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  • The heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

  • The Republic of Wadiya is ruled by an eccentric and oppressive leader named Hafez Aladeen. Aladeen is summoned to New York to a UN assembly to address concerns about his country's nuclear weapons program, but the trip goes awry.

  • Aladeen is the ego maniacal dictator of Wadiya who's hated by practically everyone in his country, even his confidants. He goes to New York to speak at the assembly about his country's nuclear weapons. But suddenly someone assigned to protect him, grabs hims and shaves off his trademark beard and was about to kill him when something happens and he escapes, He tries to go to the UN but his people have placed a double in his place and he speaks to the UN announcing he plans to turn Wadiya into a Democracy. Aladeen tries to go in but is kept out. He is taken in by a woman who was there protesting Aladeen. She gives him a job which is foreign to him.

  • When the UN threatens the nuclear program of the Republic of Wadiya, the dictator Hafez Aladeen decides to go to New York to make a speech in the assembly. However, his minister Tamir is plotting a scheme to topple Aladeen and sign multimillionaire contracts with foreign oil companies to make him a tycoon. Tamir hires the torturer Clayton to kill Aladeen, but he fails and the dictator flees without his long beard. Aladeen unsuccessfully tries to reach the Lancaster Hotel and he meets the owner of the store of natural products Zoey, who is protesting against the presence of Aladeen in UN. She believes that he is a refugee from Wadiya and brings Aladeen to her store to help him to cater the hotel. He stays with her while he tries to find a means to break in the hotel with his comrade Nadal.

  • Admiral General Aladeen is one of the world's last standing old school dictators. Enjoying near unlimited wealth thanks to the company's vast producing oil fields, he rules his country with an iron fist whether it's executing anyone who he doesn't agree with, changing 300 words in his native language to his last name, or staging an Olympics where he wins every gold medal, he might be one of the world's most dangerous men. When the UN threatens sanctions against his country, the North African Republic of Wadiya, he has no choice but to come to New York City to address the UN Council. While here, General Aladeen is ritualistically stripped of his power by a rogue CIA official and cast out into the city of Manhattan, where he goes from ruthless dictator to being another face in the crowd. Along the way, he meets a woman named Zoey who runs an organic health food store, and runs into a borough of New York that is essentially full of the people he supposedly executed several years ago. Could Zoey be the key to him getting back into the game, or will Wadiya be stripped and sold to the highest bidding oil company?

  • Haffaz Alladeen is the bizarre dictator of the oil-rich African nation of Wadiya. Alladeen is as egotistical and ruthless as dictators come, executing anyone who disagrees with him by using his signature "head chop" signal. Alladeen is summoned by the UN to address their concerns about his nuclear program.


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    The film opens with the news showing the nuclear threat of Wadiya led by the leader Admiral General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen). The news tells about the life of Aladeen: When he was born in 1973, he did not know his mother and we see apparently the attendant nurse killed his mother by pressing the pillow onto her head. As a child (about 4 or 5 years old), he watched the General Admiral shoots the clown after he is being entertained. We see the young Aladeen holding his gun and dressed as Gen. Admiral, in the news states that he may be the dangerous man in the whole world. Now in the present, Aladeen is being interviewed about the nuclear weapons he made. Also, he joins his own Olympic Games in Wadiya, and won by cheating (by shooting a runner and the two officials in a feet and aiming them with his pistol). He also made a dictionary in Wadiyan version. Example in the movie is the doctor (Aasif Mandvi) tells a patient that he has an "HIV-Aladeen".

    In Wadiya, Aladeen addresses the nation about the enriching weapons made in uranium to be use in peaceful purposes like in medical use. Aladeen arrives at the nuclear facility with his uncle Tamir (Ben Kingsley), hoping to show his nuclear weapons that he made. But the nuclear missile they made is small than he expected. Two years ago, the uranium-made nuclear missile is made by Nadal (Jason Mantzoukas) but Aladeen tells him that the missile is supposed to be sharp point. After dealing with the two, Aladeen tells the guards to execute Nadal (but apparently not).

