the most stupid and disgusting movie ever made. This one is in some kind of way in same direction. I have no idea what was Ben Kingsley doing in this rubbish. The role of the dictator by S.B.Cohen is just unsatisfying and amateurish even for a comedy. Every next role of him is getting worse. Maybe I won't watch his movies anymore. This was too much for me. I don't want to waste more words to describe this folly. Just avoid it.
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Very Aladeen!
lasewcanada26 May 2012
Awesome, funny, and very good @ pointing out some of the realities in today's geopolitical landscape Very equal opportunity @ insulting everyone Also very good @ poking fun @ true dictators (past and current)-it seems they captured the top 5 of them of the past 30 years. Quite provocative yet well put together. Enjoyed it greatly.. and I will likely to watch it few more times. Unlike the Borat, this is a movie with everyone being actors, so effectively series of skits - aka SNL. Quite a few details captured in the movie, so watch and laugh! Few scenes (like in Borat) went over "my line" but all in good fun If you like Borat, you will love it... otherwise, you will hate it!

And yes, I like watching documentaries with a ducks... like Nuclear Nadal has pointed out...before his "execution" 8)
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jhowarth6930 August 2012
This film was a disappointment to say the least, not just by the terrible acting but also by the structure of the film. Sasha has really let himself down with this one, from the days of Ali G indahouse and Borat you can clearly see that he has sold himself out. This film consists of a poor attempt at comedy that cannot be described as more than 2 stars (just like the cast). If anybody goes to see this film with any expectation please don't as you will see the harsh reality of what once was a comedy genius selling himself out to Hollywood in order to make big money instead of sticking to what he knows best. The surprise element in the Dictator was …… Nothing! I watched the trailer before and that's all that was in this film apart from a terrible script and woeful acting throughout. All I can say is please just stick to the trailer and do not waste ninety minute of your life you will never get back.
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