    As Aladeen returns to the palace, he is being shot by a man in the head. Later, we learn that "Aladeen" is the double and Tamir is behind this shooting. Tamir found the double of Aladeen and he says to Aladeen that his job is to be shot in the head. At night, Aladeen is having sex with Megan Fox. Recently, he having sex more than hundred celebrities including Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, even Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others.

    The news shows the United Nations authorized NATO to launch air strikes onto Wadiya unless Aladeen addresses the U.N. personally.

    At the palace, Aladeen plays "Terrorist 2K12" on WII. While he is playing, Tamir tells him that U.N. demands him to addresses the nation about the nuclear program. Aladeen summons the generals to address them about the UN. He is having a role play by accidentally shots a general twice.

    Aladeen goes to New York City for his UN address. The streets full of anti-Aladeen protests and booing towards the motorcade of Aladeen. At the hotel, Tamir hired Mr. Clayton (John C. Reilly) for whole day protection of Aladeen. Later at night, while Aladeen is in sleeping, someone abducts and brought him to the warehouse. There, it is Clayton who abducts him and he restrained Aladeen in the chair. Clayton shows the various tools for torture but Aladeen seems doesn't bother much. Aladeen manage to get fun about those tools. Finally, Clayton trims Aladeen's beard completely, thus without beard, making him unrecognized. After Clayton trim his beard, he burns the beard but accidentally burns himself down, allowing Aladeen to escape.

    Aladeen walks through the anti-Aladeen protests in front of the UN. Now, Aladeen sees his double named Efawadh (Sacha Baron Cohen) whom replace by Tamir. Aladeen realize he is betrayed by his uncle Tamir. Efawadh is going to address the nation but he acts awkwardly in the podium (he walks past to the podium, he falls of the stage, and drinks a pitcher of his own urine) in front of the delegations from around the globe. Efawadh then accidentally dumps his urine to the Israeli delegatin. Efawadh now address the nation about the new constitution of ending the dictatorship and turning the democracy in Wadiya. The whole people rejoices except Aladeen. In disappointment, Aladeen tries to break to the UN but the police fires him with a hose, thus creating a chaos as well as the other people. While in confusion, Zoey (Anna Faris) gets Aladeen out.

    While Zoey drives towards her store in Brooklyn, Aladeen introduces his false name "Allison Burgers" to her. Inside her store are selling green products, fruits, plants, etc.

    Meanwhile in the Lancaster hotel, Tamir received a newspaper showing a warehouse razed by fire with one dead. He presumes that Aladeen is killed. Tamir summons the virgin female bodyguards to have pleasure with Efawadh.

    Aladeen wandering around the Times Square. Outside the hotel, Aladeen convinces the guards that he is really General Admiral Aladeen but no one believes. After Aladeen looks himself through the glass, he sees Nadal, whom he made nuclear weapons for him, gets out of the building and he follows him until the restaurant. The name of restaurant is "Death to Aladeen", run by and visited by numerous people whom Aladeen had personally ordered executed. The owner of the restaurant nearly recognized him before in Wadiya. When the owner asked his name, he made up from the warning signs (ladies washroom, employees mush wash hands, maximum occupancy not to exceed 120 persons). When the owner realize that he is Aladeen, the people who ate inside tries to attack him but Nadal interrupts. Nadal tells him that every single person he executed is still alive.

    Efawadh arrives at the hotel for a draft of constitution. Outside, Aladeen and Nadal are there. Aladeen sees Zoey and hiding from her. A store inspector gives a badge on her in order to get past the security. Nadal tells him to take a job and work from her. Then he will get an identical beard and the day of the event, he will enter the Lancaster hotel as long as got the beard.

    Aladeen accepts Zoey's job offer, as she is catering at the hotel where the signing is to occur. As Aladeen is a store manager, he punches the customer for no reason. He even get the man out while urinating just to clean the restroom, then he throws a garbage can just as the taxi passes. He kicks the kid after he drops anything displayed in the store. Aladeen confronts the worker who stole the money from the cashier's box.

    Later, Aladeen and Nadal are having helicopter tour together with the couple. Aladeen and Nadal having a joke but as Aladeen refers to Osama bin Laden and 9/11, the couple begins to terrified. The couple is anxious and claims that the two is the member of al-Qaeda. The two jokes about the threat of another 9/11 attacks in which the target is Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium and Statue of Liberty. The couple begins terrified when Aladeen strips his jacket revealing the suicide bomb vest. Aladeen and Nadal are arrested for threatening but the both are bailed.

    At the hotel, Tamir watches the news showing Nadal and Aladeen are arrested for alleged terrorism. Now he realizes that Aladeen is alive, Tamir orders Etra, a big-breasted guard woman, to kill Aladeen.

    At the store, Zoey teaches Aladeen on how to masturbate. Later at night, Zoey displays the Mafroom for Mr. Ogden, a hotel manager, visitation. In the bed, Aladeen receives a call from Nadal, telling him on how to masturbate as he did earlier. Aladeen tells him that he is ready to reveal his true identity to Zoey.

    After Aladeen switched off the lights for bed, he hears clatters. As he investigates the clatter, Etra attacks him using the enlarged breast. After an ensuing fight, Aladeen locks himself inside the stock room, but Etra is managed to break the door. Aladeen finally kills her by just throwing her back to the inflatable pool of water.

    The next morning, Zoey and Mr. Ogden are shocked when they find the store scattered. Aladeen claims that he was masturbating at the time he was attacked. Thus, Mr. Ogden cancels the catering contract. Aladeen will fix this to improve the store. Aladeen begins imposing strict schedules on everyone, forming a personality cult around Zoey and intimidating an inspector into giving the store a good review.

    Nadal has an idea to get beard for Aladeen from the late drug kingpin Sam Douglas. Sam is slumbered in the funeral chapel. In order to gain access, Aladeen and Nadal disguises as a visitor then they sneak inside the chapel to cut off his head.

    At the store, Zoey had some news from the Lancaster that their contract is back because Green World is shut down. The Green World was shut down because one of the customer was shocked when she saw the decapitated head of Sam, whom Aladeen was planted before. Suddenly, the husband shouts for help that his wife is about to labor. Aladeen has come to help the woman for birth.

    After pleasure with Zoey, Aladeen reveal his true identity as General Admiral to her. Upon hearing it, Zoey becomes upset and breaks up with him. Aladeen leaves the store. The news flashes in Times Square showing the people of Wadiya celebrates the end of dictatorship, breaks the statue of him, and people comments about the hatred of him. In Brooklyn bridge, Aladeen tries to commit suicide by jumping off the river but Nadal stopped him.

    The next day, Nadal helps Aladeen to get access to the hotel, where the signing ceremony is held, by putting a zip-line across. Unfortunately, Aladeen is stuck in the middle of the zip-line. Nadal has an idea to get rid anything in Aladeen's pocket in order to get inside. As the zip-line gives in, Aladeen successfully enters the hotel. There, he spotted Efawadh and told him to get out. At the signing ceremony, he tears up Tamir's document in front of the UN delegation, and holds an impassioned speech praising the virtues of dictatorship, drawing unintended parallels to current issues within the United States. However, upon seeing Zoey in the room, he declares his love for her and, knowing Zoey's strongly-held views, vows to democratize his country and open up Wadiya's oil fields for business, but in a way where the general populace will benefit. Angry with Aladeen staying in power, Tamir attempts to assassinate him but Efawadh jumps in front of the bullet and survives, stating that his job is to shoot himself in the head, and Tamir is arrested. Aladeen will going home to Wadiya with Zoey to participate the election.

    One year later, Wadiya holds its first democratic elections and we see several people in queue about to vote Aladeen's opponent but upon Aladeen's favor, the tank aims the people, forcing them to vote Aladeen - and he was elected president. Afterwards, he marries Zoey, but is shocked when she crushes a glass and reveals herself to be Jewish. Scenes during the credits show Aladeen's convoy, now consisting of eco-friendly cars, visiting a reinstated Nadal, and later Zoey revealing in a television interview that she is pregnant with the couple's first child. Aladeen responds to the news by asking if Zoey is having "a boy or an abortion"

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